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6000 watt solar panel

How much does a 6000-watt solar panel system cost today?

As solar price continues to decline, 6 kW solar PV systems have become a more popular choice for homeowners.

A 6kW PV system will be sufficient to power the whole home in several states, but it depends on where you are and your energy needs.

 We'll walk you through the price, size, and practicality of a 6kW system before you choose to buy.

Cost of an Ordinary 6kW Solar Panel System

With the typical price of solar approximately $2.40 per watt, a 6kW solar panel system in America will cost nearly $14,400.

 With the 26% federal tax credit, the solar system cost drops down to approximately $10,656.

Based on where you reside, you might also benefit from an additional state or utility-based solar incentives and rebates, such as net metering that can lower costs even more.

The system design and components can also alter the purchase price, like inverters and floor mount racking, among other things.

Can you fund a 6kW system?

roof top solar panel

Just because 6kW systems have become cheaper, that does not mean that everybody can pay money upfront to own one. Luckily, there are several financing options available.
If you are eligible, a zero-down solar loan is a superb way to fund your solar system.
You can decide on solar rentals or solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) from solar companies in some states.

Solar loans and leases permit you to pay the total cost over time while profiting from solar savings. PPAs are somewhat different – the solar firm owns the solar panels on your roof, and you pay them an EMI for the solar energy that the system generates.

Solar leases and solar PPAs have reduced long-term utility bill savings than buying a system outright. Though investing in solar panels will still provide long-term electric bill savings, financing in full upfront is your ideal option.

Several solar panels are in a 6kW solar power system?

A 6kW solar power system has between 15 and 24 solar panels.

Based on the wattage of the solar panels you decide to choose, the true number of solar panels to your 6kW system will be different. Normally, solar panels' wattage ranges from a low of 250 watts to a high-efficiency 400 watts.

For instance, if you want 300-watt solar panels, you will need 20 panels to generate enough electricity to get a 6kW system. If you use more efficient 350-watt panels, you will only need 18 panels to achieve 6kW system dimensions.

Higher efficiency panels are far expensive, so if you have sufficient space for 20 solar panels, lower efficacy panels could be a better choice.

How much roof space do you require to get a 6kW solar system?

A 6kW Solar panel system will need about 270-510 square feet of space on your rooftop.

It's important to remember that the actual square footage needed will depend on the wattage (or efficacy) and the dimensions of the panels you set up.

High-performance solar panels will create more energy, increasing real power output in a more compact area.

That means you don't have 450 square feet, and higher efficacy panels can allow you to reach a 6kW solar collection.

How much electricity does a 6kW system create?

A 6kW system will produce approximately 400-900 kWh of electricity a month, meaning the amount of energy generated ranges between 4,800-10,800 kWh annually.

As the average US house's monthly electricity use is 877 kWh, a 6kW system may be too little for the amount of electricity consumption for many houses.

However, it's important to remember that energy use will vary based on which state you reside in. Other things to consider are the amount of sun and energy intake per the typical home.

For example, California's average electricity use in 2019 was 6,384 kWh annually, but in Texas, it was 13,680 kWh. Therefore, a 6kW system may not generate enough electricity for a Texas house, but it may in California.

The amount of sun your home state gets also determines the number of solar panels you'll need. Suppose you reside in sunny Arizona. A 6kW system will get you a lot further than if you reside in rainy Washington.

How much can you save with a 6kW solar system?

Because every state has different power prices, your savings will be different. If you reside in a state with higher electricity prices, your solar system will save you more money.

Your electricity bill savings will also be impacted by the quantity of energy that your solar system generates.

For instance, if a 6kW solar system produces 900 kWh per month in California, it will save you about $157 per month.

 A system installed in Texas (where power is extremely cheap) that generates 900 kWh would save a homeowner $99 per month. The conclusion is that solar will help you save money on electricity regardless of where you live.

Another thing that varies by state and is based on power prices and cost to set up is the payback timeline.

The payback period for your solar panels is the time required to pay off the system and get completely free energy.

The payback period might be even lower if you live in a place with additional solar incentives such as solar renewable energy credits (SRECs).

 Learn what your expected payback period is to get a 6kW system in your state.

How can you find the ideal installer for a 6kW solar system?

6000 watt solar panel installation

If you're interested in off-grid solar options or wish to install solar panels, you can purchase a DIY solar kit to set up a 6kW solar panel system.

A DIY kit costs around $10,000, making them somewhat less costly than the installed cost you'll get with a solar company.

However, it is technically inexpensive to purchase a DIY kit, frequently; you'll need the support of a solar installer or a licensed technician. After solar setup, electricians will make sure that the system will pass inspections.

All that extra work can be more expensive than having a certified solar installer set up your panels.

Additionally, when you work with licensed professionals, you may benefit from a 25-year guarantee on your panels, a perk that you don't get with DIY.

To be sure, if a 6kW system is ideal for you, it is reasonable to work with reliable solar contractors to determine the number of solar panels that your house requires.

 Find out which local incentives you may be eligible for and when a 6kW system is suitable for your home's energy needs!

Key takeaways

  • A 6kW solar system will create between 400-900 kWh of power, based on sun exposure.
  • The standard cost of installing a 6kW solar system is $15,600 but varies by state.
  • Annual savings are different in each state but can be from $400 to $2,000 annually.
  • If you can't afford the upfront cost of a 6kW system, you will find funding options available that let you repay the system in monthly instalments.
  • Based on the efficiency of the panels you select, you will need 270-510 square feet of roof area for your 6kW system.

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