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Outdoor Activity With Solar Generator

3 Times When You Really Need a Solar Generator

Reliable electric power is the second most critical utility, behind running water.

As time goes by, we all become more and more reliant on electrical devices and appliances, making electricity more and more important to our lives – no matter where we might be.

Until a few decades ago, electricity was far from being a renewable source of energy. It used to be, when you needed backup power you also needed cans of gasoline or diesel stored in your garage – plus and a ready supply of fuel nearby, in case you run out.

Solar energy technology has changed all that, as it can provide electric power anywhere the sun shines. Without the need for constant supply of gas, or any type of fuel.

Solar generators are the devices that make this all possible.

When you own a solar generator, you can produce and store reliable electric power, no matter where you are.

There are three common situations where a solar generator can be incredibly handy.

1. Inclement Weather / Power Outages

Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and severe thunderstorms can threaten any power grid.

In the event of an extremely severe weather situation, you could find yourself without power for a week or longer.

Inclement Weather

With a solar generator in your home, you have the security that comes with knowing that you have an independent way to produce your own power that isn’t reliant upon your grid being fixed.

Although to most just an inconvenience, extended power outages can pose a real danger to people who rely on electric-power medical devices and refrigeration.

For example, someone who requires a CPAP mask to sleep safely at night absolutely needs backup power. A solar-powered generator can provide this.

Solar generators today come in many sizes and power ratings.

Most can power your lights, recharge your phone, and in some cases, power your HVAC system for brief periods of time.

All of these benefits can help you to weather a power outage, regardless of duration – and best of all, your energy won’t run out.

2. Camping, Boating and RV Fun

Everyone wants to take that perfect shot with their phone when on vacation. But when you’re camping, boating or RV’ing across the country, you may find yourself off the grid for long periods of time.

For those that want to stay in touch with the world through TV & record their fun on their cell phones and cameras, a portable solar generator is a perfect choice.

Using a solar generator, you can power the lights around the camp, charge your phones and cameras, and even power a low-wattage TV or stereo.

Solar Generator In RV

Some of the more powerful solar generators today can even power small electric appliances such as tea kettles and coffee makers.

RV enthusiasts often have access to battery power from their vehicles, but AC-powered devices usually need RV hookups to work. With a solar generator on board, you can provide clean, reliable 115V or 220V AC power to your larger appliances, without having to find an RV park.

Now that’s camping in style!

3. Outdoor Gatherings

Whether you’re having a backyard BBQ, or a neighborhood volleyball tournament, powering extra lights, music, fans, and whatever else you require can be a hassle when you’re running cords all over the place.

And it’s impossible to light up an outdoor function if you’re in a remote location, without a generator handy.

Party With Enerplex Generatr 1200E Portable Lithium-Ion Battery Generator

Solar generators let you to take the power with you, wherever you go.

For parties and social gatherings, solar generators offer one huge advantage over gas generators: they make no noise, whatsoever.

If you’ve ever been to an event using gas generators, you now how obnoxious the sound can be.

Using a solar generator, nobody will notice the source of your power.

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