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Best Solar Powered Security Lights 2023: Reviews & Guide

Looking for solar-powered security lights for the outdoors?

Solar-powered lights are gaining popularity due to their convenience of use and as an alternative for energy-intensive electricity-powered light.

For outdoor spaces, robust security lights are required that consume a lot of energy units. Therefore, solar-powered security lights are used in place of them.

If you are planning to buy these solar-powered security lights, too, but need some insight before, then you have come to the right place. This article includes all you need to know about these lights.

What's In This Buying Guide

This buying guide contains useful information for anyone planning to invest in a solar=powered security light. For first-time buyers, the decision could be daunting.

However, a quick review of the available options on the market along with factors to consider can help a lot.

For this purpose, the article gives an insightful explanation regarding solar-powered security lights to help the readers with the purchase. 

solar security lights

Best Solar Powered Motion Security lights

  1. 1
    Best for large outdoor spaces and homes: BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights
  2. 2
    Best for low sunlight areas: Vivii Motion Sensor Solar lights
  3. 3
    Best for customized usage: Otdair Solar Security Lights
  4. 4
    Best for modern look and small holdings: iThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights
  5. 5
    Best for intensive and multiple uses: Westinghouse Solar Security Flood Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights Outdoor
  • BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights

  • Best for large outdoor spaces and homes
  • Lumens

  • No. of LEDs

  • Lights included per pack:

  • Motion detection distance:
    19.84-16.4 feet

Solar Lights, Vivii Motion Sensor 30 LED Super Bright Security Lights
  • Vivii Motion Sensor Solar lights

  • Best for low sunlight areas
  • Lumens

  • No. of LEDs

  • Lights included per pack:

  • Motion detection distance:

Otdair Solar Security Lights, 3 Head Motion Sensor Lights Adjustable 70LED Flood Lights
  • Otdair Solar Security Lights

  • Best for customized usage
  • Lumens

  • No. of LEDs

  • Lights included per pack:
    1,2 0r 4

  • Motion detection distance:

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, iThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights
  • iThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights

  • Best for modern look and small holdings
  • Lumens

  • No. of LEDs

  • Lights included per pack:

  • Motion detection distance:

Westinghouse 2000 Lumens Solar Security Flood Lights Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor
  • Westinghouse Solar Security Flood Lights

  • Best for intensive and multiple uses
  • Lumens

  • No. of LEDs

  • Lights included per pack:

  • Motion detection distance:

1. Best for large outdoor spaces and homes: BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights

solar sensor lights outdoor

With four LED security lights in each pack, the BAXIA Technology solar lights are a good option for many. They are efficient lights with a long lifespan.


28 LEDs and 400 lumens

One of the most useful characteristics of this solar security lights pack is that each piece in the pack is equipped with 28 LEDs. These 28 LEDs produce a bright light of 400 lumens.

Such a light gives a powerful beam that illuminates the surroundings well. Once they turn on upon the activation of the motion sensor, the area is fully lit so that you do not miss any unusual signs due to lack of lighting in the dark.

Four lights in each pack:

We already know that the BAXIA lights are quite powerful. Combine four of these together, and you have an amazing lighting system.

Not only that, but the package also gives good value for the money and saves you the trouble of buying multiple lights individually if you need more than one.

Covers more ground:

For larger homes and establishments, there are large grounds that need surveillance for security purposes.

BAXIA provides four lights in one package that you can easily install in various places. One package satisfies your lighting requirements for patio, garden, garage, etc.

No dim mode elongates working life: 

Usually, motion sensor solar lights turn to a dimmer mode of light in the absence of activity or movements.

On dimmer light, the LEDs are still working. But these BAXIA Technology lights turn off rather than turning dim in the absence of any detected activity.

This way, they save the working hours of the LEDs and elongate the lifespan. This, however, does not compromise their motion sensing, and the lights turn on instantly if there is some movement.

Best choice for large homes:

Considering the many features that this Baxia solar security light provides, we believe that it would be very suitable for large homes or outdoor spaces.

The 400 lumens brightness, 120-degree cover angle, and four lights in each pack guarantee more ground coverage, deeming it very useful for large outdoor spaces.


The screws included in the kit for the installation of these Baxia security lights aren’t of the best quality. You might need stronger screws and bolts to ensure a secure installation.

Moreover, the solar panel requires at least eight hours of full sun exposure in order to charge. For areas with shady winters and scarce sunlight, these lights might not charge well. 


If you are looking for an efficient solar-powered security light that can cover a greater area and has longer working life than average solar lights, then this model by BAXIA Technology could serve you very well.

