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goal zero yeti 200x review

Goal Zero Yeti 200x Portable Power Station Review


Are you looking for a portable powerhouse to fulfill your off-grid applications? Well, keep reading this Goal Zero Yeti 200x review.

This power station is the company's lightest power station to date. With a weight of only five pounds, this unit is highly portable. It can be used for off-grid events, remote worksites, camping, or even as an alternative power source in your home.

The Yeti 200x features a rugged aluminum exterior with a rubberized top, which can handle a few bangs quite well. With a green fluorescent handle at the top, you can pick and place it anywhere.

This Goal Zero power station comes with a 187Wh lithium-ion battery. The best thing about this power station is its versatility. You can use it as an alternative power source at home in emergencies as well as take it around while traveling.

With the solar charging feature, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its 187Wh battery makes it perfect for emergency power and other activities like camping. Goal Zero Yeti 200x has enough juice to run a camp lighting system for up to 40 hours.

With the latest charging technology, this power station charges your gadgets at a faster rate.

It offers a range of power output. There are two USB-C ports, two standard USB-A ports, a 6mm 12 V port, a 12V carport, and an AC inverter port.

When it comes to performance, a total capacity of 37,400 mAh allows this Yeti 200x to offer enough juice to keep small or medium-sized appliances running for several days. It can recharge laptops, cell phones, cameras, and tablets multiple times.

There are several options to recharge the power station. You can either plug it in the outlet or recharge it through the car's adapter or even use a solar panel for optimized charging.

The Yeti 200x comes with an AC adapter, a brochure, and a user guide. Goal Zero offers a two-year warranty on this power station with excellent customer support backing it up.

Check out the complete Goal Zero Yeti 200x review below.

Pros and Cons


  • Premium aluminum construction for durability
  • Charges the device from virtually any source
  • User-friendly and quick installation
  • Advanced technology for high-speed charging
  • Comes with a range of inputs and outputs
  • Features a huge battery capacity
  • Suitable for camping and road trips


  • Big and bulky for some applications
  • No water-resistance rating
  • Cables need to be purchased separately for solar charging

Best Features

goal zero yeti 200x review

Goal Zero is known for incorporating some brilliant features in its products. The Yeti 200x is no different.

Let's have a look at some of the significant features that make this device an impeccable powerhouse for multiple applications.

Keep electronics charged

With an impressive capacity of 37,400mAh, this power station is a high-speed charging solution. It can charge your gadgets and keep them running for hours.

It can run a small fridge for up to 10 hours or recharge your laptop up to four times. It will sufficiently fulfill your requirements, whether you use it for outdoor adventures or as an alternative power source at home.

Lithium-ion batteries

The Goal Zero Yeti 200x is equipped with a 187Wh battery that efficiently stores the charge to power the appliances when needed. The unit is designed with multiple protection layers to make it secure and user-friendly.

It comes with over and under-voltage protection, temperature protection, and a battery management system to keep the battery from overcharging or discharging. This plays a crucial role in keeping the battery in good condition for a long time.


(NOTE from the writer - Apparently, this product doesn’t have a water-resistance rating. So, I don’t think this “Water-Resistant” should be part of the “Best Features” list?)

Light and Portable

The first thing you will notice about this power station will be its compact design as compared to other models in the league. It's only nine inches wide and thus, space-efficient and highly portable.

You can simply throw it in your trunk as it won't take much storage space. Its ready-to-go design makes it a great choice for everyday use.

With a high-quality anodized aluminum exterior, the Yeti 200x is quite sturdy. It has reinforced ribbing on the corners plus the top and bottom of the case are manufactured from rubberized plastic.

The tough construction can easily take a few bumps and beats so there’s no question about durability. There are little rubber feet at the bottom of the power station to prevent unwanted slip.

The body is colored powder-coated gray plus the fluorescent green handle on the top helps you easily find the Yeti 200x in low light.

Issues & Concerns

Though Goal Zero Yeti 200x is packed with some high-end features that ensure excellent performance, there are specific issues and concerns reported by customers as well.  

No IPX rating

With a great combination of features and performance, the Yeti 200x is an ideal choice for camping. However, you can't afford to use it in harsh weather conditions.

The product doesn't have any IPX rating. And while it might have some level of water resistance, we would recommend that you don’t take any chances with it.

As far as we could tell, this power station is not waterproof. So, you need to keep it under some type of shelter or in your vehicle if it happens to rain in the area you’re in.

No solar panels included

This device comes as it is. So, you need to purchase the solar panels separately. This can be deterring for people who are on a tight budget. Purchasing solar panels and cables separately can raise the cost significantly.


A primary concern associated with the Yeti 200x is its high upfront cost. It is relatively more expensive than other power stations available on the market.

The package does not include solar panels and cables for recharging purposes. Buying them separately further adds to the hefty price tag.

Recommended Solar Panels

Another thing to take note of this power station is that you can charge it using a solar panel. Since the solar panel is not included in the package, you need to purchase it separately.

Simply plug it into one of the front USB ports. The charging time may vary according to the size and capacity of the solar panel.

So, if you intend to purchase separate solar panels or a complete solar kit for charging the Yeti 200x, here is a recommended list of options by Goal Zero.

