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energizer solar generator

Energizer PPS2000 Portable Solar Generator Review: 4800W Peak Performance

The Energizer PPS2000 is a powerful and versatile solar generator that’s great for use at home and away. 

With a capacity of 2150Wh and a 2100W output, it can keep essential appliances running and devices charged in a blackout. You can also take it with you on the road in your RV, boat, truck, trailer or campervan. 

A long lasting LiFePO4 battery ensures you’ll be using the Energizer PPS2000 for years to come.

Read on for my in-depth Energizer PPS2000 review, including its best features, where it falls short, and how it compares to other solar generators like the Bluetti AC200P and MAX, the Jackery 2000 Pro and the EcoFlow Delta Max.

Energizer PPS2000 Pros & Cons


  • Can power most household appliances.
  • Large capacity.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Versatile outlets.
  • Good charging performance. 


  • Heavy.
  • Pricier than most similar sized solar generators.
  • No remote monitoring.

Best Features 

1. Long Lasting 2150Wh LiFePO4 Battery 

energizer solar generator

The Energizer PPS2000 is a midsize solar generator with a capacity of 2150Wh. That’s big enough to power appliances at home, but not too big that you can’t use it when camping or in your RV. 

This is one of the main reasons the PPS2000 power station is so versatile.  

With this capacity, the Energizer PPS2000 can power small and medium size appliances for hours, while also recharging devices, and running smaller electronics like lights and fans. 

In addition to the large capacity, another thing we love about the Energizer PPS2000 is the kind of battery it uses. 

Instead of a regular lithium ion battery, it has a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. LiFePO4 batteries can last 2000-3500 before they permanently lose 20% of their capacity. Overall lifespan is usually 10 years.  

In contrast, li-ion batteries last 3-5 years with regular use. 

What Can The Energizer PPS2000 Power?

energizer solar generator

Here are some of the appliances and devices that you can plug into the Energizer PPS2000, with the approximate run time/recharges for each. 

Note: These calculations are based on the expectation that only 85% of the stated capacity is usable. Depending on your particular circumstances (e.g. temperature, power draw, whether you are drawing AC or DC power), usable capacity may be lower.  


Approx Runtime/Recharges

Refrigerator (150W)


Mini fridge (60W)


Laptop (60Wh)

30 recharges

CPAP (40W)


Microwave (1000W)


Smartphone (12Wh)

152 recharges

TV (100W)


The Energizer PPS2000 can certainly power a lot bigger appliances than the ones I’ve listed above such as a space heater, portable ACs and even a 2000W electric grill. 

But these high-consumption appliances will quickly drain the battery. A 1500W space heater will only run for 1.2 hours, which is probably not that helpful. 

I recommend using the Energizer PPS2000 mostly for small and medium size appliances. You can also use it for larger appliances, but only those that run for just a few minutes like a microwave, coffee maker, or blender. 

If you want to power a heater or an induction cooktop, I recommend getting a higher capacity solar generator (at least 4,000-5,000Wh) or get a solar generator with expandable capacity like the Bluetti AC200MAX.  

2. 2100W Output To Power Most Appliances

The Energizer PPS2000 comes with a pure sine wave inverter with a continuous output of 2100W and a peak output of 4800W. 

It can run just about any 110-120V appliance in your home. The high peak output ensures it can handle things like refrigerators and power tools that have a high startup wattage. 

3. Versatile Outlets For Any Appliance or Device

energizer solar generator

The Energizer PPS2000 has 17 outlets in total. You can easily run multiple appliances at the same time and plug in different kinds of devices and electronics. 

AC power is delivered via six 110V outlets with a combined output of 2100W. 

If you have 12V electronics like a car fridge, CPAP or portable fan, there’s a 12V/10A car outlet. And for smaller 12V electronics like routers, you can use the two DC5521 outlets. 

There’s also a powerful 12V/30A Aviation output port. 30A outlets are typically used to power RVs and camper trailers. So you can run your RV’s DC circuit from the Energizer PPS2000. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a 30A AC outlet to run AC appliances in your RV. See my reviews of the best 30A solar generators to find others that have a 120V/30A port. 

The Energizer PPS2000 also includes a range of output options for smartphones and other devices. 

There are two regular USB-A ports, two fast charging QC 3.0 USB-A ports and one 100W USB-C PD port that can power things like laptops. 

You also get two 15W wireless charging pads for any QI-enabled devices.   

4. Multiple Fast Charging Options 

energizer solar generator

The Energizer PPS2000 is not the fastest charging solar generator in the market (EcoFlow solar generators are unmatched), but it has a pretty good charging performance. 

