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bluetti eb240

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator – Full Review & Top 3 Alternatives

Shopping for a high capacity and affordable solar generator that can power appliances?

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the Bluetti EB240, one of the first power stations Bluetti launched back in 2019 along with the smaller Bluetti EB150. 

The EB240 packs a massive 2400Wh lithium polymer battery and a 1000W inverter that can power most small and medium size appliances. 

It’s a good choice for car campers, RVs, vans, home backup and anyone looking for a high-capacity portable power station. 

That said, we don't think it’s always the best choice. Read on to see what issues and concerns we have with the EB240 and the top three alternatives that we recommend. 

If the Bluetti EB240 is not what you are looking for, see other highly rated solar generators in our reviews of the best portable solar generators and the best solar generators for camping, RVs, and boating

Bluetti EB240: Pros & Cons 


  • Large capacity - you can power electronics and appliances for longer
  • Multiple outlets
  • High solar input - allows fast charging with solar panels
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Limited AC power output
  • A bit heavy
  • No car charging option
  • Slow AC charging

What Can The Bluetti EB240 Power?

Laptop (60Wh)

34 recharges

Smartphone (10Wh/2600mAh)

204 recharges

Fridge (800W)


CPAP (60W)


Mini fridge (40W)


TV (100W)


Drone (40Wh)

34 recharges

Drill (800W)


Mobility scooter battery (460Wh/36Ah)

4-5 recharges

Best Features

bluetti eb240

Massive 2.4kWh Battery 

The best feature of the Bluetti EB240 is its huge storage capacity. The 2400Wh battery is one of the biggest you’ll find in power stations of this size. 

You can power your appliances and electronics for longer. The larger battery also lets you power multiple electronics without draining the battery too quickly. 

The massive capacity is particularly useful in situations where you’ll not be able to access utility power for an extended time such as when you go camping for several days, when on the road in your RV or van, or when you are overlanding.  

It’s also handy for home backup. 

The EB240 uses a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery. It’s not as long lasting as LiFePO4 and NMC Li-ion batteries, but it’s a lot better than a lead-acid battery. 

Bluetti estimates a lifespan of 2500 cycles. Depending on how often you charge and discharge the battery, the EB240 solar generator will last 3-5 years.  

1000W Inverter 

To run appliances, the EB240 comes with a pure sine wave inverter that has a continuous output of 1000W and a surge output of 1200W. 

That’s enough power to run most small and medium size appliances like a mini fridge, fan, personal blender, a small drip coffee maker, and a TV. 

Multiple Outlets

bluetti eb240

The Bluetti EB240 has a couple of 110V AC outlets where you can plug in appliances. 

It can also run DC-powered electronics like lights, a car compressor or an air mattress pump via the 12V car port. 

You can also recharge your phone and other devices using five USB outlets on the EB240. These include four regular 5V USB-A ports (no quick charge port, unfortunately) and one 45W USB-C PD port.  

Two Ways To Charge 

If you have access to an outlet, use the included 200W adapter to charge the Bluetti EB240. It’ll recharge the battery in a slow 12.5 hours. 

You can also use free energy from the sun to keep your solar generator charged. The EB240 accepts up to 500W of power, which lets you charge it in less than a day. 

A single 200W solar panel can charge the EB240 in about 9 hours. Get two of them to charge it in 4-5 hours. 

Issues & Concerns 

bluetti eb240

We have quite a number of issues with the Bluetti EB240. Overall, we think there are better solar generators than this one. Even Bluetti has newer and better models. 

It’s Underpowered 

Our biggest issue with the Bluetti EB240 is the inverter output. For a solar generator with such a huge battery, 1000W of output is on the lower side. 

You cannot power larger appliances like a heater, a coffee maker, or a large microwave. It also limits you from powering multiple appliances at the same time since you’d exceed the 1000W load limit. 

A 2000W inverter would have been more ideal. 

We also think the 1200W surge output is too low. Most solar generators have a surge output that’s double the continuous output. 

With the EB240, you have to be careful about appliances with a high startup power such as refrigerators. The inverter may not be able to handle the surge power consumption.  

No Car Charging 

Another big limitation of the Bluetti EB240 is that you cannot charge it from your vehicle’s 12V port. 

All solar generators we have reviewed have a car charging option that is really handy when you are on the road. 

Slow AC Charging 

Despite the EB240 having a larger battery than the Bluetti EB150, both solar generators come with the same 200W AC charger. 

That’s why it takes 12.5 hours to charge the EB240 from a wall outlet. Charging with solar is faster. It’s usually the opposite with most solar generators. 


