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solar power xmas lights

Best Solar Powered Christmas Lights: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking to buy the best solar-powered Christmas lights? You have come to the right place.

When shopping for holidays, one common item on everyone's list is Christmas lights. You can use them to decorate your house and trees to add a pop of flickering colors.

But as the holidays approach near, you might get busier, which may leave little time to weigh out different lights.

And that is where we come in to help!

Our top picks of the best solar-powered Christmas lights in this buying guide can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Where can You Use Solar-Powered Christmas Lights?

These holiday party lights can be used for various purposes, from using them on door wreaths to add a sparkle to them to hanging them around your house, especially along the rooftop boundaries and around the pillars, to make it look more festive.

These solar-powered Christmas lights can also be used indoors, around giant fireplaces, on staircase railings and, of course, on your Christmas trees.

Now, you might be wondering what makes these solar-powered Christmas lights better than the traditional solar lights? Well, for starters,  their flexibility.

With regular lights, you need to find a power outlet nearby for connection. There's no such limitation for solar-powered lights.

You can use them anywhere as long as the solar panel gets enough sunlight. 

And when paired with the fact that they are sustainable, environmentally friendly and save you quite a buck on your energy bills, there's absolutely no going back to the traditional Christmas lights, for who doesn't like a good deal, right?

What's in This Buying Guide

This buying guide reviews some of the top-rated, solar-powered Christmas lights.

It also talks about the factors and features you need to consider before making a purchase.

The buying guide also includes how these lights work and why they are better than other types. In the end, an FAQ section lists answers to some common questions related to solar-powered Christmas lights.

Best Solar Powered Lights for Christmas

  1. 1
    Best Overall: Joomer Solar String Lights
  2. 2
    Best Light String with Small Bulbs: Skyfire 10 strands String Lights
  3. 3
    Best for Areas with Short Days: Qedertek 2 Pack Solar String Lights 
  4. 4
    Most Creative Design: GIGALUMI Solar Flower String Lights

solar chrismas lights
  • Joomer Solar String Lights

  • Best Overall

  • Length
    72 ft

  • Number of LEDs

  • Waterproof

solar christmas lights reviews
  • Skyfire 10 strands String Lights

  • Best Light String with Small Bulbs

  • Length
    10 strands of 6.5 ft each

  • Number of LEDs
    200 total

  • Waterproof

solar powered xmas lights
  • Qedertek 2 Pack Solar String Lights

  • Best for Areas with Short Days

  • Length
    72 ft long, 2 light strings in each pack.

  • Number of LEDs
    200 per string

  • Waterproof

solar christmas lights outdoor
  • GIGALUMI Solar Flower String Lights

  • Most Creative Design

  • Length
    2 strings of 23 ft each

  • Number of LEDs
    50 per string

  • Waterproof

solar christmas lights outdoor

With a long wire and a traditional holiday lights look, the Joomer Solar string lights are a favorite of many. They are one of the most popular solar-powered string lights.


Sufficiently Long Wire:

Measuring 72 ft in length, the string wire has 200 LED bulbs on it. It is long enough for you to wrap it around the house or your tree conveniently.

You can also light up your lawn by putting the string around plants, bushes, and trees. You can spread it along the patio and terrace for an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well.

The distance between the first LED bulb and the solar panel is 6 ft. So, you can easily place the panel at a suitable distance.

Hassle-Free Installation:

Unlike popular belief, installing these solar lights is very easy. You don't need any technical help either.

You just need to put the solar panel in an area that gets sufficient sunlight. As the panel charges through the day, it saves energy for lighting the LEDs at night.

Auto ON/OFF:

solar chrismas lights

To make things even more convenient, the panel features light sensor technology. The sensor detects a decrease in the intensity of sunlight as dusk approaches.

At dusk, the sensors automatically turn on the party light string. The lights glimmer throughout the evening and the night.

At dawn, the sensors again detect an increase in light intensity and shut off the LEDs. Hence, the lights operate without you doing much.

8 Modes and Memory Chip:

This LED string light supports 8 lighting modes, and you can select one according to your mood and preference with a button press.

