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Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh Portable Power Station Review

The Bluetti AC200P is one of the most powerful portable power stations sold today and the only one to use iron phosphate batteries - which means the batteries should last twice as long and the power station is safer to use in high-temperature environments.

It packs a 2000Wh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 2000W AC inverter with a 4800W peak capability.

While heavier than some other portable solar generators, at 60 lbs the Bluetti AC200P is still light and compact enough for camping and outdoor activities.

RVs, boats, and small off-grid cabins can also be run fully or partially using the AC200P.

The large capacity and high output of the AC200P also make it an excellent choice for home backup, too.

In addition to being powerful, the Bluetti AC200P is more versatile than most other portable solar power stations we’ve seen.

It provides multiple recharge options (including crazy fast dual charging) and 17 output options.

Despite all its power and features, the Bluetti AC200P is not as expensive as you’d expect.

If you are looking for a good bargain on a powerful portable power station, this is it.

Read on for our full review of the Bluetti AC200P.

If you don't need this much power, check out other top-rated solar generators for camping, boating and RVs in our Camping/RV buying guide, where we review less expensive options. 


bluetti solar generator
  • Plenty of power and capacity.
  • 17 output options.
  • Multiple recharge options.
  • Easy to use touch control panel.
  • Long-lasting LiFePO4 battery.
  • Eco mode to increase battery life


  • High standby power drain.
  • Heavy. 

Unique Features

bluetti solar generator

1. High-Capacity LiFePO4 Battery

Let’s start by talking about theBluetti AC200P’s battery. It’s a lithium battery, similar to those used in most portable power stations today.

 However, it’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), not lithium-ion like in many power stations.

LiFePO4 iron batteries are heavier than lithium-ion because of reduced energy density, but they last longer and are safer.

According to the manufacturer, the LiFePO4 battery in the AC200P lasts more than 3,500 cycles which, when compared to most lithium-ion batteries,is 2500 cycles more considering how a standard lithium-ion battery lasts only 1,000 cycles.

In our opinion, a heavier power station is worth it if it lasts twice as long or longer compared to a lighter lithium-ion power station.

Now let’s talk about the Bluetti AC200P’s capacity. It boasts a capacity of 2000Wh.

That’s one of the highest capacities you are going to get in a power station while also ensuring that it remainsportable and easy to carry.

If you want power, you can get the 6000Wh Goal Zero Yeti 6000X, but you are not going with it anywhere. It weighs 106lbs (compared to Bluetti’s 60.6lbs).

The Bluetti AC200P has the perfect balance between power and portability.    

2. Powerful AC Inverter

To match the battery’s large capacity, the Bluetti AC200P comes with a powerful AC inverter that can output 2000W of continuous power.

That’s enough to power any appliance in your home, including the fridge, TV, coffee maker, blow-dryer, portable AC, heater and others.

The AC200P can handle an overload of up to 2500W for up to two minutes and a surge of up to 4800W.

All that power is available through six AC outlets, the most we’ve seen in any portable power station.

You can plug in multiple appliances and gadgets as long as you don’t exceed a combined draw of 2000W.

A high-power inverter like this one does come with a major downside - it’s inefficient when connected to a small load or on standby.

We’ll talk about that shortly, but here’s our advice to get the most out of the AC inverter.  

Always plug-in high-power appliances, or multiple appliances that together draw close to the 2000W limit. For lower-power appliances, use the DC outlets.

3. Multiple DC & USB Outlets

The Bluetti AC200P has four DC outlets. These are not just useful for charging/powering DC-powered gadgets.

They are also more efficient for powering lower-power appliances like a CPAP or mini-fridge.

They include:

●A 12V/10A socket
●Two 12V/3A barrel outlets
●A 12V/25A RV port that’s handy for powering an entire RV or van. 

For gadgets and devices such as laptops, smartphones and drones, you have 7 options.

These include four USB-A outlets and one USB-C PD outlet. In addition, there are two 15W wireless charging pads on top of the power station for smartphones with wireless charging.

In total, the Bluetti AC200P allows you to plug in 17 appliances and devices simultaneously, making it one of the most versatile solar generators.

4. Multiple (FAST) Recharge Options

The Bluetti AC200P’s versatility extends to the recharging. The power station has all the three traditional options that most solar generators offer, which are: solar, AC, and car charging.

But that’s not all. The Bluetti AC200P also offers additional options within these, most of which are designed to help charge the battery faster.

