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Solar Panels for Apartments & Renters

Solar Panels for Apartments & Renters: Your Options

No need to worry if you don't own a roof of yours. There are many other methods of solar panel installation.Solar power is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate electricity without causing any

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Peak and Off-Peak Hours for Electricity

What are Peak and Off-Peak Hours for Electricity?

Unlike a standard power supply, where you're charged the same price for energy no matter when you use it, Time-of-use (TOU) rates vary during different times of the day.With time-of-use (TOU) rates, utility

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sun number score

What is a Sun Number Score and How is it Calculated?

While looking at houses on Zillow lately, you might have noticed something known as a "sun number."It simplifies the complicated solar terminology and complexities into a simple numerical scale that ranges

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Solar Panels for Tiny Houses

The Pros and Cons of Solar Panels for Tiny Houses

Tiny houses and solar panels appear to be a perfect fit.The main motivations for living in a tiny house are cost savings and lower environmental impacts. These two factors are among the most common motivators

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time of use rates

What is Time of Use Rates – and When is Electricity Cheapest?

Time-of-use (TOU) pricing is a type of energy tariff where the rate for electricity varies by the time of usage. They're sometimes referred to as "TOU" or "Time Of Use" charges.They increase electricity

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10kW Solar System

Is a 10kW Solar System Right for Your Home?

Solar energy has become increasingly affordable. More and more homeowners are installing large solar systems. It has led to 10 kW solar systems becoming an increasingly common solar option for large homes

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net metering vs solar battery storage

Net metering vs. Solar Battery Storage – Which Makes the Most Financial Sense?

Net metering is among the most attractive incentives for people who want to go solar. Net-metered systems allow homeowners to generate extra income by selling back any surplus energy they produce when

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questions to ask solar energy companies

Questions to Ask a Solar Company Before You Sign a Contract

Once you've researched solar energy and determined it's right for your home, contacting one of the best solar installers near you is a good idea. They'll conduct a thorough inspection of your house and

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solar tracker worth the investment

What is a Solar Tracker and is it Worth the Investment?

Solar trackers let your solar panels move with the sun like a sunflower to generate more electricity. However, solar tracking systems usually cost a lot of money.Does the extra solar power production outweigh

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solar canopies and carports

Are solar canopies and carports worth it?

What do solar canopies mean?Solar canopies are customized outdoor structures that support an overhead solar panel array. These enable distributed solar power systems to produce solar electricity at the

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solar installed on metal roofs

How Solar is Installed on Metal Roofs

Different types of roofs have different requirements for installing solar panels. There are several factors to consider when installing solar panels, including the type of metal used for the roof, the

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solar is installed on clay tile roofs

How Solar is Installed on Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tiles cover most of the rooftops across America’s Southwest. They're elegant, an important cultural element of Spanish life, and they can last for generations. They can be a real headache for solar

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if Solar and the Power goes out

What happens if you have Solar and the Power goes out

You've installed some pretty cool solar panels on your roof, and now you're generating quite a bit of power yourself. You're saving lots of energy and you feel good about yourself for doing so.One day,

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best solar panel kits

Top 10 Solar Panel Kits 2023: Best Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

Shopping for a solar panel kit?You've come to the right place.What are solar panel kits?A solar panel kit consists of an array of panels, batteries, wiring, electrical components, and hardware that can

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Are Solar Panels Actually Free?

Are Free Solar Panels Actually Free?

You may have seen solar installers offering free solar panels and thought, "Is this too good to believe?"You're right; free solar panels aren't worth considering.Installing rooftop solar panels isn't

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build solar panel system

How Do You Build Your Own Solar Panel System? 

Solar power is one of the best options for generating renewable electricity, and you can even construct your system yourself.It takes a lot of effort to build your solar system to harvest solar energy.

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How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Many things influence the output of a solar panel. Still, you can usually count on a typical one generating about 2 kWh/day, saving around $0.36 on electricity bills daily.At first glance, $0.36 seems

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Ygrene vs. HERO Program

California Solar Financing: Ygrene vs. HERO Program

Solar energy has become the most common form of renewable energy in California. However, the upfront cost of installing a solar system may be too expensive for some people. Therefore, they look into solar

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community solar vs home solar

What is Community Solar? Is It Better Than Installing Solar Panels on Your Home?

Solar energy has never been more popular than it is now. A new study by Pew Research Center found that a rising number of American households are looking into installing solar panels in their homes. Solar

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Solar Tree

Solar Trees: Your Guide To This Fast-Growing Solar Trend

Solar power has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Last year alone saw an increase of 33 percent. As long as an industry grows so rapidly, there will be rapid innovations within it. Solar

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