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Solar Panels On Houses

5 Things You Need To Know About Home Solar Power

Solar energy is an increasingly used method to provide backup, partial, or full electrical power for homes.

Every year, more and more home dwellers are opting to provide at least some of their power via solar power systems.

Solar power generation systems typically involve the use of solar panels to send power generated from the sun to backup generators or directly to the house, depending on the system.

If you are one of the millions contemplating the use of solar energy in your home, you have a lot of things to learn.

Start with these five:

1. Solar Energy Systems Always Pay for Themselves (Over Time)

The potential for utility savings is the main reason most people decide to use solar energy for their homes.

Whether you are overhauling your home to be completely solar, or just supplementing your grid, rest assured that these savings will eventually pay for your system or generator.

‘Eventually’ is the key term here. Without government subsidies or tax incentives, that time period could stretch into decades.

Luckily, most US states and many countries offer rebates and tax incentives that can reduce the payback period to 10 years or less.

Solar Energy Benefits

2. Solar Panels Are Durable

They may not look like it, but solar panels are practically bulletproof.

That may be going a bit too far, but they can certainly hold up to the elements. So if you’re worried about snow, sleet, hail, or train harming them, don’t be – they’ll be just fine.

Durable Solar Panels

It’s also worth mentioning that many solar panels have warranties lasting up to 25 years.

The amount of usage you get out of them is unrivaled by anything else you’ll own.

3. Solar Power Systems Are (Mostly) Maintenance-Free

All of the equipment and installations might cause you to worry about having to maintain upkeep of your system over time, but it’s nothing to worry about. There aren’t any moving parts with home solar systems, they take care of themselves.

Solar Panels On Beutiful House

If you’re using a solar generator, you may have to replace the battery every few thousand cycles, but it can take years before you get close to having to do so.

4. Solar Panels Don’t Have to Be on the Roof

Many people think that having solar power at your home means covering your roof in solar panels. That is an option, but not your only one. Solar panels can be installed wherever you’d like on your property.

On Ground Solar Panels

Would you rather have your solar panels on the ground somewhere on your property? That will work just fine. Want to split the panels up between both the roof and ground? That’s totally fine as well.

5. It Doesn’t Have to Be Sunny for Solar Panels to Work

Solar power is obviously best when the sun is fully bearing down, but it’s not completely necessary for your panels to work.

Although they won’t generate the maximum amount of electricity on a cloudy day, they’ll still generate plenty to be effective.

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