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EcoFlow R600 Solar Generator – Full Review & Top 3 Alternatives

Shopping for a compact and lightweight solar generator that can power appliances? 

I recommend the EcoFlow River 600W solar generator. 

The EcoFlow River is one of the best compact portable power stations in the market. Despite its size, it can power most appliances. 

It also comes with a unique modular design that lets you attach an extra battery to increase capacity.  

The highly portable design of the EcoFlow River makes it a great choice for camping, road trips, RVs and other outdoor adventures

You can also use it at home to keep devices charged and small appliances running in a blackout. 

Read on for my full in-depth review of the EcoFlow River. If it’s not what you are looking for, see my reviews of the best portable solar generators for other lightweight options.

EcoFlow River Pros & Cons 


  • Small and lightweight - excellent portability
  • High output for its size
  • X-Boost feature that further increases output for larger appliances
  • Expandable capacity
  • Versatile outlets
  • Fast recharging
  • Remote control app


  • Not suitable for powering large appliances for long
  • Limited lifespan li-ion battery

Best Features 

288Wh Capacity 

With a 288Wh li-ion battery, the EcoFlow River is one of the smallest portable power stations in the market. 

It’s just a bit bigger than some power banks. 

The EcoFlow River is a great pick if you are shopping for a compact and affordable power station that you can use at home, in your RV, van, truck or outdoors.

What can the EcoFlow River power?

The small capacity limits what the EcoFlow River can power. While it has the ability to power some large appliances, the battery would drain too quickly. 

So the River solar generator is best for powering small appliances and electronics, in addition to charging devices. 

Here’s an estimate of how long the EcoFlow River cna power various appliances and devices.


Run time/recharges

CPAP (40W)


Blender (300W)


Car fridge (60W)


Smartphone (10Wh)

24 recharges

Laptop (60Wh)

4 recharges

Lights (20W)


TV (120W)


Expandable Capacity

EcoFlow R600 solar generator review

I have reviewed several expandable solar generators such as the EcoFlow Delta Max, the Bluetti AC200MAX and some Goal Zero Yeti power stations.

But typically, these are high-capacity power stations with capacity of more than 1000Wh. 

So far, the EcoFlow River is the only small power station I know of that is expandable. It has a modular design that lets you attach an extra battery to double capacity to 576Wh.

This is great if you want to run bigger appliances or stay out camping for longer without having to recharge the EcoFlow River. 

600W Output and X-Boost

Often, low capacity power stations also have low output. That’s because they are meant to run small appliances like a fan or car fridge. 

For instance, the Jackery 300 has a 293Wh capacity and a 300W output. 

That’s not the case with the EcoFlow River. It comes with a powerful inverter with a continuous output of 600W (1200W surge). That’s a lot of power for a 288Wh power station. It lets you power a wide range of appliances and electronics like a mini fridge, TV, blender, electric blanket, CPAP and so on.

Even more surprising is that the EcoFlow River has the X-Boost feature that allows you to power some large appliances up to 1800W. 

Of course, this would drain the battery really fast, but it might be handy in an emergency.

10 Outlets

EcoFlow R600 solar generator review

You can plug in up to 10 appliances and devices into the EcoFlow River at the same time. 

For appliances, there are three AC outlets. If you have any 12V tools or electronics, you get three DC outlets, including a 12V car port and two DC5521 ports. 

And for your gadgets and devices, there are four USB ports: two USB-A, one USB-A with Quick Charge and one 100W USB-C. 

Fast X-Stream Charging

One advantage of having a small battery is that it recharges quickly. But the EcoFlow River charges even faster than similar sized power stations thanks to X-Stream technology. 

When you plug it into an outlet, the EcoFlow River charges to 80% in less than an hour and fully recharges in 1.6 hours. 

You can also charge it from your vehicle’s 12V port. It’ll take 3 hours to recharge. 

In an emergency or when you are outdoors, another recharge option is solar. The EcoFlow River accepts up to 200W of solar power. A 200W solar array will charge it in about 2 hours on a sunny day.

Remote Control & Monitoring App

EcoFlow R600 solar generator review

The EcoFlow River has WiFi connectivity, which lets you control and monitor it from your smartphone.  

With the EcoFlow app, you can monitor things like charge level, incoming power and outgoing power. You can also control some features like charging mode.

Easily Portable

The EcoFlow River weighs just 11lbs. While not as light as a backpacking power bank, it’s portable enough for camping and outdoors.

Increasing capacity makes the EcoFlow River significantly heavier. The extra battery weighs 7.4lbs. But an 18.4lb power station is still fairly easy to carry around.

