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Aspect Solar Portable Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

Aspect Solar Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator REVIEW

This new generator from Aspect Solar uses a unique briefcase design and charges super-fast. The generator is feature-rich, and packs quite a bit of power into a portable form.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

12.V, 20Ah, 250Wh

Power Output:

USB (4x), DC, AC


25 lbs.

Advantages of the Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

The Sunsocket is very eye-catching right off the bat, and offers performance that backs up its looks.

Highly Portable, Innovative Design

Aspect Solar’s generator looks like a briefcase, closes like a briefcase, and stores away like a briefcase.

The unit measures 20.2 x 4.2 x 16.5 when closed, and easily stores away during transport.

Those who are looking to save space will appreciate the abundance of room created by this generator.

Portable Solar Generator By Aspect Solar

The built-in 60 watt solar panels save the user from having to set up panels elsewhere and run cords to it.

Even more impressive, the battery charges in just 5 hours with good sunlight and 9 hours in poor sunlight.

Sun Tracking Panels

Like the name days, the panel of this generator actually follow the sun as it moves across the sky, saving you from having to constantly readjust.

Simply set the generator down, unpack the panels, and let it do all the work. The panels will lock on their own, ensuring maximum electricity generated in the panels.

This lets you go about your business during the day without having to constantly adjust the panel angle.

Great For Electronics and Small Appliances

This generator may be compact nice and neat, but it still contains a useful amount of power at 250 watts.

You’ll be able to recharge or power a laptop plus a couple of cell phones easily with the Sunsocket.

Numerous Charging Ports

The Sunsocket can support several devices at once with its four total USB ports, one AC port, and one DC port.

Fast Charging Panels

The charging ports on the Sunsocket are rated at 6o watts each.

During normal sunlight, you can recharge your unit in as little as five hours. Cloudy conditions are not as good, but still hold strong at 9 hours.

This is especially helpful considering the unit’s wattage output.

Limitations of the Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

The Sunsocket is an unique portable solar generator with several advantages over competitors, but there are a few issues that deserve noting.

Susceptible to Weather

The Sunsocket is not waterproof, nor does it hold up to rough handling.

Since the panels are attached to the rest of the unit, you are not able to place the panels elsewhere and acquire power while keeping the generator covered.

Aspect Solar Portable Solar Generator


The Sunsocket is an impressive generator, but you’re going to pay a lot for this level of convenience.


Aspect Solar has created a unique portable solar generator that doesn’t sacrifice wattage nor require crazy-long charging times. This combination is really hard to find.

You’ll pay more for it, but those who need a complete portable briefcase solar generator that can be recharged every day will find it totally worthwhile.

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