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Appliance Energy Consumption Chart

Use the chart below to estimate the Average Daily Watts consumed by each appliance/device.

To calculate the Average Daily Watts for a given appliance/device:

  1. Lookup the Estimated Energy Usage per Hour
  2. Multiply Estimated Energy Usage per Hour times the estimated hours of operation per day, for the device.
HeatingSpace heaters, electric
 Portable heater (1500W)1.5 kWh per hour
 Baseboard heater (six foot unit) (250 W/foot)1.5 kWh per hour
 Heat Pump heat strips10 kWh per hour w/fan
 Electric Furnace10.5 kWh per hour w/fan
 Heat Pump w/o heat strips (1.8 COP)*** 
 1.5 ton2.93 kWh per hour
 5.0 ton9.77 kWh per hour
Air Conditioning/ CoolingWindow/wall (8kBtu) (120V-12 EER)0.73 kWh per hour
 Window/wall (18kBtu) (240V)1.8 kWh per hour
 Central (3 ton-12 SEER)3.0 kWh per hour
 Whole house fan0.2-0.4 kWh per hour
 Portable fan0.03 kWh per hour
 Ceiling fan0.075 kWh per hour
Water HeatingElectric water heater380 – 500 kWh per month
(All uses)Instantaneous (110 v 29 amp) @1gpm 70’F380 – 500 kWh per month
 Instantaneous (240 v 50 amp) @2.5 gpm 83’F12 kWh per hour
KitchenRange, electric 
 Oven2.3 kWh per hour
 Oven: Surface1-1.5 kWh per hour
 Oven: Self-cleaning feature6 kWh per hour cleaning
 Microwave oven0.12 kWh per 5 min
 Broiler, portable electric1.5 kWh per hour
 Coffee maker0.12 kWh per brew
 Coffee maker/brew, warmer on0.4 kWh per hour
 Dishwasher: normal cycle (not including hot water)1 – 2.17 kWh per load
 Dishwasher: Energy saver cycle0.5 kWh per load
 Toaster (2 slices)0.04 kWh per use
 Toaster oven0.75 kWh per hour
 Waffle iron, 4 servings0.33 kWh per use
Refrigerator/FreezerOlder units 
 Refrigerator (frost-free), 15 cu. Ft. (1996 unit)150 kWh per month
 Freezer (manual defrost), 15 cu. Ft.90 kWh per month
 Newer Energy Star Refrigerators 
 Energy Star Refrigerator, 14 cu. Ft.34.5 kWh per month
 Energy Star Refrigerator (frost-free), 17 cu. Ft.35 kWh per month
 Energy Star Refrigerator (frost-free), 19 cu. Ft.46 kWh per month
 Energy Star Refrigerator (Side by Side) 21 cu. Ft.51 kWh per month
 Energy Star Refrigerator (frost-free) 24 cu. Ft.54 kWh per month
 Energy Star Refrigerator (Side by Side) 25 cu. Ft.60 kWh per month
 > 50″ Plasma0.48 kWh per hour
 40″ – 49″ Plasma0.4 kWh per hour
 > 50″ LCD0.016 kWh per hour
 40″ – 49″ LCD0.012 kWh per hour
 > 50″ DLP0.24 kWh per hour
 40″ – 49″ DLP0.2 kWh per hour
 30″ – 36″ Tube0.12 kWh per hour
 25″ – 27″ Tube0.09 kWh per hour
 Recording/Video Devices 
 DVR (Tivo)28.8 kWh per month
 VCR0.02 kWh per hour
 DVD player0.03 kWh per hour
 Nintendo Wii0.02 kWh per hour
 Xbox 3600.15 kWh per hour
 Play Station 30.21 kWh per hour
 Desktop Computer0.06 – 0.25 kWh per hour
 Desktop Computer on sleep/standby mode0.001 – 0.006 kWh per hour
 Laptop0.02 – 0.05 kWh per hour
 Monitor – 17″ CRT0.08 kWh per hour
 Monitor – 17″ LCD0.04 kWh per hour
 Speakers (25 Watts x 2) normal volume0.05 kWh per hour
 Stereo0.05 kWh per hour
 Radio, CD player0.02 kWh per hour
LightingIncandescent bulbs 
 Incandescent bulb (40 W)0.04 kWh per hour
 Incandescent bulb (60 W)0.06 kWh per hour
 Incandescent bulb (75 W)0.08 kWh per hour
 Incandescent bulb (100 W)0.1 kWh per hour
 Incandescent bulb (150 W)0.15 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (CFL) 
 Compact fluorescent (8 W) equivalent to 25 W incandescent0.008 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (11 W) equivalent to 40 W incandescent0.01 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (15 W) equivalent to 60 W incandescent0.015 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (20 W) equivalent to 75 W incandescent0.02 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (27 W) equivalent to 100 W incandescent0.027 kWh per hour
 Compact fluorescent (38 W) equivalent to 150 W incandescent0.038 kWh per hour
 Halogen (300 W)0.3 kWh per hour
LaundryClothes dryer (light load vs. heavy load)2.5 – 4 kWh per load
 Electric heated water 
 Warm Wash, cold rinse2.3 kWh per load
 Hot wash, warm rinse6.3 kWh per load
HouseholdVacuum cleaner0.75 kWh per hour
 Iron1.08 kWh per hour
 Clock2 – 4 kWh per month
 Night light (4w on 12-hours/day)1.44 kWh per month
 Electric Blanket: Twin0.5 kWh/night
 Electric Blanket: Double/Queen0.75 kW/night
 Electric Blanket: King1 kW/night
 Aquarium0.05 – 1.21kWh per hour
BathroomHair dryer1.5 kWh per hour
 Curling iron0.05 kWh per hour
 Whirlpool tub1.8 kWh per hour
Swimming PoolSweep pump (3/4 hp)0.56 kWh per hour
 Filter pump (1-1/2 hp)1.12 kWh per hour
 Filter pump (2 hp)1.5 kWh per hour
Spa/Hot TubElectric heater (1500 W)1.5 kWh per hour
 Electric heater (5500 W)5.5 kWh per hour
Medical EquipmentNebulizer1 kWh per hour
 Oxygen Concentrator0.46 kWh per hour
 Sleep Apnea Machine (CPAP)0.2 kWh per hour

Appliance Power Requirement Calculator

To keep things simple, just download the following worksheet to calculate your daily and peak power requirementsclick here to download an Excel copy for your own use.

How to use the worksheet:

  1. Enter the number of appliances (‘# Devices’) you need to keep running and the amount of time you plan to use each device every day (‘Hrs/Day (ea.)’).
  2. The worksheet will calculate your total Energy Storage (Wh/day) and Peak Power Rating (Watts).
  3. Use the Storage (Wh) and Power Rating (Watts) to select the right solar generator for your home backup, outdoor/RV or portable charging requirement.

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