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patriot power generator

Patriot Power Generator – Full Review & Top 3 Alternatives

You’ve probably come across an ad for the Patriot Power 1800 on Facebook and other platforms. The maker of the solar generator, 4Patriots, hypes its capability especially in emergencies. 

But is the almost $2,500 Patriot Power 1800 worth it? 

That’s what I discuss in this in depth review. I take a detailed look at the Patriot Power solar generator, what it offers in terms of power and capacity, and how it matches up to other brands. 

Spoiler alert: you should probably get a different solar generator. This one is too expensive for what it offers. 

But first, a quick explainer of the company behind the Patriot Power solar generator. 

Who Is 4Patriots?

4Patriots is a retail company that sells survival and outdoor gear. Some of their most popular products are survival meal packs. 

They also sell several solar products including the Patriot Power Cell solar phone charger that I’ve already reviewed.

4Patriots sold another solar generator before the 1800 — the Patriot Power 1500. But it was recalled because it was a fire hazard.

Patriot Power 1800 Pros & Cons 


  • High output - can power most household appliances (but not for long).
  • Long lasting LiFePO4 battery.
  • Charges fairly quickly via AC.
  • Includes 100W solar panel


  • Overpriced
  • Low capacity
  • Limited outlet options
  • Slow charging via solar
  • Heavy for its size
  • No car charging option


patriot power generator

Let’s quickly run through the main features of the Patriot Power 1800 before we get to its limitations, which are plenty. 

768Wh Capacity

The naming of the Patriot Power 1800 makes one think that it’s a lot bigger than it really is. Most manufacturers name their solar generators based on their capacity. 

For example, the Jackery 1000 has a capacity of 1002Wh, the Goal Zero 1500 has a capacity of 1516Wh and the Renogy Phoenix 1000 has a capacity of 998.4Wh. 

But the Patriot Power 1800 doesn't have a capacity of 1800Wh. The actual capacity is much lower at 768Wh. 

That’s not a lot of capacity for a solar generator with a power output of 1800W. To avoid draining the battery too quickly, you can only run smaller appliances. 

What Can The Patriot Power 1800 Run?

Here are the approximate run times of various appliances and devices when they are powered or charged by the Patriot Power 1800. 


Run time/Recharges

CPAP (40W)

16.3 hrs

Mini fridge (60W)

10.8 hrs

Smartphone (10Wh)

65 recharges

Laptop (60Wh)

10 recharges

Camping lantern (10W)

65.2 hrs

TV (100W)

6.5 hrs

Long Lasting LiFePO4 Battery 

One of the few good things about the Patriot Power 1800 is the kind of battery it uses. It’s a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. 

While they do tend to be heavier, LiFePO4 batteries last a lot longer than regular Li-ion batteries used in most solar generators. 

The battery in the Patriot Power 1800 has a cycle life of 2500+ cycles to 80% capacity. Overall lifespan with normal use is 5-10 years. 

In contrast, li-ion power stations last 3-5 years with regular use. 

1800W Power Output

The inverter is one of the best features of the Patriot Power 1800. It produces up to 1800W of AC power with a surge capability of up to 3,048W. 

The Patriot Power 1800 can run most household appliances including a full size refrigerator, a microwave, heater and so on. 

But, as I mentioned above, you should probably stick to smaller appliances. The limited capacity battery will quickly drain if you run large appliances. 

The only high-consumption appliances you can realistically power with the Patriot Power 1800 are those that operate only for short periods like a microwave, coffee maker and blow dryer. Since you only use them for a few minutes, they are not too hard on the battery. 

8 Outlets 

The Patriot Power 1800 has a couple of AC outlets where you can plug in appliances. It also comes with two DC outlets: a 12V car outlet and a set of 240W Powerpole connectors. 

For devices and gadgets, the Patriot Power solar generator has four USB ports, all 5V/2.1A ports.

2 Ways To Charge 

The Patriot Power 1800 includes an AC charger that recharges the battery in about three hours. 

You can also recharge the power station using solar panels. Maximum input power is 240W (which is low compared to similar sized solar generators). It can take up to 10 hours to recharge the Patriot Power 1800 from the sun. 

4Patriots includes a 100W foldable solar panel with the Patriot Power.

Issues & Limitations 

patriot power generator


Let’s start with the biggest issue me and many other people have with the Patriot Power 1800. It is grossly overpriced. 

Right now, it costs almost $2,500 on the 4Patriots website (which is the only place you can find it). That’s a lot of money for what the Patriot Power 1800 offers. 

Compare it to these solar generators that cost around the same. Some of these are actually a bit cheaper than the Patriot Power 1800. 

  • Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro — 2160Wh capacity, 2200W output, 1400W max solar input and USB-A fast charge & USB-C ports.
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1500X — 1516Wh capacity, 2000W output, 600W max solar input, 200W solar panel and USB-A fast charge & USB-C PD ports
  • Bluetti AC200P — 2000Wh capacity, 2000W output, 700W max solar input, 350W solar panel, 6 AC outlets, & USB-C PD port.