Let’s start with solar.

Many solar power stations will have a large battery but then limit solar power input, slowing down how quickly you can charge it in the sun, but that’s not the case with the Bluetti AC200P, which allows solar input of up to 700W.

On a good day, you can get the battery to 100% in about 4 hours. The Bluetti AC200P also has a built-in MPPT charge controller to maximize charging speed and efficiency.

Do note , however, that you’ll need to supply your own solar panels.

Using the included 500W AC adapter, you can recharge the AC200P from a regular wall socket in about 5 hours.

Want faster charging? You can combine solar and AC charging for a combined input of 1200W and a charging time of just 2.2-3 hours.

Another option is dual AC charging that delivers an input of 1000W and halves the charging time to 2.5-3 hours. You’ll need to purchase a DC7909 to XT90 cable to set up dual AC charging.

Of course, you can also recharge it from your vehicle’s 12V/24V DC socket when you are on the road. A car charging cable is included.

The manufacturer says you can also recharge the AC200P using an old-fashioned generator (gasoline, propane or diesel), as well as from a lead-acid battery.

So, no matter your situation, you always have a way to recharge the AC200P power station.

5. User-Friendly Control Panel

bluetti ac200

The touch control panel is bright, easy to use, and provides a wealth of information regarding the power station.

You can monitor power input and output, as well as the remaining battery charge. You can also turn AC and DC on/off from the control panel and activate ECO mode.

Eco mode reduces power wastage, ensuring the battery lasts longer. One of the things it does is shut down the inverter if its load stays under 50W for more than four hours.

This reduces standby power loss in case you forget to turn the power station off.

This can cause some issues with low-power appliances like a CPAP or mini-fridge, but we recommend connecting this to the DC outlets.

Issues & Concerns

Power Drain

We mentioned earlier that high-power AC inverters are inefficient when on standby or connected to small loads (low-wattage appliances).

This is a serious issue. Leave the Bluetti AC200P on standby for 24 hours (with AC power turned on), and you’ll find 30% or more of your battery charge gone.

You’ll also see a high drain if you plug in a small appliance to one of the AC outlets. The battery will drop much faster than it should.

Our recommendation is to plug in only high-power appliances (over 800W) to the AC outlets.

For smaller appliances and gadgets like a mini-fridge or CPAP, use the DC outlets. If the appliance doesn't have a DC power cable, get an adapter.

Using DC power also lets you avoid an automatic shutdown when you’ve activated ECO mode.


At 60.6lbs, the Bluetti AC200P hits the upper limit of portability. It’s still light enough that you can carry it by hand (perhaps with some help), from the truck to the camping site.

But we recommend it more for RVs, boats, cabins, and home backup, where you can set it up in one spot and leave it.

Bluetti AC200P Options

If you want to have a complete off-grid or home backup solar power kit right away, Bluetti sells some bundled options that include the power station and foldable solar panels.

Note: To get the fastest possible solar charging time, you need a max input of 700W. A lower wattage solar kit will still do, but it’ll charge the battery in more time.

Also, make sure the open-circuit voltage of your solar panel set up is between 35V and 150V to avoid triggering over or under-voltage protection in the power station. 

How is the Bluetti AC200P Different?

Wondering how different the Bluetti AC200P is from other power stations? Here are the key areas it stands out.

  • The AC200P uses a lithium iron phosphate battery instead of a lithium-ion. It’s safer and more durable.
  • The Bluetti AC200P comes with an extra-powerful AC inverter that can handle high-power appliances with a continuous draw of up to 2000W and a surge draw of up to 4800W.
  • The Bluetti AC200P has one of the best and easiest to use control panels.
  • The Bluetti AC200P has more outlets than any other solar power station we’ve reviewed. 17 in total, including two wireless charging pads.
  • The AC200P provides more charging options than any other solar generator, including super-fast dual AC/Solar or AC/AC, charging. 


The Bluetti AC200P has a 24-month warranty. From customer reviews, the manufacturer does honor their warranty and has excellent customer service.




AC output:

2000W continuous, 2500 overload (2mins), 4800W surge


6 AC, 4 DC, 5 USB, 2 wireless charging

Recharging options:

Solar, car, AC outlet, generator, lead-acid battery




Lithium iron phosphate


16.5*11*15.2 inches


2 years

Where to Buy the Bluetti AC200P Power Station

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