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Hello, my name is David Roberts.David Roberts headshot

I’m a degreed Mechanical engineer who is obsessed with solar energy and sustainable living technology.

While researching my own home solar power options a few years ago, I suddenly had to replace the generator on my boat.

That’s when I learned about the availability of affordable portable solar generators.

I was immediately smitten by the idea of getting portable solar power solutions into the hands of millions on the edge of the utility grid – and off-grid – to power everyday electronics and appliances, quietly and with zero emissions.

Since then, I’ve spent the past 7 years researching and reviewing the best available solar generators and solar kits like any good engineer would: exhaustively, honestly, and in detail.  With an eye on safety and reliability.

This is a fast-moving market with lots of new suppliers, solar kits for every conceivable purpose, and cheap Chinese products and poorly-engineered kits on Amazon that aren’t worth your money.

Our #1 job at is to help you find the best proven and safe solar power solution for your budget and application while keeping you up to date on the latest solar generators, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, and solar kits hitting the market.

Who This Site Is For is for homeowners, campers and off-grid power enthusiasts who want to learn about the best solar generators for sale today, understand how they work, and select just the right setup for their needs and budget.

We mostly cover ready-to-use solar generators and easy-to-install solar kits up to 12kW that most people can install and use off-grid without professional experience.

For most people we recommend buying proven & well-tested kits and generators from leading US, European, Australian, and Canadian brands vs. the latest unknown supplier on Alibaba.  That said, there are some excellent Chinese products worth a look, especially in LiPO4 batteries.

This is not a place for tinkerers and DIY-types who want to learn how to design and build a solar generator from scratch, although we do cover this subject in our Learning Center.  There are plenty of expert YouTubers covering the build-your-own-solar space already including Will Prowse, who we appreciate and recommend for his attention to detail and safety.

How To Use This Site

There are four types of content on this website.

Our buying guides will introduce you to the top generators & solar kits for a specific price point, brand, and application and explain what to look for when buying one.  We always provide practical recommendations and don’t hold back on the downsides and issues we see in our reviews.

Our in-depth solar generator reviews take you deeper into each of the best-selling, best-rated solar generators sold today. Same as our guides, we write these like we’re talking to our family – pointing out the best and worst aspects.

Our Learning Center provides answers to a wide variety of common questions, like How To Size a Backup Solar Generator For Your Home and How Many Solar Panels It Takes To Power A Home.  We also provide useful references to help you size your system, including our Appliance Energy Consumption Chart and key things you need to know before buying any solar energy system for your home.

Finally, our Blog is where we publish new product announcements and other recent developments you’ll want to know about in the solar generator industry.  That said, we aren’t an industry news site.

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I hope this website helps you learn more about your solar generator options and, hopefully, find the right solar power solution for your needs.

Live well,