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Humless L-1500 Fuel-Less Lion Energy Generator

Humless L-1500 Generator Bundle Kit REVIEW

Humless has designed a capable solar generator kit that is powerful enough for home backup use, while being small and light enough to be portable.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

600Wh, 50Ah

Power Output:

USB (4x,) AC (2x,) DC, Anderson Power Pole


38 lbs.

Advantages of theHumless L-1500 Generator Bundle Kit

The L-1500 is designed with several smart features that makes it a versatile solar generator for numerous scenarios.

Home Backup Power in a Small Package

The L-1500 provides up to 1500 watts of pure sine wave power that lets your essential devices and small appliances continue functioning during a loss of power. Televisions, small refrigerators, and smartphones can all be powered with this unit.

Humless L-1500 Connected To Car

The generator itself weighs just 36 lbs, making it easily transportable to any part of your home, or for outdoor uses such as camping.

A heavy duty carrying gstrap is included to make transport easier.

Plenty of Outlets and Expandability

The L-1500 is designed to power multiple devices at once.

The unit includes a total of four USB ports, two AC ports, a 12v port, and an Anderson Power Pole connection.

This allows you to charge phones and tablets while powering lights, charging a laptop and powering any small device and appliance, all at once.

The unit is also chainable, meaning it lets you to connect it to other generators and batteries to multiply the power supply.

Powerful Solar Panels

This bundle includes two solar panels attached together that will charge the unit when AC power isn’t present.

Each panel is 100 watts, and they fold down into an easy to carry size. There is also a stand built in to keep them upright and facing the sun.

Pass-Through Mode

The L-1500 allows you to connect your devices into it and leverage grid power while the generator is being charged.

In the event that you lose power, the generator automatically comes on, keeping your devices running without interruption until it needs to be recharged.

Humless L-1500 Generator Bundle Kit Outdoor

Lithium Battery

The Humless L-1500 runs off of a lithium battery, which means not only a longer life, but longer charge as well. The battery can hold a full charge for nearly a full year.


The L-1500 has plenty of features, but it is lacking in a few areas.

Power Could Be Better

Like most solar generators in its class, the L-1500 is provides about 1500 watts.

While this will power some of your mid-range appliances, doing so will drain the battery rather quickly.

Humless L-1500 Generator Bundle Kit

Not Enough AC Ports

Many backup generators have three or four AC ports, while the L-1500 only has two.


Despite the relative lack of power for the size, the L-1500 performs on a higher level than most of its peers.

The pass-through mode makes it a true backup generator, and the four USB ports are more than you’ll find with other units.

As long as you limit the use to essential electronics and smaller appliances, you’ll be more than happy.

The portable size of the unit essentially makes it double as a portable generator, resulting in a versatile unit that can be used in many ways.

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