It’s actually hard to find similar solar generators that cost that much, that’s why two of the ones I’ve mentioned are solar generator kits that come with a solar panel (which, by the way, are larger than the one included with the Patriot Power). 

Virtually every solar generator with a capacity of about 2000Wh and an output of about 2000W is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Patriot Power 1800, even when you add the cost of a solar panel.

You also get more outlets, fast solar charging, dual charging and other cool features. 

Bottomline: In my opinion, the Patriot Power 1800 is not worth the high price tag. There are plenty of other power stations that offer better value for your money.

Limited Capacity

For the amount of money it costs, the Patriot Power 1800 has surprisingly limited capacity. Most solar generators in the same price range have a capacity of at least 2000Wh. 

The 768Wh battery is also small considering the high 1800W power output. While you can power almost any appliance, the capacity limits you only to small appliances that drain the battery quickly. 

Another feature common in similar priced solar generators is the ability to expand capacity. EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Goal Zero all offer additional battery packs you can attach to their solar generators. 

The Patriot Power 1800 doesn't have that. You are stuck with the 768Wh capacity. 

If you are shopping for a solar generator to run large and small appliances at home, in your RV or elsewhere, the Patriot Power 1800 is not the best pick.

Slow Charging

The specs of the Patriot Power 1800 say that the solar generator has a ‘maximum of 20A @ 12V AC charging current from AC or DC circuitry’. 

A quick calculation using the amps and voltage gives us the total power input the Patriot Power can accept, which is 240W (20A x 12V). 

It charges in about 3.5 hours from a wall outlet and around 5 hours from 240W solar panels on a perfectly sunny day. If it’s cloudy, it could take up to 10 hours to recharge it from the sun. 

That charging time is not terrible but modern solar generators with twice the capacity have lightning fast charging speeds. Most other brands like EcoFlow and even newer Jackery models charge in an hour or two. 

One reason for this is that many solar generators accept a lot more solar power (500W, 700W and some even over 1000W). They also come with more powerful AC chargers. 

Some of them also have dual solar & AC charging to further cut down on charging time.

Limited Number & Type of Outlets

Having just two AC outlets is not very useful, considering that many people buying an 1800W solar generator want to use it to run multiple appliances. 

The Patriot Power 1800 also offers limited options for devices and gadgets. It has just four USB-A ports. These are the regular kind (5V/2.1A); they don't have Quick Charge. 

The Patriot Power 1800 also doesn't have a USB-C or USB-C PD outlet, which many devices these days use. 


At 40lbs, the Patriot Power 1800 is heavy considering its battery is fairly small. Many people can carry it over short distances, but it’s tedious. 

If you want a solar generator you can easily travel with and handle on your own, get a lighter alternative. 

Just for comparison, the Bluetti EB70S has almost the same capacity (716Wh) and uses the same kind of LiFePO4 battery (which is heavier than a li-ion battery) but it weighs just 21.4lbs. It also costs a fifth of the price of the Patriot Power 1800. 

No Car Charging

The Patriot Power 1800 doesn't offer a car charging option. Virtually every portable power station has solar, AC and car charging. 

While it’s usually slow, car charging is handy for topping up the power station when you are on the road.

Patriot Power 1800 Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

patriot power generator

The Patriot Power 1800 is not sold on Amazon or any other major retail website. You can only find it on 4Patriots official website. 

For that reason, we cannot completely trust the veracity of customer reviews on their website. That said, the reviews seem to include a mix of both good and bad feedback from customers. 

Many users say the solar generator has been handy in blackouts, particularly during weather emergencies such as hurricanes. 

A number of customers point out the same issues we’ve discussed above: it’s too expensive, the capacity is not enough, and it charges slowly especially with solar. 

Beyond the 4Patriots website, reviews of the Patriot Power 1800 are not so positive. Several videos on YouTube, including this one by Hobotech, do a great job explaining why the Patriot Power 1800 is not worth the high price tag.

Best Alternatives To The Patriot Power 1800

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro - Higher Capacity, Higher Output & Faster Charging

Bluetti AC200P & AC200MAX

For a few hundred dollars less than the price of the Patriot Power 1800, you can get the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro, which is better in almost every aspect. 

The Explorer 2000 Pro has a capacity of 2160Wh, almost triple that of the Patriot Power 1800. You can actually power appliances like a full size refrigerator or a large TV without worrying about the battery draining too fast. 

You can also power smaller appliances like a mini-fridge and CPAP for longer when you are camping, in your RV or when overlanding. 

The Explorer 2000 Pro also produces more power - 2200W. That’s 400W more than the Patriot Power 1800. 

I still think the three AC outlets on the Explorer 2000 Pro are too few, but at least you can power one more appliance at the same time than the Patriot solar generator. 

The Jackery 2000 Pro has four USB ports like the Patriot Power 1800, but they include two 18W Quick Charge USB-A ports and two 100W USB-C ports. 

