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zendure superbase pro

Zendure Superbase 2000 – Full Review & Top 3 Alternatives

If you are shopping for a powerful, high-capacity and fast-charging solar generator that’s affordably priced, we highly recommend the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000. 

It is one of the best value 2000W solar generators in the market today. With its high output and large capacity, it’s ideal for home backup and emergencies, truck camping, boating and RVs. 

Read on for our full review of the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000. 

If it’s not what you are looking for, we have other top-rated recommendations in our best 2000W solar generator buying guide

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 Pros & Cons 


  • High power output - can power large appliances.
  • Large capacity.
  • Wheeled for easy mobility.
  • Plenty of output options.
  • Super fast charging. 


  • Not expandable.
  • Uses a lower lifespan Li-ion battery.

Best Features

zendure superbase pro

2096Wh Capacity

The SuperBase Pro 2000 comes with a 2096Wh Li-ion NMC battery. That’s plenty of capacity to power appliances at home, in your RV or when camping. 

Note that the SuperBase Pro 2000 is not expandable. If you think you’ll need extra capacity in the future, consider alternatives like the Bluetti AC200MAX or the EcoFlow Delta Max. 

What Can The SuperBase Pro 2000 Power?

Here’s how long the SuperBase Pro 2000 will last when running various appliances and electronics. 

TV (110W)

16.2 hrs

Fridge (150W)

11.8 hrs

Laptop (60W)

29.6 hrs

Microwave (900W)

2 hrs

Smartphone (4,000 mAh)

120 recharges

Mini fridge (65W)

27.4 hrs

2000W Output - Can Be Boosted to 3000W

The SuperBase Pro 2000 produces up to 2000W continuous power and 4000W peak power. So it can easily power most household appliances. 

It also has a feature called Ampup, that lets you power appliances up to 3000W. This is similar to the X-Boost feature in EcoFlow solar generators. 

Amp up works by slightly reducing how much voltage an appliance uses. This allows it to run at a lower wattage. 

So while powering a 1500W heater and a 1500W power tool at the same time would normally shut down a 2000W inverter, the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 can keep going. 

This can slightly reduce the performance of some appliances (e.g. a blow dryer might take longer to heat up), but it can be handy if you need to power heavy-duty appliances or several large appliances. 

14 Outlets

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 offers 14 output options. 

There are six 120V AC outlets, a 12V/10A car outlet, three DC5521 (5.5mm) 12V/10A outlets and four USB-C ports (two 100W and two 20W). 

Notably, the SuperBase Pro 2000 doesn't have any high-power outlets you can use to connect it to your home grid or an RV. 

If you want a solar generator designed for home or RV integration, consider alternatives like the Bluetti AC200MAX.  

UPS Function

The SuperBase Pro 2000 has a built-in UPS function that’s handy for backing up essential appliances. 

To use it, plug the SuperBase Pro 2000 into a wall outlet, then plug the appliances you want to back up into the power station. 

When mains power goes out, the SuperBase Pro 2000 will automatically take over and keep the appliances on. This can be handy for things like a CPAP machine, desktop computer, automatic pet feeder and refrigerator.

Fast Solar & AC Charging 

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 is one of the best solar generators when it comes to charging performance. 

When you plug it into a standard wall outlet, it recharges at 1800W in about two hours. 

You can also combine solar charging (600W max) and a wall outlet to charge the SuperBase Pro 2000 at 2400W in just 1.5 hours. 

You can achieve 2400W input with just solar. The SuperBase Pro 2000 has an option of connecting up to 1800W solar power via the AC input. Combine that with the 600W solar input and you can charge the power station in 1.5 hours. 

Using the 600W DC input alone takes about 4 hours to recharge the SuperBase Pro. 

You can also plug the power station into your car’s 12V outlet, though it takes a lot longer (19 hours) to recharge. 

Rugged & Mobile

The SuperBase Pro 2000 has a tough plastic shell that’s shock and collision resistant. In other words, don't be afraid to take it outdoors with you on your adventures. 

It is a bit heavy at 46.5lbs, but thanks to its mobile design, you can easily move it over short distances. It has two large wheels that are suitable for most terrains and a telescoping aluminum handle to pull it with.

You can take the SuperBase Pro to the beach, a fishing trip, a picnic, a barbeque party and other outdoor activities. 

Remote Connectivity 

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 comes with both 4G and WiFi connectivity. So whether you are at home or out in the wild, you can monitor and control the solar generator via the companion app. 

It also has GPS location tracking (great for theft protection) and supports over the air updates. 

Issues & Limitations 

zendure superbase pro

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 has two main limitations. 

One, it is not expandable. If you think you may need additional capacity in the future, the SuperBase Pro is not the best choice. 

