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Off Grid Solar Generator Kit

Off Grid Solar Generator Plug N’ Play Kit REVIEW

Off Grid Solar Generators has created a lightweight and versatile generator kit capable of powering multiple devices on the go. It's a perfect solar power generator for campers, boaters and RV enthusiasts.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

400Wh, 33Ah (12V)

Power Output:

Ac (2x), USB, DC, jump start cables.


14.6 lbs generator, 14 lbs panel.

Advantages of the Off Grid Solar Generator Plug N’ Play Kit

This lightweight solar generator kit offers solid performance and includes a solar panel and a trickle charger to keep the battery topped off.

All You Need In One Package

This kit includes a solar panel, sparing you from having to buy one separately.

No Need for a Charge Controller

Generators usually need an auxiliary charge controller wired into the generator to help protect the battery from overcharging.

Off Grid Solar Generators engineered this model to automatically switch to a trickle charge when full, so that you don’t have to mess with a charge controller in the first place.

Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play 100 Watt Solar Panel

Extra-Long Cord for Solar Panel

This kit’s solar panel includes an extra-long 25 foot cord that allows you to place the panel in an optimal spot while keeping the generator and your charging devices in the shade and away from the sun and heat.

Multiple Outlets

The power pack powers four total outlets, three of which are AC ports, allowing you to plug in up to three standard plug-on devices at one time. The other port is for 12V DC power.


The kit’s total weight is just over 30 lbs, and the unit is on wheels, making it easy to transport.


Using the included Xantrex Xpower 1500 battery pack, you can attach additional battery power to the +/- bolts on the back of the unit, giving the unit more capacity.

Limitations of the Off Grid Solar Generator Plug N’ Play Kit

This generator kit has plenty of perks, but there are some minor issues.

Off Grid Portable Solar Generator Plug N Play 100 Watt Solar Panel

Low Amp Hours

The 20 Ah rating could be a turnoff to some, especially if you need to run higher-wattage devices and appliances.

Long Charge Time

Although the unit can be charged with AC and DC power, the appeal is in the solar panels.

Unfortunately, the 100W panel that is included can take up to 36 hours to recharge the battery.

No USB Ports

USB ports are fairly standard with most newer generators, but they aren’t included with this one.


This kit is great for outdoor portable solar generator uses, and anyone that wants to power electronics and lights away from the grid.

There are a few flaws, but the design, low weight, and built-in trickle charge capabilities make this a useful kit for outdoor applications.

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