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anker 200 review

Anker PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station Review

With 213 Wh of power, a 230-Watt surge power rating, a built-in AC inverter, and multiple output port options, the Anker PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station is designed to keep your electronics topped-up while on the go.  It can also provide power for a small 12V cooler or an LED light at night.

This little power bank won't run 110V appliances for long, but it's super-lightweight and compact, weighing only 6 pounds. So it's a good choice for camping, boating, or an RV backup power supply

The Anker 200 is powered by a lithium-ion battery and delivers reliable 5-22 volt DC output to keep a wide range of DC appliances going.  

What Can The Anker 200 Power?

anker 200 review

The Anker 200 can fully charge a MacBook 5 times and a smartphone 12 times. It also has enough capacity to recharge a game console five times, a mini projector twice, a 60Wh laptop a few times, or keep a fan operational for 2 hours. 

To recharge the Anker 200, use the included AC adapter or attach up to a 20W solar panel to its charge controller input.  In addition, you can recharge it using the 12V car adapter.

The Anker 200 can supply 110V AC power up to an output of 100 watts, as well.  But  given the recommended discharge limit of 50% discharge (about 100Wh), if you need to run 110V appliances, we recommend upgrading to a more powerful portable power station.

Pros and Cons


  • Universal option.
  • Can be used for any device under 100 watts.
  • Multiple charging options.
  • Multiple inlets and outlets available.
  • Silent in function.
  • Lightweight and portable in design.
  • Durable construction.


  • C-type does not support devices with an input over 30 watts.
  • Only available in a single color.

Best Features

Here is a detailed rundown of the best features that set Anker 200 apart from other portable power stations!

Keeps Electronics & Small Appliances Running

Anker 200 is a fantastic little power bank for keeping electronics running for days during a short outage. 

It is really compact, too, so you can basically keep it anywhere.  

The Anker 200 is compatible with multiple devices. It can charge a wide range of appliances, smartphones, or even a mini-fridge.

You have to keep in mind its voltage and power restrictions and work accordingly. Other than that, it is a safe and reliable option for a backup power supply.

AC & DC outlets

Anker 200 powerhouse offers enough outlets to power multiple devices of various kinds. It even features a 100 watt AC outlet that can be used for appliances like laptops and MacBooks.

It also comes with a car charger port that gives you the liberty to charge your appliances from the comfort of your car. This option makes Anker 200 a reliable partner for long drives and road trips.

You can even connect small coolers to the port and keep the temperature within comfort levels.

You can find two A-type 5V USB ports on the device. Along with these, the Anker 200 also features a C-type USB port. You can connect multiple devices to charge them all at once.

That said, you have to make sure that the devices you connect to A-type outlets do not cross the 100-watt limit.

Similarly, the C type can max out at the 30-watt mark; that is why you cannot connect heavier devices to it. 

Recharge using USB-C, AC, or Solar

The powerhouse offers multiple options to recharge it properly. There are three methods by which you can charge your Anker 200: these include USB-C, AC supply, and solar charging.

Or, you can connect it to a 115V AC wall outlet to recharge it in less than two hours. 

Finally, you can use a solar charger providing up to 22 volts to recharge your Anker 200 in an energy-efficient way. Take note: solar panels are not included with this power station.

Issues & Concerns

This Anker 200 Review is incomplete without mentioning its limitations. So, let’s talk about them.

Power on/off switch

Unlike power banks that start charging your devices instantly when plugged in, Anker 200 features a power switch. You have to turn the power station on for it to start working.

While a small detail, this button can be an issue for some.

Because we are so used to power banks that don’t happen to have such an option, said feature seems like an extra step to our device-charging routine

Only one USB C slot

While the USB-C slot is a nice addition, only one is available in the Anker 200 model.

Not only that, but its power limit also tops off at 30-watts, making it useless for heavy devices like a gaming laptop.

If you want a power station that can recharge or power larger laptops, look elsewhere.

No solar panels 

Although you can charge Anker 200 with a solar charger, the kit does not include one in the pack. Instead, you have to buy these panels and chargers separately to use the solar charging option.

How Does the Anker PowerHouse 200 Compare?

anker 200 review

Anker 200 is a popular low-end power bank.

But in our opinion, the Jackery Explorer 240 probably a better choice for most people.

With an higher surge power of 200-watts and a battery capacity of 240 watt-hours, the Jackery 240 can handle more jobs - like powering that larger laptop.

When it comes to output ports, the Jackery 240 features 2 USB ports and one AC outlet for charging.

Both power banks can be while charging. However, the Jackery 240 is not recommended.

Both devices feature similar lithium-ion batteries for longer life and durability. And both require separate solar panels for solar recharging.

Recharging Your Anker PowerHouse 200

As already discussed in this Anker 200 Review, you can recharge your Anker 200 powerhouse using the following three methods:

AC input

Anker 200 features an AC outlet designed to plug the powerhouse with a direct power supply. It is my preferred way for recharging this device. 

USB C input

Another way to recharge your Anker 200 is to connect it via the C-type USB outlet. Attached to a regular 12V car adapter, you can recharge the power bank on the go.

Solar panel charging

This last method is to connect it to a small solar panel.  To do this, you will need to also buy a 5-volt to 22-volt solar charger separately.

One of the best on the market is the BigBlue solar charger. Simply connect it using a 5.5*2.1mm DC input port to keep your powerhouse working efficiently.

Care and Maintenance

anker 200 review

Just like any other appliance, Anker 200 requires some care and maintenance to function properly. Usually, this just involves keeping an eye on its charging and discharging.

You have to make sure that your powerhouse is recharged every now and then to keep the lithium-ion battery from discharging beyond 50% to maintain its life. We normally leave smaller-capacity power banks on a wall outlet all the time.

Other than that, it is an easy-going device and doesn’t require much attention or maintenance.


The Anker 200 powerhouse features an 18-month warranty. If you find any faults during this period, the manufacturers will replace or repair it without charge.



LCD display




6 pounds


7.48 x 5.47 x 4.69 inches


2 USB ports, AC outlet, and C type outlet

AC/DC outlets:

12 volt DC and 110 volt AC


130-watt max total output

Battery Capacity:

57600 mAh and 218 watt-hour capacity

Where to Buy

If you’re interested, you can get purchase an Anker 200 PowerHouse portable power station on Amazon right now.

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