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ecoflow delta

ECOFLOW Delta 1260Wh Portable Power Station Review

The ECOFLOW Delta 1260Wh portable power station is a great choice for campers, boaters, and RV owners looking for a powerful and high-capacity yet portable electric power station.

The 1800W AC output will power almost any ordinary home appliance.

The large battery capacity also makes the Delta a home backup/standby power station to keep your gadgets, lighting, and essential appliances running.

Pair it with a solar panel kit and your family can easily survive a long blackout without losing connection to the outside world. 

The most impressive feature of the Delta power station, though, is its insanely fast charge time. It recharges to 80% in just one hour on a standard 110V outlet.

So if you need a power station that you can quickly charge before a storm, this is the one to get.

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ecoflow delta
  • Large capacity. 
  • Can power large appliances. 
  • Fast charging. 
  • Versatile output options. 
  • Compact and lightweight. 


  • Short battery lifespan (60% at 800 cycles). 
  • Battery drains when idle.
  • Limited DC outlets.

Unique Features

1. Large Capacity, But Portable

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts often have to compromise when it comes to choosing the right portable power station.

Either focus on portability at the expense of power and capacity, or get a powerful power station that’s less portable.

With the ECOFLOW Delta power station, you don't have to compromise. You get both portability and capacity.

The EF Delta weighs 30.9lbs, which is light enough to carry over short distances. Its compact size also takes up minimal space in your truck, trailer or RV.

The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is an impressive 1260Wh, enough for several days of camping.

If you have a solar panel kit, you could camp for as long as you want and power various appliances in your RV.

2. Powerful AC Inverter

The pure sine wave AC inverter can produce 1800W of continuous power. That’s more than most similar-capacity power stations can manage.

The high output lets you plug in almost any appliance, including heaters, your kitchen fridge, a hairdryer, a TV, and even power tools.

For appliances with a draw between 1800W and 2000W, this ECOFLOW can power them for three minutes.

And for things like power tools with a high initial power draw, the ECOFLOW Delta can handle a surge of up to 3300W.

That said, the powerful inverter comes with some downsides, which we discuss further below.

3. Multiple Output Ports

The ECOFLOW Delta power station gives you many options for powering devices and appliances.

For AC power, there are six 110V outlets.

For your devices and gadgets, there are also six outlets. These include four USB-A ports (two of them with 28W fast charge) and two 60W USB-C ports.

Where the ECOFLOW Delta is limited is DC power, and that’s a significant limitation that we further discuss later in this guide.

Unlike most portable power stations that offer at least three DC ports, the Delta has just one 13.6V/8A carport.

4. Fast Charge

ecoflow delta generator

Where the EF ECOFLOW power station really stands out is charging speed. It’s the fastest charging power station we’ve come across so far.

And the best part is that you don't need a special AC adapter, just the charging cable the power station comes with.

The cable delivers up to 1200W of power to the battery, allowing it to go from 0 to 80% in a quick 1 hour. It fills up the rest in another hour.

This is handy for those last-minute camping trips. You can plug in the power station as you get ready, and it’ll be good to go in an hour or so.

You can top up the rest in the vehicle using the included car charger. If you are charging it in your car from 0%, it’ll take 10-12 hours to fill up.

When you are outdoors, take advantage of free sunshine to recharge the battery.

A solar charging cable is already included (MC4 to XT60), but you’ll need to buy your own solar panels. Max solar input is 400W, which fills up the battery in about 4 hours on a sunny day.

Note that you do not need to buy a solar charge controller. There’s already a built-in MPPT charge controller.

5. Easy to Use Display

The brightly lit LCD shows all the info you need, including charge & discharge rate, battery levels, and ambient temperature.

Issues & Concerns

Battery Draining AC Inverter

A powerful inverter is great for powering appliances, but it has two big downsides.

One, it’s inefficient when the power load is low (when you’ve plugged in a low-power appliance). Let’s say you plug in a 50W mini-fridge, far below the 1800W the inverter is capable of.

You are going to see a faster battery drop than you expect. It has led some customers to believe the capacity of the EF ECOFLOW is lower than the stated 1260Wh.

The capacity is accurate. The problem is plugging in low-wattage appliances. It makes the inverter inefficient and causes power wastage. 

Our advice is to plug in only high-power appliances like power tools, or a heater. Alternatively, plug in multiple small appliances and devices that draw at least 1000W combined.

Another option is to use DC power instead. It bypasses the AC inverter, and reduces power loss. The problem is that the EF ECOFLOW has just one DC port.

So, you can’t power your CPAP at night while still keeping your mini-fridge connected. And if you have 12V camping lighting, you have to choose what to plug into the single DC port.

Short Lifespan

Lithium-ion batteries are light, because they can pack lots of power into a smaller space.

On the downside, they don't last as long as other types of lithium batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate.

The ECOFLOW's battery is will degrade to 60% after just 800 cycles. This can be an issue if you are looking for a power station for everyday use.

A longer-lasting alternative for daily use is the Bluetti AC200P. It has a lithium iron phosphate battery that lasts for more than 3,500 cycles.

How Does The ECOFLOW Delta Power Station Stand Out?

ecoflow delta / portable backup power
  • It’s one of the few power stations that is powerful enough to power a large appliance yet light enough to go camping with. 
  • It has more AC outlets than most power stations, allowing you to power several appliances at once.
  • It has super-fast charging, taking just one hour to reach 80% when connected to a wall outlet. 

Care and Maintenance

The ECOFLOW Delta is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Do not use it in an environment hotter than 113F or colder than -4F.

But even at the right temperature, the power station can quickly heat up if you draw lots of power.

If the internal temperature goes above 113F, it’ll automatically switch off all inputs and outputs and turn on the fan.

It’ll turn back on automatically after the temperature goes down.

To get the max lifespan out of the battery, keep it plugged in if you don't plan to use it for a long time. Alternatively, take it out of storage and charge it every three months.

Note that the ECOFLOW Delta power station is not waterproof or even water-resistant. Do not expose it to rain or snow.


The ECOFLOW Delta portable power station comes with a 24-month warranty.




AC Output:

1800W continuous, 3300W surge


6 AC, 6 USB, 1 DC


AC, Solar, Vehicle

Max solar input:


Charge time:

2hrs AC, 4hrs solar, 10-12hrs vehicle

Battery type:


Battery lifespan:

800 cycles to 60%




15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches



Where to Buy the ECOFLOW Delta 1260Wh Power Station

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