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solar powered string lights

Solar Christmas Lights Review: Are They Worth it?

The pressure to have the area's best holiday light display can be high.

But what's even more daunting is the electrical bill you are left with after putting up all those string lights.

Solar-powered Christmas lights are a perfect alternative way to make sure you have the best holiday decorations on the block without making your electric bill skyrocket.

Why Choose Solar Christmas Lights?

Solar Christmas Lights

Low Cost

The biggest advantage of solar-powered Christmas lights over conventional lights is they won't run up your utility bill.

Solar-powered lights include a small solar panel (and a much smaller price tag) that charge a battery to power your lights after the sun goes down.

No Outlets Required

Solar Christmas lights are powered by sunlight, meaning there's no need for outlets.

You'll have much more freedom to put them exactly where you want without worrying about where the nearest plug is.

No Cords

You do not have to untangle the extension cords this season!

Solar-powered Christmas lights are great for decorating everything from the porch to your fence and turning the spruce in your yard into a perfectly lit Christmas tree.

Just hang the lights up, set the solar panels in sunlight, and your job is complete.

No cords mean they are much safer, too. Not only do they run on a safer 12V, Solar Christmas lights are less of a fire hazard because you do not string solar lights together.

You also won't need to be worried about the risk of overloading extension cords.

Better For The Environment

Nobody wants coal for Christmas - so why rely on it to power your holiday display?

Unlike conventional Christmas lights, solar lights operate on 100% clean energy. You can rest easy knowing your light displays are powered by solar rather than fossil fuels.

Solar-Powered Laser Light Projectors

Solar-Powered Laser Light Projectors

Many homeowners have made the shift to laser light projectors rather than hanging up conventional Christmas lights.

Preparing a projector requires less than 10 minutes and uses much less power than traditional string lights.

With lasers and a solar-powered laser light projector, you can enjoy the ease of a festive display without utilizing electricity from home - making setting up the projector much simpler.

Solar laser light shows are powered by a solar panel located over the projector, which typically charges two or more lithium-ion batteries.

A green laser may stay on for 8 hours with fully-charged batteries, and the red laser will operate a bit longer.

If you decide to have both lasers on, a full charge will operate the lasers for 4-6 hours each night.

Many solar laser light show projectors can be placed on an automatic timer, so for 4 hours on and 20 hours off.

In addition to that, many projectors light up a 3,000 square-foot area.

Solar-Powered String Lightings

Solar-Powered String Lightings

Solar-powered outdoor string lights are fantastic for that classic holiday appearance.

As with other solar lighting sets, a solar panel charges AA batteries, and the lights stay on for a few hours on a full charge. No cord or sockets necessary.

MagicLux Tech provides solar string lights which come in bright white and multi-colored options. Each strand is 72 feet long, with 200 LED lights attached.

Once the lights are hung, set the solar panel in a place that receives a great deal of sunlight.

The panel will charge a battery, which will, in turn, power the lights. This unit takes approximately 6 hours of sun to fully charge.

On a full charge, the lights will stay on between 8-12 hours.

Solar-Powered Fairy Lights

Solar-Powered Fairy Lights

Solar-powered fairy lights by Koopower are another terrific alternative for decorating your home this festival season. The LED lights are on a copper wire, which makes them simple to bend into contours, which is helpful if you would like to use the lights to spell words out.

Each of the Solar fairy lights' strands includes a solar panel that charges a nickel-metal hydride battery.

With a complete charge, these lights can operate for upwards of 8 hours.

What is great about them is they may also be utilized through the year as soft outside lighting.

Solar-Powered Icicle Lights

Solar-Powered Icicle Lights

Another popular solar lighting alternative is icicle lights. The solar icicle string lights by SUPSOO are guaranteed to spruce up your solar Christmas display.

Like all others, these lights include a solar panel that has to be put in sunlight to charge. These solar Christmas lights turn on automatically at night, meaning that you can forget about them after hanging them up! It takes around 6 hours for the lights to control and will last for approximately 8 hours.

Another Variation of those beautiful light displays is LED solar icicle tube lighting by VMANOOThese icicle lights are added into tubes, which provide a distinctive look than series lights. Each strand includes 8 tubes and 36 LED lights within each tube.

Each string has a highly-efficient solar panel that charges an integrated battery. A fully-charged battery will have these lights on for as many as 12 hours!

These solar Christmas lights feature a "falling water effect" that will really bring your lighting display to life.

They come in numerous colors and are ideal decorations to maintain all winter long!

Price: From $17.99 onwards

Solar-Based Christmas Decorations

Solar-Based Christmas Decorations

There are a lot of solar decorations that surpass strand lighting. By way of instance, you can add some festive light-up Christmas deer yard decorations which are powered by solar! Each deer includes its own solar panel that lights up the wreath surrounding its neck.

Price: $16.99 for the doe, $19.99 for the buck

You can also put some cheery lighting along with your paths. By installing holiday solar lawn stakes from Oriental Trading, you will feel like you're walking right up to Santa's workshop!

The outdoor stake lights include a solar panel built into the top, which charges throughout the day and automatically works at night. No batteries, no cable, no issue!

Cost: $7.98 for a pack of 6 (Individually $9.99)

If decorating for Christmas just is not for you, or you need some decorations that could stay out long after the festival season, LED snowman garden stakes are precisely what you require.

The stakes include a solar panel mounted onto each, which charges a battery throughout the day and powers the snowflakes and snowmen at night. When fully charged, these Snowmen will remain lit for up to 8 hours.

The Solar Panel cells turn on and off automatically the LED lights at night and the day. They're an ideal winter decoration for your yard, walkway, or also your home garden!

Price: $19.99 (Initially $33.99)

Solar Christmas Lights Definitely Brighten Your Holiday

solar powered string lights

Solar Christmas lights let you decorate your home for the holidays without needing to be worried about spending additional money on your electrical bill. 

Alternatively, you can put that excess money towards making sure your family members receive everything on their list.

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