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Choose the Best Solar Generator

3 Key Tips For Choosing the Best Solar Generator

So, you’ve decided to purchase a solar generator and provide yourself with renewable, inexhaustible power for your home or activities. Now that you want a generator, there are a few things you should know before you start your search so you can make an informed buying decision and avoid any remorse down the road.

While solar generators are all pretty much the same in the way they work and the basic components, they vary greatly in their size, power, portability, outlet amounts, and added features. By taking these three tips into account, you can ensure a pleasant experience that results in you acquiring the solar generator that’s best for you.

1. Know What You Need

Is your generator for backup use at your home when the power goes out? Or is it for camping and as a backup in your car during any emergencies? Maybe you just need it to power some lights in a shed, or your cell phone?

Using Solar Generator On Camping

Knowing what your exact needs for your generator will allow you to find the one that is suited to what you want, while keeping you from wasting time looking at units that won’t work for you.

If you are in need of a backup system, you are obviously going to want to avoid smaller portable generators, or anything that doesn’t supply a significant amount of wattage. Backup systems also require bigger and more powerful panels to recharge your system during an outage at satisfactory rate.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

If you are expecting your solar generator to power every single item in your home for a week between charges, well, you’re going to be very disappointed. Backup solar generators are made to power smaller devices and appliances for short periods of time. Higher wattage units may be able to power your refrigerator for the day, but that’s it.

Solar Generator Powering Mobile Device

A solution to wanting to power multiple aspects of your home would be to purchase more than one unit, or installing a second battery in your generator.

As for portable generators, the logic remains the same. You’re not going to be able to power an entire outdoor kitchen or PA system with a portable generator but you can power some lights, a small television, and your phones.

3. Know How it All Works

The more you know about solar generators and how they work, the better chance that you’ll choose the best unit for yourself. Spend some time researching how solar panels work, the wattages of the devices you want to power, battery types, amp hours, and how different panels can charge your generator faster or slower.

How Solar Generator Works

With the proper knowledge, you can be on the lookout for deficiencies in certain generators, as well as making sure that you are getting a generator that contains quality components that are highly compatible. This will also help you to get the most out of your unit when you do decide on one.

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