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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Goal Zero Yeti 150 REVIEW

Performance, design, and features all combine to make the Yeti 150 an excellent choice for portable power wherever you need it.

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:

150Wh, 14Ah (12V)

Power Output:

AC, 12V DC, USB (2x)


12 lbs.

Advantages of the Goal Zero Yeti 150

This 150 watt generator possesses numerous features that are responsible for its usefulness and dependability in a variety of outdoor settings.

Multiple Charging Options

The Yeti 150 can, of course, be charged with a solar panel, but you are more than welcome to charge it up before your excursion with the included AC and DC adapter charging cords.

When using solar panels, charging can take anywhere from 4-56 hours, so if you want a quick charge then go with a higher wattage solar panel such as the Nomad 100.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator For Home Use

Square, User-Friendly Design

The Yeti 150 is in the shape of an evenly flat cube, making it easy to store and pack with all of your other stuff.

Carrying is easy due to the integrated handle and the unit’s relatively light weight of 12 lbs.

The size of the Yeti 150 solar generator also makes it a good choice to tuck away in your car trunk for emergency backup power during emergencies, or even at your home when all other options are exhausted.

The power outlets are located on the front of the unit.

Included are two USB ports, one 12v port, a smaller 12v port for compatible Goal Zero accessories, and an AC port.

Useful LCD Display

The convenient LCD screen on the front of the unit helps you stay informed of your battery’s remaining capacity and its charging status, taking all of the guess work out.

Power Efficiency

The Yeti 150 makes good use of its available power. It can charge your smartphone up to 15 times, or recharge your laptop fully twice. Other small devices such as tablets, drones, and cameras can be charged and recharged multiple times as well.


As well-designed as the Yeti 150 is, it’s not the most powerful nor the lightest unit for the price.

Power for Smaller Devices Only

Like nearly all generators this small, don’t expect to power anything bigger than a laptop.

This Yeti is made for small devices only, and will either cease to function or drain rapidly if trying to power anything beyond that.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator On Table

Little Protection From the Elements

The generator doesn’t have any way to cover the ports or any other parts when in use, you make sure you keep it far away from any water or dirt.


Overall, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another generator this size that provides the performance & feature set of the Yeti 150.

The size, ease of carrying, display screen, and power efficiency all make this generator one of the best electronic rechargers on the market.

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