AC input when charging from a wall outlet is 500W, which takes about 4.5 hours to recharge the battery. 

Solar input is higher at 900W, so you can charge the Energizer PPS2000 faster using solar panels. A 900W array will recharge it in about 2.7 hours on a sunny day. 

The Energizer PPS2000 has dual solar + AC charging. A combined input of 1400W brings down charging time to 2 hours. 

You can also charge the Energizer PPS2000 from your vehicle’s 12V/24V outlet, but that takes hours. Use it to top up the solar generator when you are on the road. 

Other Things We Like About the Energizer PPS2000

energizer solar generator
  • Easy to use touch screen with all the information you need about the status of the solar generator.
  • Most power stations just include the charging cables. The Energizer PPS2000 comes with several input and output cables including MC4, a USB-C cable, XT90 and XT60 cables, an AC adapter and a car charging cable.
  • Built-in handles for easier portability. 

Issues & Limitations


One of the downsides of LiFePO4 solar generators is that they weigh more.

If you need a highly portable solar generator you can easily handle on your own, I don't recommend the Energizer PPS2000. It weighs 66 pounds. 

No Remote Monitoring 

Most solar generators these days come with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, making it easy to monitor power and battery status from your phone. 

The Energizer PPS2000 doesn't have that. You have to look at the small display anytime you want to check something.  

Not Expandable 

energizer solar generator

Many solar generators in the same size range as the Energizer PPS2000 offer the ability to expand capacity with additional battery packs. 

The Energizer PPS2000 doesn't have that. If you think you’ll need more than 2150Wh capacity in the future, find an expandable solar generator like the Bluetti AC200MAX or EcoFlow Delta Max.  

Not The Best Deal Right Now

Price-wise, the Energizer PPS2000 is more expensive than many similar sized solar generators with similar features. 

Right now, it costs over a dollar per kWh, while many competitors cost less than 80 cents per Wh. 

Maybe the price will come down after some time. But as of now, you can get a better deal elsewhere. 

Top 3 Alternatives To The Energizer PPS2000

Bluetti AC200MAX - Better Value For Your Money 

30 amp solar generator

The Bluetti AC200MAX is a better deal than the Energizer PPS2000. Currently, it costs about 82 cents per watt-hour. 

The AC200MAX has the same long-lasting LiFePO4 battery as the Energizer PPS2000 with a capacity of 2048Wh. 

Power output is 2200W (4800W peak), slightly higher than the Energizer PPS2000. Basically, the two solar generators have the same capability when it comes to powering appliances

However, you can improve the Bluetti AC200MAX by connecting additional battery packs. You can increase capacity to 8192Wh with two B300 batteries or 6144Wh with two B230 batteries. 

If you are shopping for a solar generator for home backup, to power an off-grid cabin or to run large appliances, the Bluetti AC200MAX is the one to get. You can increase its capacity to get longer runtimes.  

When it comes to output options, the AC200MAX and  Energizer PPS2000 are about the same. The AC200MAX has 16 outlets including four 120V AC outlets, five USB ports (including USB-C PD 100W), three DC ports and two wireless chargers. 

In addition, there’s a 12V/30A outlet as well as a 120V/30A AC outlet. So you can power your RV or boat with either DC or AC power. 

Charging performance is about the same for the two solar generators. The AC200MAX comes with a 500W wall charger and can accept up to 900W of solar, exactly the same as the Energizer PPS2000.

You can also combine the two to get faster 1400W charging. 

Finally, let’s compare portability. Here, both solar generators don't do too well. They have LiFePO4 batteries, which are heavy. The AC200MAX weighs 61.9lbs, just a few pounds less than the Energizer PPS2000. 

If you are shopping for a lighter solar generator, check out the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro further below. 

EcoFlow Delta Max - Expandable Capacity + Faster Charging 

ECOFLOW DELTA Max Solar Generator

The EcoFlow Delta Max is cheaper than both the AC200MAX and the Energizer PPS2000, yet it matches them in various specs. 

The reason for this is probably because the Delta Max uses a li-ion battery that doesn't have the same long lifespan as a LiFePO4 battery. I recommend it only if you plan to use the solar generator occasionally like once a week or a few times a month. 

For daily or frequent use, go with a LiFePO4 solar generator. 

Other than that, the EcoFlow Delta Max excels in all other areas. It has a capacity of 2016Wh and an output of 2400W (5000W peak output). 

EcoFlow solar generators have a feature called X-Boost that increases output to allow you to power more or bigger appliances. In the Delta Max, it increases output to 3400W. 