Simply press the button until you arrive at the setting of your liking. But, you don't have to do this every day.

The setup has a memory chip that keeps track of your last settings before turning off the LEDs.

So that the next time you switch them back on, the lights turn on with the same settings as earlier to save you time and hassle you would have otherwise spent reprogramming the settings.

IR67 Weatherproofing:

The light string is suitable for use under all weather conditions. While sunny days benefit it, rainy or snowy days won't damage it. This is because the whole assembly is IP67 proofed.

Best for Large Homes:

Large houses and structures will require more decorative lights, and the Joomer 72 ft long string lights are ideal for this purpose.

Whether you want to add twinkling lights to your roof or line long staircases, this model would suffice well.


You need to position the solar panel carefully. This is because if lights from a passing car or the LEDs themselves hit the solar panel at night, it will detect the presence of light. As a result, the sensor technology is highly likely to turn the lights off.


The Joomer Solar String Lights measure 72 ft long and have 200 LED lights.

The affordable light string is perfect for all sorts of parties and holiday decor. It has auto ON/OFF features that make operation hassle-free.

2. Best Light String With Small Bulbs: Skyfire 10 strands String Lights

solar powered xmas lights

Unlike traditional Christmas Lights, these fairy lights by SKYFIRE are small and dainty. They give a pleasant and sophisticated look to the whole decor.


A Bundle of Strands

One of the best features of the Skyfire string light is that it has a total of six strands, each measuring 6.5 ft. So, you have more flexibility over where and how you want to place these lights.

These lights are especially useful if you do not want to gather all the lights in one space, but prefer scattering them throughout the space for a more vibrant feel.

200 LEDs

This string light has 200 small LEDs that give a very sophisticated look. When you position them together, they form a waterfall-like design that is ideal for hanging decorations.

Available in Multiple Colors

The Skyfire fairy lights are available in a variety of colors. These include monochrome warm white and white as well as 16-color and multi-color.

Easy Setup

Like most solar-powered Christmas Lights, these too are very easy to set up.

The solar panel comes with a garden stake so you can securely place it in the ground. These lights don't need outlets to work.

2 Light Modes

This model supports two light modes. A steady light mode keeps the lights on continuously without any flickering.

On the other hand, a flashing light mode turns the lights on and off at intervals to create a flashing or flickering light show.

Perfect for Backdrops

solar powered xmas lights

These lights are the perfect option for backdrops for your holiday photo wall or your Christmas tree.

They create a nice bokeh effect in pictures, adding to the overall aesthetics.

Best for Dainty Aesthetics

Small and dainty lights add a glowy charm to any sort of decorations.

These lights are best used inside as backdrops or in wreaths, but you can also use them outside to form a roof of light strings.


These lights have a run time of only 6-hours only. So, they won't last all night on one charge.


The perfect lighting option for outdoor receptions and indoor decorations, these Skyfire fairy lights come in a pack of 6 strands.

You can place them together, hang them for a waterfall effect, or place them separately for a dispersed vibe.

3. Best for Areas with Short Days: Qedertek 2 Pack Solar String Lights

solar operated christmas lights

Short days mean lesser sunlight hours and lesser charging. However, this is not a problem for the Qedertek 2 pack solar-powered string lights. They are ideal for areas with smaller days and extended cloud cover.


Good Length

solar christmas lights reviews

The Qedertek string light is also 72 ft long and is sufficient for wrapping around trees or pillars.

Or you can use it for other outdoor decoration purposes. Moreover, the additional 6.5 ft extension cord allows you to connect it to the solar panel conveniently.

Robust Solar Panel

The solar panel comes with a garden stake and charges the battery in just 6-8 hours.

This significantly short charger time makes this light perfect for areas with low sunlight and short days.

You can position the solar panel optimally towards the sun throughout the day so that the charging can last throughout the night.

2 Strings in a Pack

The Qedertek string light promises good value for the money because each pack comes with two lights.

Both are 72 ft long with 200 LEDs so that the whole pack can meet your light decoration needs.

8 Modes

This light string also features eight modes. To select different modes, press the on button repeatedly until you reach the desired settings.