Issues & Concerns

Not Ideal For Powering Large Appliances

While the EcoFlow River can run large appliances thanks to X-Boost, I don't recommend doing so unless it’s for a very short period like making a cup of coffee with a 1000W coffee maker.   

That’s because the battery in the EcoFlow River is too small to provide a lot of power for long. The 288Wh capacity means it can only produce 288W for one hour. 

So plugging in a 1500W appliance will drain the battery in a matter of minutes. 

Like other small power stations, the EcoFlow River is best for running small appliances and electronics. If you plan to power larger appliances for long periods, I recommend a more capable power station.

Limited Lifespan Battery

The EcoFlow River uses a lithium-ion NMC battery. This type of battery is lightweight and lasts longer than lead acid batteries. 

However, it’s not as long-lasting as LiFePo4 batteries. Expect a 3-5 year lifespan compared to the 5-10 year lifespan of lithium-phosphate batteries.

Alternatives To The EcoFlow River 

If you are not sure the EcoFlow River solar generator is right for your needs, here are top three alternatives to consider. 

EcoFlow River Pro - More Power And Capacity

EcoFlow R600 solar generator review

If you need something more capable than the EcoFlow River, get the EcoFlow River Pro. It’s the largest power station in the EcoFlow River series. 

The River Pro has a capacity of 720Wh and you can expand that to 1440Wh by attaching an extra battery. This lets you power larger appliances or more appliances at the same time without quickly draining the battery. 

The River Pro power output is 600W, similar to all other River power stations. It also has X-Boost which lets you power larger appliances with a power draw of up to 1800W. 

Despite the higher capacity, the EcoFlow River Pro weighs 16.8lbs, so it’s only a little heavier than the EcoFlow River. You can still take it with you on outdoor adventures. 

Bluetti EB3A - LiFePO4 Battery

Jackery Explorer 500

Looking for a power station that will last a long time? 

I recommend a LiFePO4 power station like the Bluetti EB3A. The lithium phosphate battery in the EB3A solar generator lasts over 2500 cycles to 80% capacity (the EcoFlow River lasts 500 cycles to 80% capacity). 

With good care, the Bluetti EB3A can easily last 10 years. 

The two solar generators are about equal in capacity. The EB3A is slightly smaller at 268Wh. 

Power output is the same at 600W, but the Bluetti power station doesn't have any boost feature that increases output beyond that. 

The Bluetti EB3A charges really fast, even faster than the EcoFlow River. The AC charger puts in 350W of power, taking the EB3A from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. 

Despite having a heavier battery (LiFePO4 batteries have lower energy density and are thus heavier than li-ion), the Bluetti EB3A weighs about the same (10.1lbs) as the EcoFlow River (11lbs). 

Outlet options are also about the same for both. The Bluetti EB3A has two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, a 100W USB-C port, and 3 DC outlets. It also has a 15W wireless charging pad.

Eco-Worthy 84Wh Power Station - Lighter & Cheaper

mini generator for camping

If you are looking for a power station that’s smaller and lighter than the EcoFlow River, I recommend the Eco-Worthy 84Wh power station. It’s also a great choice if you are shopping on a budget.

With a capacity of just 84Wh/26000mAh, the Eco-Worthy power station is not designed to power any appliances. It doesn't even have an inverter or AC outlets. 

It only has a USB port and DC outlets. So you can charge your phone and power the included lights. It also comes with a small solar panel to recharge the battery.

This kit is perfect for camping, fishing or camper vans. It weighs just 5.7lbs. You can also use it at home for lighting and to keep your phone charged in a blackout. 

Surprisingly, the Eco-Worthy power station comes with a LiFePO4 battery that lasts over 3000 cycles (10 years or more). Small power stations usually have li-ion batteries, which don’t last as long.

Care and Maintenance

The EcoFlow River doesn't really need any maintenance beyond taking good care of it.

Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures (heat is especially bad for the battery), keep it out of the elements like rain, and be careful that it doesn't bump around too much when you are on the road.

If you plan to store it for a long time, make sure you charge it first then recharge it every three months.


EcoFlow offers a 24 month warranty on the River power station. 





11.3 x 7.3 x 7.7 in



AC output

600W continuous, 1800W with X-Boost, 1200W surge pure sine wave inverter


3xAC, 2xUSB-A, 1xQC USB-A, 1x100W USB-C, 3x12V DC

Max solar input


Charging time

1.6hrs with AC adapter, 2 hours with 200W solar

Battery chemistry

Lithium-ion NMC

Battery lifespan

500 cycles to 80%

Operating temperature

-4°F to 113°F (discharge), 32°F to 113°F (charge)

Where To Buy

You can order the EcoFlow River from the official EcoFlow website. The River solar generator is also available on Amazon.

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