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sunpower high efficiency solar panels

Sunpower High Efficiency Solar Panels: Are They Worth The Cost?

SunPower is an American-based solar panel maker (San Jose) which has long been considered one of the top players in the solar panel industry.

Founded in 1985 and through financing through numerous sources (private and government), SunPower started making cutting-edge solar cell technologies.

2005 saw the launching of the first SunPower solar panel plant in the Philippines.

SunPower modules are now manufactured in China, Mexico, and the Philippines, with plans to start a US facility by the end of 2018. 

SunPower is among the most respected solar panel producers and its large US brand presence. They continue to function as solar panel makers setting the standard for the rest of the business.

Where do SunPower solar panels rank concerning efficiency?

SunPower modules sit at the peak of the tree when it comes to solar panel efficiency. The SunPower Maxeon cell technology (copper endorsed mobile) has allowed for a market top 22% panel efficacy.

 To put it simply, the SunPower Maxeon cells permit more electricity per SQ foot than any other mass-produced module available on the market.

What Portable solar technologies do SunPower solar panels use?

china sunpower high efficiency solar panels

The SunPower Modules are using Maxeon solar cell technology. The significant difference in this form of the cell is the uninterrupted cell formation.

 A conventional solar cell has busbars (generally four metal strips running through the cell) to capture the cell's energy.

The Maxeon technology eliminates these metallic busbars from the cell's surface and replaces them with a copper backing to assemble the power, giving the whole-cell face to electricity generation. 

This kind of cell allows SunPower to attain its phenomenal 22% panel efficiency rating with its high-powered monocrystalline panel.

What are the benefits of SunPower solar panels?

SunPower solar panel's main advantages, when compared with competitors, are associated with the warranty. They give a 25-year guarantee on both item and panel functionality.

This 25-year warranty guarantees that the panels have paid for themselves (up to 4 times over in certain states) before a guarantee expires.

A power generation reduction of just 8 percent within the first 25 years guarantees that the system remains to generate 92 percent of day one efficacy. 

This is compared to most Chinese fabricated tier 1 panels which only achieve 80-82% remaining generating capacity.

What are the drawbacks of SunPower solar panels?

china sunpower high efficiency solar panels

Image Source: SunPower

The first myth to dispel is that SunPower is US-made solar panels. As of mid-2018, this isn't currently true, as a lot of consumers consider. SunPower has factories in the China, Philippines, and Mexico.

The next drawback regarding SunPower is pricing. Much like LG, all product quality, attractive appearance, and guarantee protection come at a premium price.

It'll be interesting to see when the US mill comes online what cost the US-made SunPower modules hit the market for.

Would our specialists choose SunPower panels for the roof of the houses?

Yes. If I searched for a superior solar system and the cost was not my main concern, SunPower modules' use is my first option. SunPower panels allow homeowners to create the majority of their roof area.

They provide the comfort of extended warranties by a US-based company with a huge solar sector presence. The increase in outlay for a premium module can easily be justified with the product's extra creation and lifespan.

SunPower provides among the best premium panel offerings for the United States solar consumer.

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