2. Best for low sunlight areas: Vivii Motion Sensor Solar lights

solar power sensor light

Our next pick is the VIVII Motion Sensor Solar lights. It is one of the fastest charging lights with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


Wide bright light with a wide-angle range

There are 30 LEDs in the VIVII solar light that provide up to 600 lumens of bright light.

The coverage angle of this outdoor light is also wider than most. The 270-degree range provides better illumination and is able to light farther objects and spaces as well.

Longer range motion detection

Unlike most solar security lights that usually have a 10-15 feet detection range, this model by VIVII can detect motion from 26 feet away.

Be it a small animal, an object, a vehicle, or a human approaching; the light detects the movements well before they reach your area. 


Made with plastic employing IP65 technology, this light is not only water but also heat resistant. This makes it suitable for all weather types. You can use it for areas with hot summers and frequent rainy days alike.

Fast charging

The solar panel used in the design of this Vivii solar-powered security light is bigger than many other brands. That is why it can charge the light very quickly.

While other lights require at least seven hours of direct sunlight for full charging, this model takes just three hours. However, seven hours of charging is preferred and lasts for 12 hours. 

Best for low sunlight areas

Residents of cities and states that experience dim sunlight will benefit greatly from this Vivii motion sensor solar light. The large-sized solar panel makes charging quicker and more convenient. 


These Vivii solar lights might get a little dim after a few months of use. However, if you feel that the performance has degraded too much, you can always contact customer services for a replacement.


The Vivii motion sensor light is one of the fastest charging solar security lights.

One charge lasts longer than the average run of solar-powered lights, making it ideal for places with shorter days and longer nights. Moreover, it features a 270° illumination range that spreads the light more widely than 120°.

3. Best for customized usage: Otdair Solar Security Lights

best outdoor solar motion lights

Otdair has introduced an improved design for solar-powered security lights in this model. The three-headed light provides many advantages, making this a great purchase.


Rotatable design

The design layout of this security light is such that each light has three heads.

These heads can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the direction of the light’s path. It allows the users to position the light’s head according to their needs and change the range of the light.

70 LEDs provide 550 lumens of light

In a pack of two, each light has 70 LEDs. These LEDs are high-performing and give out bright beams. Positioning the heads in different directions helps illuminate more space.

Three lighting modes

Many solar-powered security lights have only one working mode. But this model by Otdair has three modes of lighting.

The first one works like most others and turns the light only upon detection of movement. The second one can produce constant glare for up to six hours, while a third mode automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. 

Wide motion detection range and long battery life

This solar security light can detect motion for up to 33 feet. Any movements within 33 feet of the sensor will trigger the light to turn on.

Moreover, the battery life is sufficient enough to run the model on glare mode for six hours and normal mode for 30 hours.

Best for customized usage

Features like the rotatable heads and different lighting modes allow this Otdair solar security light to be of assistance to all sorts of users. Plus, it comes with undeniable customization for anyone.


These Otdair lights are slid into a mounting bracket that is first installed on the wall. There is no direct connection to the wall, and the bracket also lacks any sort of securing lock. 


One of the most convenient features we can get in a solar security light is the freedom to position them according to our needs.

The Otdair Solar Security light has 360° rotatable heads that allow users to position them as they please.

You can get the most out of these by directing them all at a similar spot or pointing them in different directions, illuminating a wider area.

4. Best for a modern look and small holdings: iThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights

solar motion security light

Fashioning one of the most modern designs in solar security lights, the iThird LED solar light is compact but very well-performing.


Damage-resistant exterior

Constructed using stainless steel and ABS plastic, this model of security lights by iThird is quite dependable.

The IP44 technology renders it resistant to water and damage by heat. The rustproof qualities of stainless steel prevent corrosion, and the ABS plastic imparts the whole structure strength.

Different modes of light

You can use this light in one of its three modes. The dim mode keeps the light on at a dim beam, but the beam brightens if motion is detected.

Meanwhile, the sensor mode only turns the light on if motion is detected. Lastly, the Always-on Mode keeps the light active at a dim light throughout the night.

Compact design

iThird has combined a lot of functionality in a small and compact body. This enables the users to install the light wherever they want as it is easily accommodated. Moreover, those who want a more modern look will benefit from the sleek metal design.

Good for small spaces

Small houses and business settings do not need a big security light. Small patios, congested sidewalks in houses, or a small garage would be well-illuminated by this light.

There will be no need to invest in bulky and more powerful lights. The light is capable of detecting motion to a distance of 16.4 feet and illuminate it with a beam of 330 lumens.

Best for a modern look and small holdings

The overall style of this solar-powered security light makes it a good fit for small spaces, especially those that require a modern touch.

