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solar installed on metal roofs

How Solar is Installed on Metal Roofs

Different types of roofs have different requirements for installing solar panels. There are several factors to consider when installing solar panels, including the type of metal used for the roof, the

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solar is installed on clay tile roofs

How Solar is Installed on Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tiles cover most of the rooftops across America’s Southwest. They're elegant, an important cultural element of Spanish life, and they can last for generations. They can be a real headache for solar

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titan solar reviews

How To Set Up and Operate The Titan Solar Generator

The Titan Solar Generator is one of the best picks for folks shopping for a home backup solar generator. It also works great as an off-grid power system thanks to its expandable design. Like other

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goal zero 1500x review

How to charge your Goal Zero Yeti in 2-3 hours

Wondering how to recharge your Goal Zero Yeti solar generator?You’ve come to the right place. Most power stations, including those from Goal Zero, come with multiple recharge options. This lets

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how to charge ecoflow delta 1300

How to Charge The Ecoflow Delta 1300

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is one of the best mid-size solar generators in the market. It’s also one of the most versatile - you can use it for home backup, to power appliances in your RV, for camping and

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solar energy equipments

How To Build Your Own Home Solar Power System

With solar panels getting cheaper, building your own home solar system is more affordable than ever. While solar batteries are still pricey, new technologies such as lithium phosphate have made them

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diy solar generator

DIY Solar Generators: How To Build Your Own (But Should You?)

If you have the time, money and a bit of knowledge and experience in electronics, it is possible to build a DIY solar generator. The main reasons to consider going the DIY route is because it's a

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grengine solar generator

Connecting Solar Panels To Any Solar Generator – The Ultimate Guide

Connecting a solar panel to a solar generator is usually a simple matter of connecting the cables coming from the solar panel to the cable that plugs into the solar generator. Depending on your setup

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how to hook up solar panel to rv

How To Mount A Solar Panel On An RV

Are you trying to learn how to hook up a solar panel to an RV?Solar panels on the RV roof are an excellent way to use clean, quiet power when not hooked up and/or living off the grid. In this guide,

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