Boulder 50 (fixed installation)

The Zero Gola Boulder 50 is a professional-grade solar panel. This monocrystalline solar panel can generate 50 watts of electricity with a voltage of 18-20V to charge your Yeti 200x.

With its compact dimension, this solar panel is highly space-efficient. Hence, it is field-tested and marked suitable for outdoor applications like camping, worksites, and off-grid events.

The anodized aluminum frame and tempered glass covering make the solar panel durable. You can easily place this solar panel for optimal sunlight collection, thanks to the built-in kickstand.

Nomad 50 (portable)

Another compatible option for the Yeti 200x is the Zero Goal Nomad 50 solar panel. Like Boulder 50, this solar panel has a monocrystalline solar cell on the surface that generates 50 watts of electricity to charge your power station quickly.

With a foldable body, this solar panel is ideally designed for portability. It includes four panels combined and is covered in a protective enclosure.

They fold down and collapse over one another for compactness. This makes the solar panel highly suitable for outdoor use.

A sought-after combination happens to be the Goal Zero Yeti 200x power station being paired with the Nomad 50 and Lights!

The Nomad 50 works to recharge the power station through solar energy and you can illuminate the area with four 110 lumen LED lights. The lights can be set to high or low depending on the type of ambiance you’re going for. 

And while we’re talking about solar panels from Nomad, the best-seller is the Yeti 200x Portable Power Station paired with the Nomad 20 Kit.

Such a combination is cheaper than buying Nomad 50, and the Nomad 20 gives you enough energy to recharge smartphones, fitness trackers, and more.

MPPT Charge Controller

The Goal Zero MPPT Charge Controller is specifically designed to optimize the charging efficiency of the Yeti 200x.

This device increases the solar charging efficiency up to 40% and up to 20% when charging from the wall. It works exceptionally well when the Yeti 200x has a solar panel with it. 

How Does the Goal Zero 200x Differ From The Competition?

goal zero yeti 200x review

Goal Zero Yeti 200x ensures a powerful performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Among various models out there, the Jackery Explorer 240 is its direct competitor.

Both these power stations come from renowned brands of the industry. They are similar in certain aspects like wattage capacity, versatility, and solar support.

However, the Jackery has a higher battery capacity than Yeti 200x. It comes with a 240Wh battery, while the Yeti 200x has a 187Wh battery pack. The Yeti 200x charges slowly as it takes 4.5 hours to get charged from a wall outlet, while Jackery only takes 3.5 hours.

A feature that makes the Yeti 200x stand out from its competitor is the incorporation of two USB-C ports, which Jackery Explorer 240 lacks.

Other than that, both of them are compact and need solar panels purchased separately for adequate charging speed. You can use them for powering small and large appliances when needed.


The Goal Zero 200x can be recharged using three different methods discussed in detail below.

AC charging

The Yeti 200x comes with an AC charging cable that you can plug into the regular wall outlet in your home. This charging method can be time-consuming as it can take almost 4.5 to charge the power station completely.

DC charging

You can also use your car's DC supply to charge the Yeti 200x. Get an optional 12V power cable and connect the power station using this cable to the cigarette port in your car.

It will consume around two hours to charge the Yeti 200x through your car's battery fully.

Solar charging

Another way to charge the Yeti 200x is using a solar panel. It is the most efficient way to charge the power station. You can buy the solar panels separately or get a complete solar kit.

Zero Goal recommends using a 50W solar panel in combination with Yeti 200x for optimum charging. It will take around four hours to completely charge the 200x power station via this method.

Care and Maintenance

goal zero yeti 200x review

One of the most significant advantages of a portable power station like Yeti 200x is that they require little maintenance.

However, it is better to ensure proper care and maintenance, so this power pack remains in good condition for a long time. Here is what you can do!

  • Make sure to check the power station for any damaged components on a regular basis.
  • Keep the entire surface clean from dust and debris.
  • Keep the batteries in use as the Lithium battery as they naturally lose 50% charge when not in use.
  • Make sure to keep the power station charged as Goal Zero's warranty does not cover the total discharge.
  • It does not perform well in exceptionally cold conditions, so keeping the Yeti 200x in an enclosed space like a Styrofoam cooler is recommended.


Goal Zero offers a two-year warranty on the Yeti 200x power station to make it a reliable pick. The warranty covers any technical damage or material fault during this period. Plus, the product is backed by excellent customer support.



Goal Zero


Yeti 200x


11 x 9 x 8 inches


 2.27 kg




ABS plastic/ aluminum


60 Hz

Output Wattage:

200 watts


14.4 Volts

Power source:

Solar powered


1 Lithium battery

Battery storage capacity:

12986 milliamp hours

Best use: 


Operating Usage Temperature: 

32-104F (0-40C)


24 months

Management system: 

MPPT charge controller, low battery protection

Charging port: 

input, 8mm (13-22V)

Where to Buy

Closing our Goal Zero Yeti 200x review, we would like to say that it can offer a bunch of benefits.

However, you need to keep some of the drawbacks in mind. You can pair it up with a variety of solar panels to make the recharging process more convenient.

If you are interested in purchasing the Zero Goal Yeti 200x Portable power station, you can go ahead and get it from Amazon. You can also visit Goal Zero’s official website to learn more about this power station directly.

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