If you have a small porch, garden, or just a patio you need a light for, this is your go-to option.


In this model, the solar panel lies directly on top of the light. Therefore, you must install the lights on walls that do not have extended roof corners above them.

Otherwise, the sunlight won’t reach the solar panel, hindering or considerably slowing down the charging process. 


Many users greatly value aesthetics. That is why they do not want to settle for bulky models of solar security lights.

A sleek and compact model like this solar security by iThird will prove to be a great choice for them. It is small and stylish but also quite well-performing.

5. Best for intensive and multiple uses: Westinghouse Solar Security Flood Lights

outdoor solar security lights

This solar-powered security light by Westinghouse combines some of the most powerful and useful features into one body.


Very bright

The single-piece light is very well-performing and is powered by some very robust LEDs.

It produces up to 2000 lumens, which is quite sufficient for illuminating large and dark spaces. 80 LEDs work in unison to give a bright beam of light.

Long-lasting battery

When it comes to battery size, Westinghouse solar security floodlight delivers yet again.

With a 4000mAh battery, you will experience long runtimes and no flickering. The long battery life also forms the basis of the many modes that this light offers.

Multiple operational modes

Mostly, in solar security lights, the light turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Some people might find that window of the time insufficient to quickly analyze the surroundings.

But with this light, you can set the light duration to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or even 120 seconds. 

Other than that, you can use the ON button to keep the light running at optimal brightness. Meanwhile, the Auto mode turns the light on at dusk and turns it off at dawn.

More than just a security light

Motion-sensing security lights do not always allow the flexibility of constant use. They automatically turn on upon the detection of movement and turn off in the absence of it.

As a result, you cannot use them to illuminate spaces continuously. But this Westinghouse light allows you to run it continuously by using the ON button. This makes it very useful, especially when outdoor activities like parties are going on.

Best for intensive and multiple uses

The 4000mAH battery and multiple modes make the Westinghouse solar light very useful for intensive use.

Due to these features, the light can perform for long hours without any flickering and might also be used for other purposes. 


A 4000mAH battery might take longer to charge; you might need to wait for up to 16 hours for it to charge fully.

The ON mode can also last up to a maximum of three to four hours in full charging. Plus, the bright beam of 2000 lumens utilizes a lot of stored energy. 


For those who want to use solar light for more than just security purposes, this model might be one of the best options.

It has a long battery life and multiple working modes that allow you to use the model not only for security purposes but also as a source of light for the outdoors.

How Do Motion Security lights Work?

Motion security lights employ two basic mechanisms to operate. Firstly, they use microwaves, infrared waves, or heat waves from moving objects like a car, human, animal, etc.

Upon sensing the presence of infrared rays, the motion sensor is activated. This sensor is connected to LEDs via electric components.

As soon as any movement is detected through the presence of infrared waves, signals from the sensor are sent to the LEDs. These signals then turn the LEDs on. All of this happens very quickly and promptly.

How to Choose the Best solar-powered security Motion Security light?

As we have already seen, a few main features are associated with solar-powered security lights that govern their usability.

The know-how of these features will help you better understand your requirements and select the most suitable product.

Light intensity 

Depending upon the number of lumens, the light beam's intensity varies from one model to the other. For smaller spaces, fewer lumens of light, e.g., 300 to 500, may suffice, but more lumens are required for spaces like a big garage or garden.

For such areas, usually, 700-1500 lumens may suffice. The size of the area under surveillance is one of the key features in determining the lumens and hence the brightness of the light. 

Range of motion sensor

A motion detector can detect movement up to a certain distance. This determines its range. Beyond its range, the sensor will not detect any movements.

The ranges of sensors also differ from model to model. Usually, the range begins at 10 feet and goes as far as 40 feet. 

If you own a place that does not have large lawns or extensive garages, then there is no need to invest in a solar-powered motion security light that holds the capacity to cover the range beyond your need.

Alternatively, for better security, you must opt for lights with a greater range for larger and more open spaces. 

The range of light, measured in angles, is also an important consideration. The higher the angle, the wider would be the range of the beam of light.

Operational modes

Some users prefer a simple solar-powered motion security light that would turn on only if a movement is detected.

Others require models that come with more than just momentary alerts. The choice depends entirely on the customer's preference. 

One-mode lights work very well and are cheaper. They can, however, not be used as a constant source of light for your outdoors.

Multiple modes allow the flexibility of using the light for not only security but also for purposes like a source of light during outdoor activities.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of solar-powered motion security lights determines its run time and affects the beam's brightness.

