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ChargeTech 54Ah

ChargeTech 54Ah 250W Power Bank Review

If you are looking for a small high-capacity power bank, the ChargeTech PLUG 54,000 mAh battery pack is perfect.

It’s ideal for charging or powering small devices such as laptops, smartphones, CPAP machines, and lights.

You can use it at home, when camping, on road trips or in the office.

Depending on what works best for you, you can recharge it using the AC adaptor included or a solar panel (not included).

Outlets include 3 USB outlets (including 1 USB type C outlet) and 2 110V AC outlets.

ChargeTech 54Ah

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:


Power Output:

 USB (3 ports), AC (2 outlets)



Best Features of the ChargeTech PLUG 54Ah Power Bank

High Capacity Batteries

The battery bank consists of 16 high-capacity Panasonic batteries. Combined, they have a charge capacity of 54,000 mAh (54Ah).

This is high for a power bank, making the PLUG perfect if you need to keep your devices on for hours.

It can power a light or two for several nights, recharge your smartphone more than 30 times and your laptop five times over. You can also use it to power other small devices and appliances such as a keyboard, camera, drones or CPAP machine; basically, any device that doesn’t draw beyond 250 watts.

The high capacity is handy in a lot of situations. You can comfortably work on your laptop in remote locations away from a power outlet, power your portable wireless music speaker while at the beach or keep your smartphone charged when outdoors.

2 Charging Options

ChargeTech 54Ah

You can charge the PLUG in one of two ways; using a wall outlet (the adaptor is included) or via a solar panel (not included).

Use the wall outlet to charge it quickly when at home or before going for a short trip.

If you are traveling for longer or going camping, I recommend getting a portable solar panel. There are plenty of affordable ones around.

You can also buy their Battery Car Charger to charge the power bank in your car.

The PLUG has pass-through charging technology. When you plug it into a wall outlet, car socket or solar panel, the power bank can charge itself while also charging plugged in devices.

Another charging feature I like is the power reserve switch. When switched on it diverts power from the AC outlets to the USB ports. This ensures that power is reserved for only the most crucial devices. It’s great when the power bank is starting to run low on juice.

5 Outlets

There are five ways you can charge your devices.

There are two 110V outlets; the same standard ones as your home wall outlets. These are great for larger appliances such as a TV or a CPAP machine.

There are also two fast-charging USB ports and 1 USB type C port.

These ports are compatible with a wide range of devices including MacBooks, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, Toshiba and HP laptops, PS4, Xbox and many others.

The multiple AC and USB ports are great if you want to charge several devices at once.

Ultra-Compact and Light But Durable

Despite its high capacity, the ChargeTech PLUG weighs just 4.8lbs. It doesn’t add much weight to your travel bag.

It’s also very compact measuring just 10.2” long, 8.1” wide and 2.9” high.

It’s perfect if you are going hiking or camping.

Thanks to the hardy exterior case, the power bank can withstand most rough conditions. But it is not waterproof or water resistant. So keep it out of the rain and snow.

Limitations of The ChargeTech PLUG 54Ah Power Bank

Long Charging Time

The ChargeTech PLUG can power your devices for hours and sometimes days. The downside of having such a high-capacity power bank is that it takes longer to fill up.

When charging from a wall outlet, it takes around 7-8 hours to fill up the power bank. It’s best if you leave it charging overnight.

It takes even longer if you use a solar panel.

Slow-charging USB-C Port

If you are hoping to take advantage of the USB type C outlet you’ll be disappointed. Users say that it charges very slowly. Use the other two ports instead.

If your phone uses a type C USB port for charging get a converter cable which you can then plug into the two standard outlets.


If you are looking for a solar generator that will power your mini fridge, coffee maker or large desktop computer – the PLUG is not it.

It’s designed only for smaller devices – mostly smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and lamps.

It’s more powerful and versatile than your usual power bank, though, which makes it great for long road trips and outdoor adventures. It’s also perfect as a home or office power backup for small devices.

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