Thanks to the IP65 waterproofing, this holiday light can withstand all sorts of weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and snow.

So, you can use them throughout the year without worrying about them getting damaged.

Best for Regions with Short Days

Short days limit the amount of sunlight reaching the solar panel. In such cases, solar lights with a robust solar panel are the best option.

And this string light gives you just that. It is perfect for areas where the charging period is short due to smaller days.


The Qedertek lights might be a bit too bright for some uses. For instance, when you use it for indoor decoration, you might find that these bulbs produce a very bright fluorescence.


You get amazing value for your money with these Qedertek holiday lights.

The 72 ft length, waterproofing, and 8-light modes make this 2-light pack an ideal choice for outdoor decoration and lightwork.

4. Most Creative Design: GIGALUMI Solar Flower String Lights

solar power christmas tree lights

Creatively designed lights add a unique flair to the overall decor for holidays or any other party.

The Gigalumi Solar Flower String Lights combine design and functionality in one model.


2 Strings

The lights come in a pack of 2 strings. Each string is 23 ft long and features 50 colorful bulbs.

The length is sufficient enough for wrapping around the tree, staircase, and fireplace.

Moreover, you can place them over bushes on your lawn to get the effect of colorful illuminated flowers.

Cherry Blossom Design

solar power xmas lights

The light bulbs resemble cherry blossom flowers. The bulb is situated at the center of the flower, and transparent plastic petals reflect the light from the bulb.

The lights look like any other ordinary holiday lights from far away, but once you get a closer look, you get to see their aesthetic design.

Bright for Their Size

You wouldn't expect such small bulbs to be this bright. However, the GIGALUMI cherry blossom lights are surprisingly bright for their size. Their close placement further enhances their luminance.

The 50 bulbs are closely spaced to fit on a 23 ft string. Hence, they give the illusion of a brighter light play.

Light Sensor and Automatic Operation

Like all good solar-powered Christmas lights, these too have a light sensor. The light sensor detects changes in sunlight and turns the bulbs on the string on or off accordingly.

This saves you from the hassle of turning the lights on every evening and turning them off every morning.


The cherry blossom lights are incredibly flexible, so you can drape them around almost anything.

Most string lights are difficult to wrap around small objects like wreaths or thin branches. But you can easily drape these lights across big and small objects.

You can use them indoors or place them on bushes and branches outdoors for a colorful light play.

2 Modes

The light play works in 2 modes: A steady mode that does not flicker and a flashing mood that turns the bulbs on and off at intervals.

Both modes look nice, but the steady mode runs out of battery quicker than the flashing mode.

Best for Creative Aesthetics

These cherry blossom-shaped lights look beautiful when wrapped around a bush or used in a wreath. They are best used in combination with plants.


Although these lights are IP65 waterproof, they tend to malfunction under constant heavy rain and snow. As a precautionary measure, you shouldn't use the lights in harsh weather.


Dainty, bright, and versatile – these three qualities make the GIGALUMI cherry blossom lights very popular.

They have all the superior characteristics of good solar light, including sensors, auto on/off, and multiple light modes.

Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Buying Guide

solar operated christmas lights

Buying solar-powered Christmas lights looks like an easy feat. But if you want the most suitable option and good value for money, we recommend going through the following buying guide.

Intended Use

Before buying a solar-powered Christmas light, assess where you want to use the lights.

For indoor decorative purposes, smaller strings measuring up to 25 ft work best.

But for outdoor use, where you want to wrap the lights around the house, plants, or form a temporary light roof, you will need longer strings.

Make sure you know your intended use before you opt for a specific length.

Season of Your Area

solar power xmas lights

With solar lights, the season of your locality matters a lot. The charging of the solar panel depends on the day hours and the intensity of sunlight.

For areas with shorter days or dim sunlight, it is best to invest in quick-charging panels.

But for areas with long sunny days, solar panels with a longer charging time will be fine as well.

Your Schedule

Solar-powered Christmas lights can provide great convenience if you have a busy schedule.

Lights that turn on and off automatically based on the surrounding light save you the trouble of manually operating the lights every day.

Thus, even if you come home late, an automatic light will greet you with an illuminated house.

