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Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel: In-Depth Review

The Renogy 100 Watts 12V solar panel is designed as an expansion kit for an existing solar array.

It comes with Z-brackets and MC4 branch connectors for installation and connection to an existing solar panel.

You can use this solar panel with a Renogy solar system or any other brand as long as your existing panel matches the voltage and connector type of the Renogy panel.

Also, remember to check that the new expanded solar system does not surpass your inverter’s and charge controller’s power and current ratings.

Read on for our full review.

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renogy 100 watt

Quick Summary


Solar system expansion



100 watts




49 x 23 x 3.5 inches

Best Features

Renogy Solar expansion kit

1. Solar Expansion Kit 

As I said, this panel is designed as an expansion kit for an existing solar panel. It comes with everything you need to connect it to an existing solar system.

Use the Z brackets to mount the panel securely on a roof or frame. You can also use them to install the panel on your RV, camping trailer, or boat.

The brackets, along with the bolts and washers, are made from aluminum and are corrosion-proof.

The Renogy kit also includes two waterproof MC4 branch connectors (a female and male Y connector) for parallel or series wiring to other solar panels.

When you connect the extra solar panel in parallel, there’ll be no change in voltage. This ensures you maintain compatibility with the solar charge controller and battery bank.

If you use a series connection, make sure you don’t exceed the voltage rating for the charge controller and inverter.

It’s always a good idea to have solar panels from the same manufacturer. The best solar panels to add this to are those from Renogy.

But as long as the existing panel has compatible MC4 connectors and a 12V rating, you should be okay linking it to another brand’s solar panel.

Note: You can also use the Renogy solar panel on its own (rather than as an expansion kit), but you’d need to get a solar charge controller.

2. High Power Output 

Renogy uses a specialized design to ensure the highest efficiency and output in different weather conditions.

The solar panel is multilayered.

A TPT (Tedlar Polyester Tedlar) back sheet improves solar cell performance and longevity while an anti-reflective and highly transparent tempered glass surface allows the solar cells to get the most out of direct sunshine.

The Renogy 100W solar panel can produce as much as 500Wh of electricity per day. It adds a fair amount of capacity to your solar system.

If you want to upgrade your array to power more appliances or produce more power even on less sunny days, the Renogy 100W panel is a great addition.

3. Weatherproof 

The Renogy solar panel is designed to survive just about any inclement weather. It can withstand up to 5400 Pa of snow load and 2400 Pa of wind load.

The frame is made from aluminum, meaning it is corrosion-proof.

It’s a safe bet that this solar panel will last for years.

4. Bypass Diode Maintains Voltage

Like most solar panels, the Renogy 100W panel has an integrated bypass diode that minimizes power drop when part of the panel is covered by shade.

This ensures your solar array maintains good power output throughout the day.


Renogy 100 watt solar panel kit

There aren’t any significant limitations we see with the Renogy solar panel.

The only sort of downside is that you can only use it to expand an existing solar array. But that’s probably why you are getting it, so it’s not an issue.

If you want to use it on its own, you’ll need to get a charge controller.


renogy 100 watt panel

The Renogy 100 Watts solar panel is a great choice for anyone who wants to expand their solar system.

If you want more power in your home, RV, boat, or trailer, the Renogy solar panel is an affordable way to get it.

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