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PowerOak 400wh Portable Solar Generator With Ac Power Supply Energy Storage

PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator REVIEW

PowerOak has taken cues from the generators that have come before and improved on them in a number of ways, resulting in a lightweight and feature-rich portable solar generator that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:


Power Output:

AC (2x,) 3A (2x,) USB (2x,) DC


12.3 lbs.

Advantages of the PowerOak 400 Wh Portable Solar Generator

This generator is full of features that are lacking in similar units, while also being a very lightweight generator that is easy to move and easy to live with.

Great Design

PowerOak 400wh Portable Solar Generator

The PowerOak400Wh is a great-looking unit with easy-to-use design, complete with a comfortable carrying handle.

Most of the outlets are laid out next to the charge display LCD screen, while the charging inputs are found on the side of the unit opposite the two AC ports.


Coming in at just 12.3 lbs, the PowerOak400Wh is among the lightest units you will find that offer a useful amount of power.

PowerOak Portable Solar Generator

Display Screen

The generator’s LCD display screen includes gauges for the battery’s remaining power, charge status, and error messages.

Numerous Outlets

PowerOak has included outlet ports for almost every device imaginable.

There are two AC ports, two 3A ports for accessories such as lights, two USB ports, and a 12v port.

Jump Start

The unit also features a unique jump start mode to help start a stalled car, and includes the two alligator clips for that purpose.

Multiple Charging Options

This generator can be charged by solar panels, but you also have the option to use an included AC charger or a 12v outlet.

Lithium Battery

PowerOak uses a lithium battery as opposed to the standard lead-acid based battery.

This gives the generator a longer battery life, while also cutting down on weight.


The generator is a great product, but it could be better.

Limited Power

Like many generators in the 400 watt hours range, you can’t power larger appliances like refrigerators with this one.

If you’re looking for a whole-house backup generator or an off-grid solution, this is not enough.

Solar Panels

Many portable generators come as kits with panels included, but the PowerOak 400Wh does not.

Supplying solar panels as part of this kit would make this an efficient and convenient all-in-one package.


The PowerOak 400Wh Portable Solar Generator’s features and lightweight are hard to match in its class and make it a great camping solar generator.

New owners will love the lightweight and flexibility of this unit, the multiple outlets, and the useful car jump mode.

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