If you plan to travel a lot with the Bluetti EB240, portability might be an issue. It weighs 48.5lbs, mostly because of the bigger battery. 

It does have a rigid handle, but you may still need help lifting and carrying it. 

Alternatives To The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator

The Bluetti EB240 is a good power station, especially when it comes to capacity. But it’s a bit dated. 

There are many newer solar generators today that have more power, are lighter, charge faster and have more outlets than the EB240, including from Bluetti. 

Here are the three top alternatives to the Bluetti EB240 solar generator. 

Bluetti AC200P or AC200MAX

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If you want to stick with Bluetti, we recommend either the AC200P or the AC200MAX solar generator. The MAX model has a few extra features and can be expanded with additional battery packs. 

Both the AC200P and AC200MAX offer a better balance between capacity and output. They have a 2000Wh capacity and an output of 2000W and 2200W respectively. 

Instead of a LiPo battery, the newer Bluetti solar generators use longer lasting lithium-phosphate batteries. 

They also feature more outlets, including two wireless charging pads and an RV port. 

AC charging is way faster on the AC200P and AC200MAX. And unlike the EB240 and EB150 models, you can combine AC and solar to charge your solar generator even faster. 

The AC200P and AC200MAX are slightly pricier, but they offer better value for your money. 

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X

Bluetti AC200P & AC200MAX

If you love the large battery in the EB240 but you are not a fan of the low power output, the Goal Zero Yeti 3000X is a good alternative. 

It comes with an even bigger 2982Wh Li-ion battery paired with a 2000W output inverter. You can power large appliances or run multiple appliances. 

The Yeti 3000X also charges very slowly via AC (14hrs), but at least, Goal Zero offers an upgraded 600W charger that reduces that to 6hrs. 

The Yeti 3000X is expandable so you can add more capacity for home backup or to power your RV.  

The main downside with the 3000X - and other Goal Zero solar generators - is the price. Their power stations are well made and reliable, but cost significantly more than similar sized solar generators.

Jackery Explorer 1500

bluetti eb240

If portability is your main concern, we recommend the Jackery Explorer 1500

It has a more capable inverter (1800W) and a smaller 1534Wh Li-ion NMC battery. This cuts down the weight of the Explorer 1500 to 35.2lbs. 

It’s not the lightest solar generator, but it’s much easier to handle and transport over short distances. 

The Explorer 1500 has a quick charge USB port and a more powerful 60W USB-C PD port in addition to other outlets. 

It charges faster (6 hours) than the EB240 from a wall outlet. You can also charge it with solar or from your vehicle. 

Care and Maintenance 

Solar generators are generally maintenance-free. Just be careful not to bang around the EB240 too much or expose it to the elements or extreme temperatures.

Here are some basic maintenance tips. 

  • Check the recommended storage, discharging and charging temperature ranges in the user manual. Generally, you want to maintain the solar generator in cool temperatures to protect its performance and longevity.
  • When you store the Bluetti EB240 for an extended period, charge it at least once every three months. Lithium batteries self-discharge over time and should not be allowed to completely discharge.
  • To get the best lifespan from the solar generator, charge it only once a day. The more you discharge and charge the battery, the shorter its lifespan will be.
  • Only use the included AC charger to charge the solar generator. Don’t risk using a third party charger as it can damage the solar generator.
  • To increase battery life, turn off AC power if you are not powering anything with the AC outlets. This prevents idle power losses from the inverter.
  • Be careful not to exceed the EB240’s 1000W load limit. The solar generator will automatically shut down if you exceed this limit, but constantly overloading the inverter can damage it. If the 1000W output is not enough for your needs, pick one of the three recommended alternatives.
  • Do not expose the solar generator to the elements. It is not waterproof or water resistant. 


Bluetti offers a 24-month warranty on the EB240 solar generator.





19.4 x 6.5 x 14.4 in



AC output:

1000W continuous, 1200W surge pure sine wave inverter


2xAC, 4xUSB-A, 1xUSB-C PD, 1x12V DC

Max solar input:


Charging time:

12.5hrs with AC adapter, 9hrs with 200W solar

Battery chemistry:

Lithium polymer

Battery lifespan: 

 500 cycles to 80%, 2500 cycles total

Operating temperature:


Where To Buy?

The Bluetti EB240 is a good pick if you are looking for a pocket-friendly solar generator with high capacity

You can order it from Bluetti’s official website or get it from Amazon

Our top three alternatives from Bluetti, Goal Zero and Jackery are also available on Amazon or each company’s official website. 

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