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is 3kw solar enough

Total Cost Of Running A 3kW Solar Power System

The cost of installing solar panels is falling, and the savings advantage they supply remains high. As a result, 3kW solar PV systems have become a popular choice for homeowners.

While a 3kW System may not be big enough to power a complete house, it can help neutralize some electricity use within the home.

This blog will review what you will need to know before you go solar and commit to a 3kW solar system.

How much does an ordinary 3kW solar system cost?

Because 3kW systems are relatively modest, they may be more affordable than larger systems.

With the typical solar price at $2.60 per watt, a 3 kiloWatt solar energy system in the United States will cost around $7,800. When you factor in the 26% national solar tax credit, the solar system cost drops to about $5,772.

It is essential to keep in mind that the above cost is typical. Many states provide different state or utility-based solar rebates, such as feed-in tariffs or net metering. As a result of this, the price of solar differs state by state, and we have listed out a couple of states to compare.

Can you Fund a 3kW System?

You can finance solar systems if you do not have the money to pay in total, which lets you own your system while paying it off and receiving long-term electric bill savings.

The following are the most common methods homeowners finance their solar panels:

Solar loan: A loan you take to purchase and install solar panels to buy a solar system without paying a great deal of money upfront.

Solar rental: You pay a fixed monthly or yearly payment to your solar installer, and you don't own the solar panels.

Solar power purchase agreement (PPA): You pay on a cents-per-kilowatt hour (kWh) basis for the power that your solar panels produce. It's much like a solar rental, just with different payment terms.

Number Of Solar Panels in A 3kW Solar System?

3kW systems are small and generally have between 8 and 11 solar panels.

The actual number of solar panels inside a 3kW system is based on the solar panels' wattage. Panels with higher wattage are more efficient than their lower-wattage counterparts. Normal panels have wattages of between 275-400 watts.

For instance, if you invest in 300-watt solar panels, you may need 10 panels to generate enough power for a 3kW system. 10 panels need to fit on many houses and help cancel your electricity costs.

How much Roof space do you require to get a 10kW solar system?

is 3kw solar enough

A 3kW solar panel system will need about 140-240 square feet of space on your rooftop.

Southern-facing roofs are perfect, and keep in mind that the actual square footage needed will depend on the wattage, efficacy, and dimensions of the panels you install.

High-performance solar panels will create more energy in a smaller region. So in the case you don't have 190 square feet of roof space to spare, higher efficacy panels can allow you to use the space you've got for a 3kW solar collection.

How much power does a 3kW solar system create?

A 3kW system will produce approximately 260 - 415 kWh of electricity a month, which means the energy generated ranges from 3,120 - 4,980 kWhs annually.

Since the average US house's monthly electricity use is 914 kWh, a 3kW system may not be adequate to entirely remove your utility bill.

Another essential issue to notice is that energy usage varies state by state because of various factors, including energy and sunlight consumption per house.

For instance, California's average annual electricity use is 6,522kWh, but in Texas, it's 14,112 kWh. That is having been said, a 3kW system won't generate enough electricity for an entire house in either state. 3kW systems typically just help offset electricity use and won't cover the whole electricity bill.

The amount of sunlight your home state becomes also determines the number of solar panels you'll need. If you reside in sunny Arizona, a 3kW system will get you a lot further than if you live in moist Washington.

How much can I save with a 3kW solar system?

is 3kw solar enough

The power bill savings from a 3kW solar system varies broadly from state to state. This is because your electricity bill savings depend on how much energy is produced and how much energy costs.

For instance, if your 3kW solar system produces 415 kWh per month in Florida, it will save you around $46 a month. A system installed in Massachusetts (where power is quite expensive) that generates 415 kWh would save you $79 a month.

The payback time to your solar panels, or the time necessary to pay off the system and get completely free energy, depends upon your state incentives.

Your payback period will be shorter if you reside in a place with additional solar incentives such as solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Learn what your projected payback period is for a 3kW system in your state here.

How do I find the ideal installer for a 3kW solar system?

If you're on the lookout for off-grid options or are interesting in installing solar panels if it's possible to purchase a DIY solar kit to put in a 3kW system. A DIY kit costs around $5,000, making them slightly less costly than the installed cost you'll get with a solar company.

But, many times, you'll need the support of a solar installer or a licensed technician for proper solar setup and also to pass inspections. All that excess work can be more expensive than having a certified solar installer set up your panels.

To ensure a 3kW system is ideal for you, it is reasonable to work with reliable solar contractors to find out the number of solar panels that your house requires. See which local incentives you may be eligible for and when a 3kW system is suitable for your dwelling.

Key takeaways

  • 3kW systems help offset electricity usage and won't eliminate your whole electricity bill.
  • A 3kW solar system will generate between 260-415 kWh of electricity based on sun exposure.
  • The typical cost of installing a 3kW solar system is $7,800 but varies state by state.
  • Annual savings are different in every state but can range from $300 to $900 annually.

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