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how much does a titan cost

How Much Does the Titan Solar Generator Cost

The Titan solar generator by Point Zero Energy is one of the best picks for home backup and off-grid power. Its highly customizable design allows homeowners to build a setup that meets their specific power needs. 

In this post, we discuss the cost of the Titan solar generator as well as the Titan solar generator kits. I also compare how much the Titan costs compared to similar size solar generators.

What’s The Titan Solar Generator? 

If you’ve not read it, I recommend going through our in-depth Titan solar generator review first. But if you don't have the time, here’s a quick overview.

The Titan Solar generator is made by an American company called Point Zero Energy. It’s designed mostly to provide backup power at home or off-grid power in cabins, RVs and other off-grid locations. 

The base Titan solar generator consists of a 2000Wh li-ion battery and a 3000W inverter. So it can power pretty much any household appliance. 

The solar generator is expandable - you can stack additional 2kWh li-ion battery packs on it to add capacity. 

You can also order solar rigid, flexible or portable briefcase solar panels to recharge the solar generator. 

Another option is to choose one of the pre-configured Titan solar generator kits. These include everything you need to set up a home backup or off-grid solar power system. 

How Much Does The Titan Solar Generator Cost?

how much does a titan cost

Currently, you can order the Titan solar generator on the official Point Zero Energy website for $3,395. 

That’s just the base model without any add-ons. You get the solar generator, a couple of solar charging cables and a 14A AC charger. 

When you choose a faster-charging 25A charger and add a car charger and USB adapters, the total price jumps to over $3,500. 

You can also add an extra battery to your order. A single 2kWh battery adds $1,395 to the price tag. Say you want a total capacity of 6kWh (6000Wh). The total price will be more than $6,000. 

The Titan solar generator is one of the most expensive solar generators in the market. If you are on a budget, I’ll recommend cheaper alternatives shortly. 

How Much Do Titan Solar Generator Kits Cost?

how much does a titan cost

The Titan solar generator kits are even more expensive since they include additional components. 

The cheapest kit is the Titan 500 rigid kit that goes for $4,195. It includes the base Titan solar generator and five 100W solar panels. 

The most expensive kit is the Titan 4000 rigid kit with 6kWh of capacity and twenty 200W rigid solar panels. It costs $12,859. 

In between there are plenty of other options with varying capacity and number of solar panels. You can choose a kit with rigid, flexible or briefcase solar panels. 

Is The Titan Solar Generator Worth It?

While you can find cheaper options, I think the Titan solar generator is worth it if you don't mind the higher price tag. 

It’s incredibly well built, reliable and highly customizable. 

Here are a few things I like about it. 

  • The powerful 3000W inverter lets you power a few circuits or multiple appliances in your home.
  • It has six AC outlets. So if you don't want to wire it to your home, you can still run multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Expanding the Titan solar generator is super easy. There’s no wiring needed; you simply stack extra batteries on top and adjust the settings in the display to reflect the total capacity.
  • Dual MPPT charge controllers let you charge the solar generator quickly with the sun. You can put in up to 1000W of solar power if you have one battery or up to 2000W if you have two or more batteries. 

If you are shopping for a durable, reliable, and customizable solar generator for home backup or off-grid power, the Titan solar generator is worth it. 

Titan vs. Inergy Flex 

how much does a titan cost

Inergy Flex is another modular solar generator that you can expand and customize to your needs. The base Inergy Flex solar generator costs $1,450, half the price of the Titan

But the Inergy Flex power station has a smaller capacity of 1000Wh and a lower output of 1500W. Essentially, you are getting a smaller solar generator, so it makes sense that it’s cheaper. 

You can add up to 96 batteries to the Inergy Flex, though you are still limited by the 1500W power output. 

One of the advantages of the Inergy Flex over the Titan is that it comes ready with multiple outlets. You don't need to pay extra to get USB ports. 

It has 6 AC outlets, two 60W USB-C PD ports, two USB-A ports, and four DC outlets. 

Titan Solar Generator vs. Renogy Lycan 5000 Power Box 

how much does a titan cost

The Renogy Lycan 5000 is a rugged solar generator also designed for home backup power or off-grid power. 

Currently, the Lycan 5000 costs about $4,500, about a thousand bucks more expensive than the Titan solar generator. 

But it’s bigger and more powerful.  

The Lycan 5000 has a capacity of 4.8kWh which you can expand to 19.2kWh with additional batteries. By the way, the Lycan 5000 uses longer lasting LiFePO4 batteries (lithium iron phosphate) instead of li-ion batteries. 

The Lycan’s power output is also higher at 3500W. You can power more appliances and electronics in your home. 

The Lycan 5000 has faster charging. It accepts up to 4400W of solar power, and you can combine AC and solar to achieve an input of up to 6800W. This is especially handy when you add extra batteries. 

While it’s pricier, I think the Renogy Lycan 5000 has better value compared to the Titan solar generator. 

Where the Titan wins is expandability. As far as I can tell (from their website & user manual), there’s no limit to how much you can expand the solar generator. You can add as many batteries as you need unlike the Lycan 5000 that limits you to a max capacity of 19.2kWh.   

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