How Do Solar Powered Christmas Lights Work

Plug-in lights require a power outlet. By connecting them to the power outlet, you provide them with an electric energy source. The electric energy is then used to illuminate the lights.

Such lights can add up to the electricity bill, especially during the holiday season or if you use the lights for other festivities that last for days.

However, solar-powered lights do not need an electric power outlet. Instead, they make use of solar energy.

These lights come with a solar panel, which is usually supported over a garden stake. You put the stake into the ground and position the solar panel to face the sun most of the time during the day.

As the solar energy falls on the panel, it is converted to electric energy and stored in built-in batteries.

At night when the sun is down, the batteries power the Christmas lights with the stored electric energy.

The charged batteries can work throughout the night or for some part of it, depending upon their size and charging percentage.

Why Buy Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Over Other Kinds?

Solar-powered Christmas lights are superior to other kinds because of the following reasons:

Easy on the Pocket:

solar power christmas tree lights

Solar-powered Christmas lights are easy on the pocket. They are a one-time investment, and they sustain themselves – you do not have to spend any additional cost for their operation.

This is because these lights are powered by solar light instead of direct current from a power outlet.

Other types of lights are connected to a wall outlet and make use of direct current.

This adds to the overall electric bill, especially if you use the lights for several days.

With solar-powered lights, you experience no such problems. You can use them for as long as you want at no additional cost.


Solar-powered lights are often weather-proofed, so you can use them in the rain and snow as well.

Lights that use a power outlet need protection from water, especially at the plug source. This limits their outdoor usability.

Another restraint that electric lights pose is that you need to position them near a power outlet. This limits their use in places like bushes, wreaths, etc.

What to Look for When Buying Solar-Powered Lights for Christmas

solar christmas lights reviews

Several features determine which solar-powered Christmas lights are most suitable for your use. To make the right purchase, make sure you look out for:


Solar-powered lights should have the optimal brightness, depending on your use.

If you want to use the lights indoors for decorative purposes, then ideally, you should not opt for very bright lights.

Very bright lights might disrupt the cozy and homely vibe that everyone craves for around the holiday season.

However, for outdoor use, the case is the opposite. Bright lights work wonderfully well in open settings.

They are visible from a distance and add a colorful appeal to the patio; lawn, garage, roof, or wherever you put them.

Lighting Modes

Most solar-powered Christmas lights feature multiple lighting modes, including color variation and steady or flashing settings.

We advise you to invest in lights that come with various color options so that you can use them for every occasion.

It is wise to invest in lights that include settings for warm white light, white light, multi-color light, and yellow lights. These options cover most uses.

But, if you want something specific, make sure to check the product description to see if the light string supports your preferred color.

Moreover, both the flashing mode and steady mode look good.

Flickering lights work well if you pair them with other decorative items, while steady lights are perfect for the tree and other indoor decorative purposes.

However, remember that using the steady mode may cause the battery to run out quicker.

Energy Efficiency

solar chrismas lights

You might be surprised to see energy efficiency as one of the defining factors here, mainly because solar lights do not use direct power.

But energy efficiency also works for solar-charged lights.

You should opt for solar panels with a high conversion rate. In other words, you need solar panels that charge the battery quickly.

Similarly, it is better if you opt for energy-efficient LEDs that run on low power. This is to prevent the batteries from running out quickly.

Settings & Automation

Automation in solar-powered Christmas lights can greatly enhance their ease of operation.

They free you from the worry and hassle of keeping track of time to turn the lights on and off. Even if you don't have a busy schedule, automation in solar lights is a valuable factor.

Similarly, other settings like memory saving also add to the convenience of use. A memory-enabled solar-powered holiday light remembers previous settings.

Once the lights are turned on again, you do not have to reset them to the desired lighting mode – the memory setup does that for you.


solar christmas lights outdoor

The choice of the design in a solar-powered Christmas light is entirely up to you.

If you want a traditional look for the holiday decor, go for round-bulbed lights. They are bigger than many other options and add a classic touch to the overall decor aesthetics.

We recommend using fairy lights with smaller bulbs if you want a dainty look for the tree or indoor decor around the fireplace.