Secondly, it uses a li-ion NMC battery which has a lower lifespan compared to LiFePO4 batteries. It’s fine if you plan to only use it occasionally. 

But for everyday use, get a LiFePO4 solar generator instead. You can charge and discharge it frequently and it’ll still last a long time (typically up to 10 years, compared to less than 5 years for a li-ion solar generator)

Best Alternatives To The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 

1. Bluetti AC200MAX - Best Alternative  

30 amp solar generator

For a few hundred dollars more, the Bluetti AC200MAX offers more capability and features than the SuperBase Pro. 

In terms of capacity, the two are evenly matched. The AC200MAX has a capacity of 2048Wh. But it uses a longer-lasting LiFePO4 battery. If you want a solar generator for daily or frequent use, the AC200MAX is a better choice.  

Furthermore, the Bluetti AC200MAX is expandable to 8192Wh. 

As for power output, the AC200MAX has a slight edge with 2200W. 

The two solar generators are versatile when it comes to output options. But the Bluetti AC200MAX offers a couple of high power outputs for connecting the solar generator directly to your RV or your home grid. 

The AC200MAX also has a pair of wireless charging pads. 

Charging performance is great for both the SuperBase Pro and the AC200MAX, though the SuperBase is a bit faster.   

Overall, get the Bluetti AC200MAX if you want a LiFePO4 solar generator that is expandable and which you can connect directly to your home or RV power system.  

2. EcoFlow Delta Max - Best Expandable

ECOFLOW Delta pro

The EcoFlow Delta Max costs about the same as the Zendure SuperBase Pro. They also have almost the same capacity. The Delta Max comes with a 2016Wh Li-ion battery. 

But the Delta Max offers more versatility since you can expand capacity to 6kWh, making it a better choice for home backup and off-grid power. 

The Delta Max is also a bit more powerful with an output of 2400W. It has an Ampup-like feature called X-Boost that lets you power appliances up to 3400W.

When it comes to output options and charging performance, the two are level. Delta Max offers the same output options as the SuperBase Pro and it recharges just as quickly. 

The two solar generators weigh almost the same, but the SuperBase Pro 2000 is the more portable/mobile option thanks to the built-in wheels and handle. 

If you’ll be moving the power station around a lot, stick with the Zendure SuperBase. 

But if you need a solar generator that you can easily expand, go with the EcoFlow Delta Max.

3. Zendure SuperBase V - Best for Home Backup 

zendure superbase pro

If you want a serious solar generator that can power your home for days during emergencies, get the SuperBase Pro’s bigger sibling, the Zendure SuperBase V

The SuperBase V is one of the best plug and play home power backup systems. 

It comes with a new semi-solid state battery, which has a higher energy density and better low temperature performance compared to LiFePO4 and Li-ion batteries. 

The battery has a massive capacity of 6.4kWh, and this is expandable to 64kWh. So you can build up enough capacity to power your entire home for days. 

Power output is just as impressive. 

The SuperBase V produces up to 3800W of power. You can double this to 7600W by connecting a second unit. You can power your entire RV or most of your home with the SuperBase V solar generator.  

The Zendure SuperBase V also offers 240V power output. Unlike other solar generators, you don't need to buy a second unit or additional accessories to get 240V power. 

The same unit that outputs 120V power can also produce 240V power. Even better, it can produce both voltages at the same time. 

The Zendure SuperBase V is easy to integrate into your home or RV and includes a built-in UPS function. 

As you’d expect for a solar generator this capable, it is big and heavy. It weighs 130lbs. 

Thankfully, it is wheeled and has a handle for easy mobility. In a first among solar generators, the rear wheels are motorized. So you only need to lightly pull on the handle. 

Care & Maintenance 

The SuperBase Pro doesn't need any major maintenance. Just use and store it in a safe environment and it’ll serve you for years. 

Operating it within the recommended operating temperature (-4°F to 140F discharging, 32°F to 113°F charging) goes a long way in maintaining battery lifespan. 

If you plan to store the solar generator unused for a long time, recharge it every 3-6 months to keep it from discharging too much.


If you buy the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 from the official website, it comes with a 3-year warranty. You can extend it by two more years by downloading and registering on the Zendure app. 





17.6 x 10.5 x 13.9 in





AC output:

2000W continuous, 4000W surge pure sine wave inverter


6xAC, 4xUSB-C, 1x12V DC, 3x12V DC5521

Max solar input:


AC Charging input:


Battery chemistry:


Battery lifespan:

500-1000 cycles to 80% capacity

Where To Buy?

You can order the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 on the official website. It’s also available on Amazon, though it comes with a shorter 2-year warranty. 

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