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ego nexus power station

Ego Nexus Power Station Review

The EGO Power+ Nexus power station is a solar generator designed for outdoor and indoor use. It works with swappable 56V Ego batteries that are also used in Ego power tools including lawn mowers and leaf blowers. 

While the Nexus power station has enough power to run most household appliances, it’s limited in almost every other area including capacity, charging performance and output options. 

It is a great choice if you already own a bunch of Ego power tools and want a power station to keep the batteries charged. But for home backup, camping, emergencies and other uses, there are plenty of better alternatives. 

Read our full review below to see why we don't recommend the Ego Nexus power station for most people. We also provide the top three alternatives. 

Ego Nexus Power Station Pros & Cons


  • High power output - can power most appliances.
  • Rugged and weather-resistant — suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Swappable batteries.


  • Limited capacity.
  • Slow solar charging, which requires buying a special solar charger.
  • Slow AC charging.
  • Pricey for what it offers.

Best Features 

ego nexus power station

Swappable Batteries

Modular solar generators are nothing new. More and more brands are creating solar generators with removable batteries. But these are usually large solar generators with equally big batteries. 

The Ego Nexus is unique in that it uses small 56V, 5Ah batteries. These are the same batteries that run their battery-powered power tools. 

Each battery has a 280Wh capacity, so the combined capacity from all four is 1120Wh. 

You can insert all the four batteries into the Nexus at the same time. You can also buy spare batteries (options range from 5Ah to 12Ah) and swap them to keep the power station running for as long as you need. 

This does seem convenient, but in reality it’s not very practical. The main reason is that the Ego Nexus recharges the batteries very slowly. 

So making sure you always have fully charged spares on hand can be difficult, especially if you use the power station a lot. There’s simply no time to charge all the batteries.

What Can The Ego Nexus Power Station Power?

Here’s how long you can expect the Nexus power station to last when powering various appliances and electronics. Note that this is assuming you plug in only that item. 

Fridge (150W)


TV (100W)


Microwave (900W)


Power tool (1000W)

54 minutes

Laptop (60W)


Smartphone (3,000 mAh)

85 recharges

2000W Power Output 

The Ego Nexus power station has a continuous power output of 2000W. Peak output is 3000W, which is lower than we expected but adequate for most appliances and power tools (solar generators typically have peak output that’s double the continuous output). 

The Ego Nexus can comfortably power most of the appliances in your home including the TV, refrigerator and microwave. 

AC & USB Outlets

ego nexus power station

The Ego Nexus power station comes with three 120V AC outlets with which you can power appliances and electronics. 

It also has four USB outlets to recharge your phone and other devices. They are regular USB-A outlets. There are no USB-C ports or Quick Charge USB-A ports. 

The Ego Nexus also lacks any DC outputs.

Rugged Design  

The Ego Nexus solar generator looks tough and rugged. But it’s not just the looks; it is actually rugged. 

It has a weather resistant design and the manufacturer says you can use it indoors or outdoors. They don't specify the exact IP rating or whether it is waterproof, so we wouldn’t go as far as leaving it out in the rain. 

Issues & Limitations 

Limited Capacity 

Most 2000W solar generators have a matching capacity of around 2000Wh. The Ego Nexus 1120W capacity is about half its output. 

So while the Nexus power station can power large appliances, it does so for a short time. If you want to run things like a heater, coffee maker, or power tools, we don't recommend Ego Nexus. 

Poor Charging Performance 

Solar generators have come a long way in terms of charging performance. They used to take several hours or even days to recharge via AC or solar. 

Now, solar generators from Bluetti, EcoFlow and other brands charge in 1-4 hours. 

The Ego Nexus is still far behind when it comes to recharging. The included AC charger puts in 170W max and takes over 12 hours to recharge all four batteries. 

Solar charging is also a big pain. For one, the Ego Nexus doesn't come with a solar charger and you can’t use a standard MC4 solar charging cable. 

You have to buy a special solar charging adapter to charge the Nexus with solar. The adapter accepts only up to 180W of power and the 12-22V input range is very limited. 

A 12V 100W solar panel will take 2-3 days to fully recharge the Ego Nexus. 

Another charging issue with the Ego Nexus is the lack of car charging. If you want a solar generator you can use in your truck, car or RV, this is not it. 

Not A Good Value For Money 

Overally, we don't think the Ego Nexus solar generator is good value for money. It’s too expensive for what it offers (or doesn't offer). 