Like the AC200MAX, the EcoFlow Delta Max is expandable. You can connect two extra batteries for a total capacity of 6048Wh. 

The Delta Max offers an excellent selection of outlets. You get six AC sockets, six USB ports (including USB-C 100W), and three DC outlets. It doesn't have any wireless charging pads. It also lacks DC or AC 30A RV ports. 

 If you want a solar generator you can plug your RV into, the Bluetti AC200MAX is still the best choice. 

As for charging performance, the EcoFlow Delta Max blows the competition out of the water. 

AC input (from a wall outlet, gas generator or the EcoFlow smart generator) is 1800W, which charges the Delta Max to 80% in just 65 minutes. Solar charging is lower at 800W. It takes about 2.5 hours to recharge the Delta Max with the sun.

Of course the Delta Max has dual charging. Combine AC and solar to get 2600W input or a wall outlet and the smart generator to get 3400W input.   

The EcoFlow Delta Max weighs 48lbs, making it a lot easier to carry around and travel with. 

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro - Lighter & More Portable

jackery 1500 review

Jackery has always been the king of portable outdoor-friendly solar generators. Their new Explorer 2000 Pro (an upgraded version of the popular Explorer 2000), combines power and portability. 

At 43 pounds, it is much more portable than the Energizer PPS2000, making it a great pick for camping, overlanding and other outdoor adventures.   

To stay light, it uses a lithium-ion battery. If you use it occasionally, it can last for 5-10 years. The battery has a capacity of 2160Wh.

Power output is 2200W, so you can power any appliance you travel with.

You can plug appliances into three AC outlets, charge devices from four USB ports (USB-A 18W + USB-C 100W), and power 12V electronics from the single car outlet.  

Charging performance for the Explorer 2000 Pro is pretty good. It has a max AC input of 1800W, which quickly charges the battery in just 2 hours. 

Max solar input is 1400W, which beats any other solar generator we’ve discussed above. This charges the Explorer 2000 Pro in about 2.5 hours. 

You can also recharge the Explorer 2000 Pro from your vehicle. 

Notably, the Explorer 2000 Pro doesn't have dual AC + solar charging. But with its high AC and solar input, you don't really need it. 

Care and Maintenance 

To get the longest life out of the Energizer PPS2000, keep it away from the elements and only use it within the recommended temperature range. 

Extreme heat or cold is bad for batteries of any kind. 

When you store the Energizer PPS2000 for a long time, charge it to at least 80% before putting it away. Then remember to recharge it every six months to prevent a deep discharge, which can permanently damage the battery.


The Energizer PPS2000 comes with a 1-year warranty, which is shorter than the 2-3 year warranty of similar size solar generators. 





17.7 x 11 x 15.3 in





AC output:

2100W continuous, 4800W surge pure sine wave inverter

Split phase bonding:



6xAC, 1xUSB-C PD 100W, 4xUSB-A, 2x5.5mm DC, 1x12V/10A, 1x12V/30A, 2x15W wireless 

Max solar input:


Charging time:

4.5 hours with AC, 2.7 hours with 900W solar, 2 hours with 1400W AC + solar

Battery chemistry:

Lithium iron phosphate

Battery lifespan:

 2000+ cycles to 80%

Operating temperature: 

32°F - 104°F

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the Energizer PPS2000 charge a Tesla?

The manufacturer says the Energizer PPS2000 can power a Tesla or any other electric vehicle. But it only adds about 10 miles to your range. 

Unless you need just enough juice to get you home or an EV station, it’s not worth it charging a Tesla with the Energizer PPS2000 solar generator.   

Which solar panels can I connect to the Energizer PPS2000?

You can use any high quality solar panels to charge the Energizer PPS2000. Just make sure your final array is between 10V and 145V. 

Also, note that the Energizer PPS2000 uses an MC4 solar charging cable. If the solar panels don't have an MC4 connector, you’ll need an adapter. 

Does the Energizer PPS2000 have pass-through charging?

Yes, you can use the Energizer PPS2000 solar generator while it is charging. But the manufacturer doesn't recommend doing this often. 

One of the issues with pass-through charging is that it generates a lot of heat, which is bad for the battery. 

Can the Energizer PPS2000 power an RV?

The Energizer PPS2000 can power an RV through the 12V/30A Anderson output. This means you can only power your DC circuit. 

To power AC appliances in your RV or trailer, you have to plug them directly into the outlets on the Energizer PPS2000. 

Where To Buy 

You can order the Energizer PPS2000 on the official website. You can also get it on Amazon. 

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