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Be Prepared Solar 5000 Watt 200Ah Solar Generator w/ Two Solar Panels

Be Prepared Solar 2500 Watt 200Ah Solar Generator REVIEW

Be Prepared Solar’s home backup generator definitely lives up to its name, providing a significant amount of electrical power to get your home through times when your grid is out.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

200 Ah

Power Output:

AC (4x,) USB


35 lbs.

Advantages of the Be Prepared 2500 Watt 200Ah Solar Generator w/ Two Solar Panels

If you want substantial home backup power without a lot of bells and whistles, then you’ll love this BePrepared solar generator.

Wattage and Battery Capacity

This generator is a beast, with a peak output of 2500 watts.

While you probably aren’t going to power a single 2500 watt device, with this much power at your disposal you can power lots of devices and even large appliances like space heaters that you cannot touch with most retail solar generators.

Be Prepared Solar 5000 Watt 200Ah Solar Generator

The battery has a rating of 200 amp hours, (10 amps continuous for 20 hours), more than the output of most other solar generators of this size.

There is also room to add another battery if you so desire, upping the storage even more.

Two Included 150 Watt Solar Panels

Many solar generators don’t include panels with their units, and if they do, they aren’t very powerful.

Not so with this generator.

The two solar panels provide 150 watts each. More panels can be added if you’d like the charge faster.

If you really need this much capacity, you’ll probably want at least 4-6 panels to keep the batteries charged.

4 AC Outlets

This unit includes several AC ports to ensure powering of as many devices as you can.

There are 4 AC ports: 2 on the outside + 2 on the inside, under the lid.

One USB port is on the outside of the casing, providing fast charging for phones, tablets and other USB powered devices.

Charge Controller

The generator comes with a 30 amp charge controller that protects the battery from overcharging while also ensuring an efficient power flow.


Although very powerful and capable, there are some drawbacks to this generator, especially for those who care about the look of their system.

Be Prepared Solar Generator

No Display Screen

Most generators of this capacity have display screens that clearly show battery life, charge status and error messages.

Not so with this one.

The charge controller provides some information, but not as much as some other may like.


This generator isn’t going to get awards for its looks, as it lacks graphics, screens, and an organized interface.


This generator may be a little primitive, but it’s what is inside that counts.

This Be Prepared 2500Wh solar generator has everything you’d want out of a whole-home backup generator:  gobs of power and the ports to deliver it with.

If you want a true home backup solar generator that is capable of keeping your home online during prolonged outages, this is the one.

The included solar panels are a nice bonus and are actually among the most powerful you’ll find.  Just buy more.

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