There are plenty of solar generators that cost about the same that offer more capacity, faster charging, more power outlets and better features. Two great examples are the EcoFlow Delta Max and the Bluetti AC200P.  

Top 3 Alternatives To The Ego Nexus Power Station 

EcoFlow Delta Max - Better Value 

Best Home Backup & Standby Solar Generators

If you want to get the best deal on a 2000W solar generator, we recommend the EcoFlow Delta Max. It costs about the same as the Ego Nexus, but trumps it on almost every metric. 

Starting with capacity, the Delta Max comes with a 2016Wh built-in lithium-ion battery. That’s almost twice the capacity of the Nexus. And it is expandable to 6kWh.

As for power output, the Delta Max delivers 2400W of power (which you can boost to 3400W), again beating the 2000W from the Nexus power station. 

The Delta Max has plenty more outlets including six AC outlets, three DC outlets and six USB outlets (USB-A, QC USB-A and 100W USB-C). 

It also recharges a lot faster: 1.8 hours from a wall outlet, 3.5 hours from max 800W solar and 21 hours from a car 12V outlet. 

Bluetti AC200MAX - Best For Home Backup 

30 amp solar generator

If you were thinking of getting the Ego Nexus for home backup and emergencies, the Bluetti AC200MAX is a better choice. 

It has a larger capacity - 2048Wh - meaning you can power electronics and appliances for longer. You can also power large appliances without quickly draining the battery. 

Even better, the AC200MAX is expandable to 8kWh. So you can build enough capacity to power essential appliances through an extended blackout. 

The AC200MAX has an output of 2200W, so you can power multiple appliances without a problem. It has 16 outlets that include AC, DC, and USB (USB-A & 100W USB-C) outputs. 

There’s even two 15W wireless charging pads for your QI devices and high power 30A AC & DC outlets for connecting the AC200MAX to your home grid or hooking it up to your RV.

The Bluetti AC200MAX charges in just 2.7 hours from 900W of solar power, 4.5 hours from a wall outlet, 2.5 hours from two AC outlets at the same time, and 2 hours from solar and a wall outlet at the same time. 

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro - Best For Camping 

bougerv solar generator

While the Ego Nexus is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, we don't recommend it for camping. 

It’s too heavy (37.4lbs), charges too slowly, and doesn't offer any DC output. The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro is a better alternative for camping and outdoor adventures. 

It weighs 25.4lbs, so portability is not a problem. 

With an output of 1000W, the Explorer 1000 Pro can power most camping appliances such as a mini fridge, fan, compressor, portable projector, a personal coffee maker, a mini electric cooker and so on. 

The 1002Wh capacity is about the same as what the Ego Nexus offers. But the Jackery Explorer battery recharges a lot faster.

It takes just 1.8 hours to recharge from 800W solar (solar charging cable is already included), 1.8 hours from a wall outlet and 4.3 hours from a car outlet. 

The Explorer 1000 Pro offers lots of output options including three AC outlets, a 12V/10A car port, two 18W USB-A ports and two 100W USB-C ports. 

Care and Maintenance

The Ego Nexus power station doesn't need much when it comes to maintenance. Just make sure you use it in a safe location away from the elements and within the recommended temperature range (5°F - 104°F). 

When you store it, keep it in a cool, dry and well ventilated area and make sure temperatures always stay within -4°F to 158°F. 

Because the power station self-discharges over time, it is important to recharge the batteries once every month to keep them in good condition.  

As for cleaning, a quick wipe with a dry (or barely moist) cloth is enough. Make sure the solar generator is not connected to any inputs or outputs. You should also take out the batteries just to be safe. 

Do not use any solvents to clean the power station as they can damage the plastic casing. 

Ego Nexus Warranty 

Ego offers a 5-year warranty on their portable power products including power stations. That’s longer than the standard 1-2 year warranty offered by most brands. 

The removable batteries have a separate warranty of 3 years. 





18.3 x 13.3 x 14.5 in





AC output:

2000W continuous, 3000W surge pure sine wave inverter


3xAC, 4xUSB-A

Max solar input:


Battery chemistry:


Battery lifespan:

800 cycles to 80%

Where To Buy

Our recommendation is to avoid the Ego Nexus power station unless you already have Ego power tools and want to keep all your Ego batteries charged. The Ego Nexus is compatible with all Ego 56V batteries. 

In that case, you can order the Ego Nexus power station on Amazon or Ego’s official website

Otherwise, there are other far better power stations you can get for the same price.

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