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allpowers solar charger review

ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger Controller / Intelligent Regulator Review

The ALLPOWERS 20A solar charger controller is an affordable choice for small solar systems that generate less than 50V of voltage.

It protects your battery from over-charging and short-circuiting. An integrated display lets you monitor the state of your battery and how much power the solar panel is producing.

Two built-in USB ports provide an easy way to charge your devices and gadgets directly –handy for campers and hikers. 

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Quick Summary







Backup solar-powered battery/generator 



Maximum voltage:


Maximum current:




Compatible batteries:

12V and 24V gel, flooded and sealed lead acid batteries


5.9 x 3 x 1.4 inches

Best Features of the ALLPOWERS Solar Charger Controller 


Perfect for Small Solar Systems 

If you have a 100-watt 12V solar panel to charge your RV battery, there’s really no point to invest in an expensive solar charge controller rated for way more power than what your panel produces.

The ALLPOWERS solar charger controller with its 20A max current limit and 50V max voltage limit is perfect for small systems used in RVs, boats, trucks and backup solar generators.

Because it’s small and light, you can also use it when camping or hiking to monitor the output from your solar panel.

3-Stage PWM Charge Management 

PWM (pulse width modulation) charge controllers are the best for small solar systems. Don’t waste your money on a $100+ MPPT charge controller.

The ALLPOWERS solar charger uses a 3-stage system to monitor your battery and protect it from overcharging and extreme discharging.

Bulk stage: When the controller detects low battery voltage, it delivers maximum power. This charges the battery quickly.

ABS or absorption stage: When the battery gets close to full capacity, the controller reduces the amount of current delivered to the battery. This prevents overcharging and overheating.

Float stage: When the battery gets full, the controller sends only a trickle of power to keep it topped off.

The solar charge controller extends the lifespan of your battery and ensures you get the most out of your solar system.

It also prevents reverse charging, a process that can discharge your batteries at night.

Easy to Use Display and Control Panel

Use the small display at the front to monitor your battery and check the status of your system.

The display shows battery voltage, the input voltage from the solar panel, input current, and the amount of power going to the load (if you have one connected).

Using the row of buttons right below the display, you can configure the type of battery you have, adjust the voltage at which the charge controller switches to a specific mode and set the battery voltage at which it should shut off power to the load to avoid over-discharging.

You can also configure the load timer; either leave it on 24 hours or set when it should come on. This is handy if you’ve connected a security light.  

Dual USB Ports

The dual USB ports are handy for campers and hikers. You can just plug in your phone or camera directly into the controller.

Each USB port is rated at 5V and 3 amps. It’s safe to use with most devices and gadgets that use USB charging.

Limitations of the ALLPOWERS 20A Charge Controller

AllPowers solar charger

Not Ideal for Residential Solar Systems 

If you are looking for an affordable charge controller for your home solar system, this is not it.

Your home solar system most likely outputs more than 50V and 20 amps.

But you can use it to monitor power from a small solar panel to a backup battery or solar generator. It’s also ideal for most RV and boat solar systems.

Not Compatible with Lithium Batteries

The ALLPOWERS solar charger controller is compatible only with sealed, gel and flooded lead-acid batteries.

It does not charge any type of lithium batteries, be it lithium-ion or LiFePO4.


AllPowers solar charger

It’s far from being one of the most powerful solar charge controllers but for campers, RVs and boats, it’s perfect.

It works great with the most common types of lead-acid batteries, providing robust protection and extending your battery’s lifespan.

The price is not too bad, either.

We also love its compact and lightweight design. It’s a perfect addition for space-limited RVs, boats, trucks, and tents.

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