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Goal Zero Yeti 1500 Portable Power Station Review

Goal Zero has updated their Yeti lineup. They’ve replaced the popular Yeti 1400 with the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X.

The Yeti 1500X power station packs a bigger battery, produces more power and offers remote app control and monitoring via WiFi.

The Yeti 1500X is a great choice if you are looking for a portable solar generator you can use on camping trips, in your RV or boat, and as a home power backup for devices and select appliances.   

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Home backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:


Power Output:

USB (4 ports), 12V (3 ports), AC (2 outlets)



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1500Wh Lithium Battery

The new 1500X power station add about 100Wh to the capacity of the older Yeti 1400. With more capacity, you can power larger appliances without quickly draining the 1500X’s lithium battery. You can also power appliance for longer and charge devices many more times over.

For an idea of the real world utility of the 1500Wh capacity, here are approximate run hours and number of recharges for different electronics.

  • Charges an iPhone 12 Pro Max (14.13Wh battery) 107 times
  • Charges a DJI Mavic Mini drone (17.28Wh battery) 87 times
  • Powers a full size fridge for 28 hours and a mini-fridge for 44 hours
  • Powers a 42” LED TV for 15 hours
  • Powers a CPAP machine for 24 hours

Obviously, these figures don’t translate to real life since you’ll be charging multiple device and powering multiple appliances. But it gives you an idea of how big the battery is.

It’s big enough for several days of camping, powering an RV or for use as short-term home backup for devices and essential appliances.

Powerful AC Inverter

The old Yeti 1400 produced 1500W of continuous power. The new Yeti 1500X comes with a more powerful AC inverter with a continuous output of up to 2000W. Surge power output has also gone up from 3000W to 3500W.

This lets you plug in larger and higher wattage appliances like a TV, coffee maker, and even a heater (though it’ll drain the battery quickly). The upgraded inverter is one of the reasons the Yeti 1500X is so versatile – perfect for use outdoors when camping, and suitable for home backup as well.

Multiple Output Options

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The AC inverter direct power to two 120V AC outlets.But those are not the only ways to draw power from the battery.

There are three 12V ports for things like lights, portable refrigerators, CPAP machine, power tools, airbed pump and other 12V-poweredelectronics.

You also get four USB ports including USB-C, USB-C PD, and two USB-A ports.

So whatever you want to power or charge, there’s a port for it. You can even have multiple electronics plugged in at the same time.

Three Recharge Options

You can recharge the battery via an AC outlet when at home, from your vehicle’s 12V socket when on the road or using solar panels when outdoors.

Only the wall outlet AC adapter is included. For solar charging, you have to buy solar panels separately. To charge from your car, you have to buy the Yeti 12V car charging cable.
Charging from an AC outlet is the fastest option (14hrs using the included charger), but it’s a good idea to buy solar panels (100-200W will do) in case of a prolonged power outage or when you go off-grid.

MPPT Charge Controller

If you plan to charge the Yeti 1500X mainly through solar, you’ll be glad to know that it has an MPPT charge controller built-in.

It charges the battery faster and more efficiently compared to a PWM charge controller.

WiFi Connectivity

Portable Power Station

You can connect the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X to a network and then control and monitor it remotely through the Yeti App 3.0.

You can turn individual ports on or off, monitor power output and input and see how much charge is remaining in the battery from anywhere.

This feature may not be quite useful for camping, but it can be handy at home, in a boat and for RV owners.

Limitations of the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X

It’s Expensive

If you want the Yeti lithium generator, get ready to part with almost $2,000.

Looking at the power, weight and capacity of this generator, the price tag is actually pretty good. It’s just that is much higher than most portable generators.

This is mostly due to the cost of the lithium battery pack used in the generator and the powerful AC inverter.

If you want something cheaper at this power level, see our reviews of the best home solar generators. There are plenty of other lower-cost options though they don’t provide the same amount of power or versatility as the Yeti 1500X – and they can weigh over 100 lbs.


The Yeti 1500X is not for everyone. If you are just looking for a backup to power your Kindle, smartphone and laptop in case of an outage or when you are outdoors, cheaper generators will do.

But if you need as much power as you can get without resorting to a dedicated home power station, this is the best deal you are going to get.

The best part about the Yeti 1500X is its versatility. Yes, it’s most appealing to campers, off-grid living enthusiasts and those doing extended fieldwork. But it is still a handy unit to have around the house. It will prove indispensable during extended outages, especially with the solar charging option.

You can keep all essential tools, appliances, and devices running with the Yeti 1500X, making it an affordable home backup solution.

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