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Suaoki 400Wh

Suaoki 400Wh Solar Generator Review

Suaoki calls it ‘your all-in-one power station, ’ and it is indeed. With three power input and five output options, this is one of the most versatile solar generators.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

120Ah (400Wh

Power Output:

AC (3x), DC (2x), USB (4x)


12.3 pounds

Advantages Of The Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Suaoki 400Wh solar generator can be used in homes, offices, camping, construction sites and on farms. It is not powerful enough for large appliances such as fridges and freezers but will easily power lights, small appliances and various devices for hours.

444 Watts Peak Capacity

The Suaoki solar generator has a peak capacity of 444 watt-hours. While this is not powerful enough to run everything in your home, it is more than enough for a variety of devices and small appliances.

For outdoor use and indoor emergencies, it can power a 12V lamp and devices such as a mini-fridge, vacuum cleaner, and laptop. It can also charge smartphones via its USB ports.

This is not a heavy duty solar generator, but it is adequate for most homes and applications like camping and fishing. For its price, it’s quite powerful.

Sauoki 400Wh

3 Charging Methods

The Suaoki is primarily a solar generator meaning that its main source of power is the sun. But that’s not the only way you can juice up the lithium ion battery inside the generator.

If the sun is not shining strongly or you need a faster recharge, there are two other charging options: a 12V/24V car or a standard AC power outlet. The built-in inverter allows the generator to easily and safely handle both AC and DC power. It can take in AC or DC and output both as well.

This is one of the reasons it is so versatile. It can power a 12V DC lamp and in the same breath also charge your laptop through an AC adapter.

Use an AC adapter to attach it to a wall socket and the solar charging cable to connect it to a solar panel. There is also an included cigarette lighter socket where you can connect a 12V/24V car battery via the car charging cable.

Note that the generator does not come with a solar panel included. You’ll have to buy a compatible solar panel separately.

Versatile Output

Suaoki’s flexibility is not just in the charging options. It also offers many output choices. There are four USB ports to charge devices such as smartphones or MP3 players. Anything that has a USB charging port. The USB power output is 5V.

There are two DC ports for devices such as halogen lights or a cooling fan. For small appliances, there is a pure sine wave AC inverter that outputs 300W. This will power things like your laptop and printer.

Then there is a cigarette lighter socket which you can connect to bigger appliances like your mini-fridge, vacuum cleaner or air compressor.

Finally, there is a jump starter port designed for 12V batteries on 4l gas vehicles. A pair of jump starter clamps is also included.

From all these output applications it is easy to see just how versatile the Suaoki solar generator is.

There are so many situations where it will come in handy. You can use it at home (appliances, phone, emergency lighting), on the road (jump starter, phone), camping (lighting, small appliances, phone), fishing and so on.

It is truly an all-in-one power station. If you are looking for a solar generator that will prove useful whatever the situation, I highly recommend Suaoki.

Easy To Use LCD Screen And Buttons

Suaoki 400Wh generator

Despite the many output and input options, this generator is quite easy to use.

The first thing you’ll immediately notice is the LCD screen at the front.

The screen keeps you aware of what’s going on inside the generator. Specifically, it displays charge/discharge status, battery consumption and what kind of power input you are getting.

On the left side of the screen, you will find three buttons each with an indicator light beside it. The first is an on/off button. The second and third are AC ON and DC ON buttons respectively.

On the right, you’ll find the output ports. The solar input port, AC adapter port, and jumper starter port are on the side.

You don’t need any training to use this generator. Everything is well labeled and conveniently positioned. There is a user manual included helping you figure out the basics and troubleshoot any issues.

Durable Casing and Battery Management System (BMS)

Some solar generators come with plastic casing. Even if they call it tough plastic, it still cannot compare to the hard aluminum alloy cashing of the Suaoki solar generator. It can easily handle rough outdoor environments without showing a scratch or dent.

Additionally, it comes with a battery management system to protect the battery from surges and other electrical risks.

This generator performs just as well as the best outdoor solar generators when it comes to reliability and durability.


At 12.3 pounds the Suaoki 400Wh generator is portable. You can carry it by hand over small distances such as from the car to your camping spot. It includes an easy-carry handle at the top.

Limitations of the Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

Even a highly rated solar generator has its drawbacks.

No Solar Panel Included

If you want to charge the battery via solar, you need to make plans to buy a separate solar panel which adds to the costs. But I have a feeling that if a solar panel were included, the generator would be much more expensive.

One upside of this omission is that those not interested in solar charging are not forced to pay more.

Not Ideal for Large Appliances

The generator is only designed to power small devices and appliances. It will not power your full-size fridge or freezer. Even for appliances like a TV, it may last only a couple of hours or so.


The Suaoki generator is not a monster that will run your entire house. But it is still powerful enough to make sure your life doesn’t grind to a halt during emergencies.

The best part of the generator is the versatility. Whether in the comfort of my home or battling nature out in the wild, the Suaoki 400Wh generator fits in perfectly anywhere.

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