You can charge your phone and other devices faster. You can also power larger gadgets like a laptop via the USB-C outlet. 

The Jackery 2000 Pro accepts up to 1400W of solar power. A 1400W solar array can recharge it in 2-3 hours, which is impressive considering this is a 2kWh+ battery. 

AC charging is also fast. The 2000 Pro takes just 2 hours to charge from a wall outlet. 

The only area the Patriot Power 1800 has an edge over the Jackery Explorer is the battery chemistry. The Explorer 2000 Pro uses a li-ion battery that doesn't last as long as the Patriot Power’s LiFePO4 battery. 

On the upside, this keeps the Jackery 2000 Pro from getting too heavy despite having three times the capacity. It weighs 43lbs, about the same as the Patriot Power 1800.

Bluetti EB70S - Lighter & Cheaper

Jackery Explorer 500

If you are okay with the 768Wh capacity of the Patriot Power 1800, but not the crazy high price or how heavy it is, get the Bluetti EB70S instead. 

The Bluetti EB70S has a capacity of 716Wh, just slightly less than the Patriot Power 1800. But it’s a lot cheaper, costing just a fifth of the price of the Patriot Power. 

It’s also half the weight at 21.4lbs, so you can easily go camping and on other outdoor adventures with it. 

The only compromise is power output. The Bluetti EB70S has an 800W inverter, compared to the 1800W inverter on the Patriot Power 1800. So you can’t run some appliances like a microwave or coffee maker.

But you can power a mini fridge, TV, CPAP, humidifier, and many other small to medium size appliances. 

The Bluetti EB70S has four AC outlets, three DC outlets, and four USB ports. The USB ports are not all the same like the Patriot power station. They include two 100W USB-C PD ports and two USB 5V/3A ports. 

As for charging speed, the Bluetti EB70S and Patriot Power 1800 are almost matched. The Bluetti solar generator has a max AC or DC input of 200W. It takes 3-4 hours to recharge.

EcoFlow Delta Pro - Best For Home Backup & Emergencies

Renogy Lycan 5000 review

If you are shopping for a powerful and high-capacity solar generator for home backup and emergencies, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is a much better choice than the Patriot Power 1800.

The Delta Pro is one of the few solar generators that is more expensive than the Patriot Power 1800, but it’s worth it. 

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has a capacity of 3600Wh, plenty enough to keep lights and essential appliances running for hours or days in a blackout. 

If that’s not enough capacity, you can expand it up to 25kWh using additional battery packs. This is handy if you are setting up an off-grid power system for your RV, boat or cabin.  

By the way, the Delta Pro uses a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery. 

To ensure it can run multiple large appliances, the Delta Pro has a continuous output of 3600W. Turn on X-Boost and it can support a combined load of up to 4500W. 

There’s also an option of getting 7200W, 240V power by connecting two Delta Pro units using a Double Voltage Hub. 

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has many and versatile outlets. There are four 20A AC outlets plus one 30A AC outlet. You also get three DC ports: two DC5521 outlets and one car port. 

And for your gadgets and devices, there are six USB ports including two USB-C 100W ports, two USB-A 18W Quick Charge ports and two USB-A regular ports. 

Recharging options are equally versatile and fast. Using EcoFlow’s famous X-Boost technology, the Delta Pro takes just 2.7 hours to recharge from a wall outlet, which is mind boggling considering the battery size.

You can also charge it from an EV charging station (great for emergencies), which takes about 1.8 hours. Max solar input is 1600W. On a sunny day, a 1600W system would charge the Delta Pro in 3-5 hours. 

EcoFlow also sells a smart gas generator that you can use to recharge the Delta Pro in an emergency. 

Overall, a pretty impressive solar generator and much better value for your money than the cheaper Patriot Power 1800.

Care and Maintenance

The Patriot Power 1800 is maintenance-free. All you need to do is keep it away from the elements and use it within the recommended temperature ranges. 

When you store it for a long time, make sure you keep it in a cool and dry place. 4Patriots recommends taking it out and recharging it at least once a year to prevent it from fully discharging.


I’ve checked everyone on the 4Patriots website and there doesn't seem to be a warranty for the Patriot Power 1800. 

What they provide instead is a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the solar generator, you can return it within this period for a full no-questions-asked refund. I’m not sure how much protection this offers compared to an actual warranty in case of damage or a defect.  

In contrast, most solar generators come with a 2 year or longer warranty.





15 x 7.75 x 13 in



AC output::

1800W continuous, 3048W surge pure sine wave inverter


2xAC, 4xUSB-A, 3x12V DC

Max solar input:


Charging time:

3.5hrs with AC adapter, 5 hours with 240W solar

Battery chemistry:

Lithium iron phosphate

Battery lifespan:

2500+ cycles to 80%

Operating temperature:

32°F to 120°F

Where To Buy

The only place to get the Patriot Power 1800 is on the 4Patriots website. It’s not available anywhere else.

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