Smaller bulbs also work well for wreaths as they do not overcrowd the wreath.

You can choose from several unique design options, like flower-shaped, candy-shaped, or bee-shaped lights.

Such lights add a unique flair to the overall look and are best for outdoor decoration on lawns, on patios, or around bushes.


You can find almost any color you want in a solar-powered holiday light.

From the classic yellow and warm white to funky multi-colored lights, the options are limitless.

People looking for more specific colors like red, purple, or green will also find their desired lights, but they might have to search a little deeper.


Even though installing a solar-powered light is not a huge hassle, you should still look for convenient and user-friendly installation designs.

When buying a string of lights, ensure they come with a user manual with proper installation instructions.

In most cases, you will only need to fix the solar panels so that they face the sun most of the day.

But there are other enhanced designs with movable solar panel heads. While the stake remains fixed in the grounds, the solar panel can move to catch maximum sunlight throughout the day.

You can position the panel to match the changing position of the sun.


Like all other products, durability is a must-have in solar-powered Christmas lights as well.

Make sure that the wire string has a thick outer coating. Moreover, the bulbs should be durable and resistant to breakage from operational abuse.

Most importantly, we recommend that you always opt for weather-proof, solar-powered Christmas lights.

Even if you don't use them during snow or rainstorm, the feature lends undeniable durability to the lights.

Charging Time and Battery Life

The charging time and battery life also depend on your intended use.

If you have short days where you live, then opt for solar panels that charge batteries quicker and run longer.

If you want the lights to stay illuminated throughout the night, invest in a bigger battery.

Automation in lights also helps save battery.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

solar powered christmas lights review

Whether they are security lights or party lights, solar-powered lights have several benefits, which are why they're so popular. However, they also have some limiting factors.

Let's take a look at both these aspects.


  • Eco-Friendly: We know these lights work by generating energy from sunlight. Using natural energy sources such as the sun is not only pocket-friendly but also eco-friendly. When you don't use electric power, you prevent the use of fossil fuels. Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source.
  • Easier to Use: Solar-powered Christmas lights are easier to use because they do not require extensions to operate. Unlike electric lights, solar lights do not need to be close to a wall outlet for operation. The use of portable solar panels eases their use.
  • Low Operational Cost: Once you buy solar-powered lights, you do not need any additional running costs to use them. They do not use electric power and are quite low-maintenance. So, you won't incur any additional costs. 


  • Pricier Than Other Options: Despite having low operational costs, the up-front cost of solar lights is higher than lights that work by direct electric connection. Or the ones that run on rechargeable electric batteries.
  • Not Ideal for Cloudy Regions: Although solar lights with a good conversion rate work well enough in cloudy areas, they are still not everybody's favorite choice in those areas. Charging the battery might become a problem if a thick cloud cover persists for days.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long do solar-powered Christmas lights last?

The working life of solar-powered Christmas lights depends on the longevity of the battery and the LED bulbs.

You will need to replace the batteries every 2-3 years. However, the LEDs can last as long as 10-years without any issues.

Is it recommended to use solar lights in the wintertime?

Yes, solar-powered string lights are usable in the winter. As long as sunlight falls on the solar panel, it will charge the batteries to power the bulbs.

However, batteries might not charge to their full potential due to shorter days or dimmer sunlight.

In this case, they may run out earlier compared to the battery life in summers.

Is it possible to use solar lights in shaded areas?

You can use solar lights with a good energy conversion rate in shaded areas that receive occasional sun. But the lights will not work once the battery runs out and the sun is not out.

Is it possible to charge solar lights without sunlight?

In theory, it is possible to some extent to charge solar lights by placing them directly under artificial light or a regular household light. However, the charging is very slow and extremely inefficient.

Final Verdict: The Best Solar-Powered Christmas Lights?

For us, the GIGALUMI Solar Flower String Lights have to be the winner here. They have to be the best solar-powered Christmas lights from amongst all the options we reviewed in this guide.

They come in two strands and are flexible, which makes them very convenient to use. 

They also have two lighting modes and a unique appearance and these are just a handful of all the features they offer.

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