Larger batteries store more energy and run for longer times and vice versa. However, if appropriately sized solar panels do not complement larger batteries, they can take quite some time to charge.

If you want to use modes like dusk-dawn automatic power, constant glare, etc., it is best to get a bigger battery.

Flexibility of the design structure

A range of different designs and layouts are present for solar-powered motion security lights.

Some have fixed light heads that you cannot move to point in more than one direction, while others have partial to full flexibility when it comes to light heads.

Usually, lights with multiple heads have flexible joints that allow users to move the heads in whatever direction they want and widen the area that comes under their light. 


The lifespan of solar security lights is largely dependent on the working hours of the LED used within them. Mostly, these LEDs have a lifespan ranging between two and eight years.

During their prime time, solar lights work with more than 80% efficiency. As their lifespan nears it ends, the efficiency falls below 80%.

The number and type of LEDs determine how long your solar light will last, and the retailers readily provide this information. 


Depending upon the features present, solar-powered motion security lights cost between $50 and $400. Features like flexibility, multiple working modes, sleek design, and longer battery life add to the cost but also enhance the efficiency of your solar security lights. 

Lights at the lower end of the price spectrum offer fewer features, like a battery life of 6-8 hours, one working mode, and fixed light heads.

Some models come with more than one light unit and cost a little bit more. Features that impart structural integrity like waterproofing and ABS plastic build are also some factors that are seen in models with higher prices.

Efficient and durable lights with a suitable number of features are available at an average price of $150-$200.

solar security light

Types of solar-powered security lights

There are three main types of solar-powered security lights. They differ on the basis of the type of rays detected by motion sensors for turning on the lights. 


Solar lights employing microwave technology have the ability to cover more area than passive infrared lights.

These lights release and spread electromagnetic pulses in their surroundings.

The echo from these high-frequency signals is fed back and analyzed. Even the slightest of changes in the echo is enough to trigger the sensor and switch the lights on. 

Passive Infrared (PIR)

Unlike microwave technology, PIR solar lights analyze the heat signals from their surroundings.

The sensor detects the Infrared waves radiating by an approaching human, animal, or object, which then regulates the turning on of security lights.

Dual Technology

The new and improved designs of solar lights employ both microwave and PIR technology. Such lights use both types of sensors. As a result, false alarms are reduced considerably.

Dual technology solar security lights work only when both the sensors are triggered. However, in the presence of an actual movement, the motion does not go unnoticed because both of the sensors employed are quite sharp.

Limitations of solar-powered motion security lights

Like all other things, solar-powered motion sensor lights also come with their pros and cons.

Accompanying the many useful features and the undeniable convenience of solar-powered security lights are a few limitations as well. Let’s take a look at them. 

Need proper and direct sunlight for charging:

One of the greatest limitations of solar-powered security lights is their dependence on direct sunlight for proper charging. While the presence of sunlight is not an issue itself, a solar panel needs direct and sharp sunlight for optimal charging.

If dim sunlight persists due to cloud cover, shorter daylight hours, or pollution, then it hinders the charging process. As a result, the run time of the light is cut short or the light experiences flickering.

Expensive setup cost

Solar-powered motion security lights are expensive compared to other lights of the same intensity. The initial costs are much higher than other options. However, in the long run, the cost is paid off as you save on your electric bills.


Does bad weather affect the working of solar lights?

Yes, bad weather, especially rain, constant cloud cover, or high humidity, can affect the working of solar lights.

This is because, under such conditions, the solar panel does not receive enough energy to charge properly. Due to lack of a properly charged battery, the lights either run for a shorter time or experience dimming or flickering.

What can help elongate the working life of solar-powered security lights?

There are a few things that can help elongate the life of solar security lights. Firstly, ensure a proper and secure installation.

Make sure that the solar panel is in the path of direct sunlight. Secondly, keep the panels clean and protect them from physical damage.

Keeping them clean would ensure that debris does not block the sunlight while protecting them from physical damage will prevent breakage. You must also use the correct settings as advised by the manufacturer.

What is the average lifespan of solar-powered security lights?

The lifespan depends majorly on the use of light. LEDs have a limited number of running hours after which they exhaust.

Similarly, solar panels only work up to a certain time period. Usually, on average, under normal use, solar-powered security lights may last for 3-4 years. 

Final Verdict: The best solar powered security lights

After considering various features, we believe that the Westinghouse Solar Security Flood Lights is the best solar-powered security light from among our picks.

It provides all the superior features that users need at a very affordable price. Long battery life and multiple working modes ensure dependability, while a strong build and the ability to work for many hours without lowering efficiency speaks for the durability of the product.

Moreover, its features give users the freedom to use it for various purposes. 

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