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rockpals generator

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack Solar Generator

The 250W Rockpals portable generator is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable solar generator to power small devices and appliances either at home or outdoors.

It produces 250W continuous output, which is enough for charging smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, and other gadgets.

You can also use it to power a TV, CPAP machine or a mini fridge.

It’s certainly not powerful enough to act as a home backup system but it’s perfect for campers, RVs, boats and emergencies.

If you are looking for something a bit more powerful, see our guide to the best portable solar generators for other recommendations. 

Rockpals 250 W portable Generator

Quick Summary


Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones and other gadgets



Battery Capacity:


Inverter Rating:

250W continuous, 300W surge

Power Output:

dual AC ports, two USB outlets, four 12V sockets

Charging Options:

solar panel (sold separately), wall outlet (8hrs charge time) and car charger



Best Features of the Rockpals 250-Warr Portable Generator 

rockpals 250-watt portable generator review

Compact and Easily Portable 

At just 5.5lbs, the Rockpals generator is easy to carry around when outdoors. An integrated handle makes it easier to carry it by hand.

The compact design also helps when you are packing for a camping trip. For those planning to use it in an RV or boat, it takes up very little space.

Perfect for Small Appliances and Gadgets 

Rockpals portable generator

As I mentioned, the Rockpals solar generator is not designed for large appliances or whole-home backup.

It won’t power your large fridge or 60” TV.

But if you are looking for an affordable generator to charge your smartphone, laptop, camera, or drone, it’s perfect.

It also works great for CPAP machines, mini fridges, small to mid-size TVs, radios and other small appliances.

Pure Sinewave Power Output 

There are two types of inverters (the part that converts DC power from the battery to AC power): pure and modified sine wave inverters.

Pure sine wave inverters cost more, but they are the best.

The Rockpals generator uses a simple sine wave generator that produces the same kind of output as your home power utility.

Appliances connected to it work more efficiently and produce less noise (modified sine wave output can cause a buzzing sound in some lights and appliances).

240Wh Lithium Battery 

The high-quality lithium battery is designed to last for years while maintaining its storage capacity.

Unlike other types of batteries, lithium-ion doesn’t deteriorate fast.

The battery has a capacity of 240Wh (64.8Ah at 12V). That’s enough to charge laptop about 4-5 times, a smartphone two dozen times, a TV for 3-7 hours and a CPAP machine for three nights.

Multiple Power Output and Input Options

You have plenty of ways to draw power from the Rockpals generator.

For most appliances, use one of the two 120AV AC outlets. For appliances like a car vacuum, CPAP machine or car fridge, use the four 12V DC sockets.

For your smartphone, camera, or drone, there are two 5V USB ports.

To charge the battery, there are three options.

You can connect it to a solar panel, which is not included along with the generator. You can use any 50W or 100W solar panel that is compatible with the generator.

Alternatively, plug it into a standard wall outlet at home or in a hotel. It takes about 8 hours to charge this way.

If you are going on a road trip, you can also charge it via your car’s 12V socket.

Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

rockpals portable generator

The integrated MPPT solar charge controller is essential when you are charging the battery using a solar panel. 

It protects the battery from too much current and voltage and also increases charging performance.

The Rockpals generator charges about 40% faster compared to generators using the more traditional PWM technology. 

Limitations of the Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

Rockpals 250-Watt

No Display 

There’s no display to tell you how much charge you have left in the battery or how quickly the battery is charging.

But this is not a big deal for most users. The status LEDs are usually enough for monitoring the battery.

Not Ideal for Large Appliances

If you are hoping to power an appliance with a high amp or wattage draw, we don’t recommend the Rockpals generator.

If you try powering a large fridge, a coffee maker or a hair dryer, it won’t work.

But then again, it wasn’t designed for that purpose.


Rockpals Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The Rockpals portable generator won’t meet everyone’s needs. It’s far too small for those who want a powerful solar generator to power an entire RV or run a large appliance.

But it’s perfect for powering small appliances and gadgets. It’s well made, sturdy, and very reliable.

If you love working outdoors with your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, use this generator to stay connected.

We also recommend it for campers, road trips, field work, and home emergencies.

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