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Solarpod 240 Solar Powered Generator

Solarpod 240 Generator REVIEW

The Solarpod 240 provides about as much power as you can get in a portable generator this size. If you’re looking for a generator that offers an expanded power capability over weaker units close in size, this is it.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

250Wh, 20Ah

Power Output:

AC, 12V DC, USB (2x)


9.5 lbs

Advantages of the Solarpod 240 Generator

This generator makes good use of an efficient and compact design, along with several important features that help to set it apart from other portable solar generators.

Lots of Power in a Small Package

The Solarpod 240 supplies up to 400 watts of power, making it capable of powering many appliances and devices that other portable cannot handle, such as high-power fans, coffee makers, mini-fridges, televisions, game consoles, and stereos.

All of this power comes from a unit that weighs just 9 lbs and measures only 10 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches.

The modular design and sturdy carry handle locate on top make it incredibly easy to carry your backup power from point A to point B.

Solarpod 240 Solar Generator

Enough Ports for Every Device

The Solarpod 240 supplies power to one AC outlet, one 12v DC outlet, and two USB outlets that provide faster charges than you’d get from a car or laptop connection.

The extra wattage also means you can use multiple ports at the same time without the worry of running the battery down too quickly, or overloading its capacity.

Lots of Accessories

This portable solar generator is loaded with extras, including:

  • a 60 watt foldable solar panel
  • a durable carrying case that zips shut
  • extra fuses
  • a car adapter, and
  • an AC charger adapter.

Solar Charge Controller

The unit includes a handheld charge controller that protects the battery from overcharge and surges, while also gauging the battery’s remaining amount and the level of energy coming from the solar panel.


The Solarpod 240 solar generator is an excellent product that has a few, relatively minor issues.

Could Use More Ports

Most generators 400 watts and over have more than one AC outlet so you can power multiple devices at once.

Including two USB ports is a nice touch, but there should be another AC outlet.

This generator also lacks 2A or 3A ports for smaller accessories and devices.

Solarpod 240 Generator

No Display Screen

The charge controller supplies some needed information, but a power reserve monitor on the unit would give the user a better idea of what’s going on with the generator’s activity.


The Solarpod 240 delivers in just about every way you could want.

Small size, attractive design, and a power output that’s twice that of other portable generators its size makes this unit one of the better ones you’ll find.

And for the price, it’s really hard to beat.

Whether you’re out camping, fishing on a boat, or just need some backup power around the house, you’ll find this generator’s performance to be more than sufficient.

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