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Solar Panel Window Blinds

Energy Generating Photovoltaic Solar Panel Window Blinds!

SolarGaps would be the world's first renewable energy generating window blinds which use solar panels to make electricity to power your office, apartment, or home. Reduce your apartment, home and/or business electricity bill by up to 70% with solar energy creating smart blinds.

SolarGaps smart blinds trace the sun automatically during the day, adjusting positions into the best angles to create solar power to power devices in your house, flat or office. SolarGaps protects your home from outside influences, shade the space enabling you to save on air conditioning up to 30%.

Integrated solar panels

Integrated solar panels can produce renewable energy around 100W-150W per 10 sq. ft. of a window, sufficient to light 3 MacBooks or 30 LED light bulbs. For instance, a three-room flat with windows facing south will be able to create up to 600 watt-hours or roughly 4 kilowatts per day.

Millions of individuals who rent properties around the globe do not have the luxury to upgrade their building's roof to accommodate solar energy. This new Kickstarter idea, SolarGaps, provides a flexible solution for anyone looking to conserve energy, save money, and enhance the environment – with requiring a roof.

The SolarGap system was designed with renters and smaller businesses in mind. The blinds' wall mounts are not permanent. They merely plug for use, but they can be adjusted to optimize energy generation for homeowners. Provided that integrity, SolarGap readily connects with home assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Nest.

Solar Panel Window Blinds

In a retail or office space, it is possible to generate up to ten times more. Energy surplus can be stored in the battery or can be sold as energy to your electricity company via a two-way meter they supply.

When these solar modules are SolarGaps, users can efficiently set up them. Unlike more significant solar tile projects or roofing systems, SolarBlinds mount on preexisting mounts. The most significant difference between solar blinds and regular blinds is that SolarGap urges users to install them on the outside of the home. Though, given that SolarBlinds endure receiving solar power that is logical. The dividers can manage poor climate conditions and persist between -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

If SolarGaps sounds like an ideal addition to a little space, back the job on Kickstarter. The company said it expects to ship in the earliest by September 2017. All Kickstarter backers should equip their SolarGaps solar blinds by the end of this year. The additional small set comes in at $390 -- 50 percent off the retail market price.

Don't forget to test the Kickstarter for special sizing assistance. The company also said it does custom fittings for specialty windows.

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