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Who is EcoFlow?

EcoFlow makes some of the best and most advanced solar generators in the market. The brand is not as old as Jackery and Goal Zero, but it has gotten very popular in the few years it has been around. 

EcoFlow’s growing popularity is mostly because their solar generators are affordable yet offer high capacity, high power output and a variety of exciting features including super fast recharging. 

In this post, we discuss who EcoFlow is, whether it’s a good and reliable brand and their product range.

When Was EcoFlow Founded?

EcoFlow was launched in 2017 by a group of former DJI engineers. They put their experience designing long lasting yet lightweight drone batteries to work creating portable power stations. 

The first EcoFlow product was the River portable power station, for which they fundraised over $1 million on Indiegogo

In 2019, they introduced the EcoFlow Delta 1000 that came with the new X-Stream fast charging technology. 

In 2021, the company raised over $12 million dollars on Kickstarter to create the EcoFlow Delta Pro, one of the most capable solar generators in the market. 

The Delta Pro was included in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2021

Today, EcoFlow sells a number of portable power stations, foldable solar panels and various accessories. They also recently introduced a portable battery powered air conditioner.

Is EcoFlow An American Company?

EcoFlow is a US-Chinese company. They have a headquarter in San Francisco, but manufacture their products in China.

Is EcoFlow A Good Brand?

While the brand is relatively new to the market compared to others like Goal Zero and Jackery, their products have received mostly positive reviews. 

EcoFlow solar generators usually work as well as advertised. They charge fast, they are easy to use, and they are reliable. 

One of the best features in EcoFlow power stations is their fast recharging capability. Most of them can charge from 0 to 80% in 1-2 hours. 

Most of their power stations are also highly portable, thanks to the use of lightweight Li-ion batteries. If you are looking for a portable solar generator for camping, fishing, or road trips, EcoFlow has plenty of options for you.   

But they also have heavier LiFePO4 power stations that last longer. 

Because EcoFlow hasn’t been around very long, we can’t guarantee that their solar generators last a long time. But so far, based on customer reviews, EcoFlow products seem to be reliable and long lasting. 

In any case, EcoFlow offers a 2-year warranty on most of their power stations, and you can get an extension of 1-3 years when you register your solar generator with the company. 

In case of any problems and defects, EcoFlow will sort you out. Their customer service gets high ratings from customers. 

Something else worth mentioning regarding EcoFlow is that most of their products offer better value for money compared to some competing brands like Jackery and Goal Zero. 

Basically, you get more power, more capacity, and better features for your money. EcoFlow is a good choice if you are looking for a good bargain on a power station.

EcoFlow Portable Power Stations

EcoFlow has two lines of power stations: the River Series and the Delta Series. Here is a quick summary of their most popular models.

EcoFlow River Series

ecoflow company

The EcoFlow River series is where you’ll find lightweight and highly portable power stations. They don't have as much power or capacity as the Delta power stations, but they are perfect for camping and outdoors.

The River power stations come with USB, DC and AC outlets, so they can support different kinds of appliances, electronics and gadgets.  

EcoFlow River Mini: With a capacity of 210Wh, the River Mini is one of EcoFlow’s most portable power stations.

It produces 300W of AC power, with a boost option of up to 600W. It features AC outlets, a 12V car port, a wireless charging pad and 4 USB ports, including a powerful 100W USB-C outlet.    

EcoFlow River: Next up is the EcoFlow River with 288Wh capacity (which you can double with an extra battery) and an output of 600W, plus an X-Boost output of up to 1800W.

The River power station has AC ports, a 12V car port, and USB ports, including 100W USB-C. There’s also the River Plus with 360Wh capacity 

EcoFlow River Max: The River Max increases capacity to 576Wh, but output is the same as the River at 600W (1800W with X-Boost).

The River Max has a modular battery design. You can remove one of the two batteries, which halves capacity but also makes the power station lighter. 

EcoFlow River Pro: The River Pro is the largest option in the River series. It spots a capacity of 720Wh, which you can double to 1440Wh by attaching an extra battery. Power output is 600W with an X-Boost output of 1800W. Outlets are similar to those in the River and River Max.

EcoFlow Delta Series

ecoflow company

The EcoFlow Delta series is where you’ll find the heavy hitters. These bulkier power stations are not quite as portable as the River models, but they have bigger batteries and can power larger appliances. 

If you want a capable power station for your RV, boat, truck, camper van, or home backup, pick from the options below. 

EcoFlow Delta Mini: The Delta Mini has an 882Wh lithium battery and produces up to 1400W of continuous AC power.

With X-Boost on, you can power 1800W appliances. It also features X-Stream charging, which recharges it in 1.6 hours. The Delta Mini has 5 AC outlets, plus USB and DC ports. It also comes with an app. 

EcoFlow Delta: The EcoFlow Delta is available in two versions: the Delta 1300 with 1260Wh capacity and the cheaper Delta 1000 with 1008Wh capacity.

The Delta 800 has an 1800W output while the Delta 1000 produces 1600W of AC power. Both have 6 AC outlets plus USB-A, USB-C and DC ports.  

Ecoflow Delta 2: The Delta 2 is the latest release from EcoFlow. Capacity is 1024Wh and AC output is 1800W. It also comes with a LiFePO4 battery, instead of the Li-ion battery in the Delta. The LiFePO4 battery has a much longer lifespan.  

EcoFlow Delta Max: The Delta Max has a capacity of 2016Wh that’s expandable to 6048Wh with extra batteries.

Power output is an impressive 2400 with an X-Boost option of up to 3400W. Despite the large capacity, the Delta Max recharges in just 1.8 hours.

Outlets include 6 AC, 6 USB (including two 100W USB-C) and a carport. The Delta Max has WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can monitor it via an app. 

EcoFlow Delta Pro: The Delta Pro is currently the largest EcoFlow power station. It has a capacity of 3600Wh (expandable to 25kWh) and an output of 3600W (with a 4500W boost option).

This massive power station is perfect for home backup or powering a small RV, tiny home or off-grid cabin. Notably, it uses a LiFePO4 battery, instead of Li-ion like most other EcoFlow models.

EcoFlow Foldable Solar Panels & Solar Generators

EcoFlow power stations charge really fast from an AC outlet. Most of them also charge fast with solar thanks to their high solar power intake. 

If you are planning to use your EcoFlow power station off-grid or for home backup, I highly recommend pairing it with one of EcoFlow’s foldable solar panels.  

There are several options ranging from a 60W portable solar panel that’s perfect for the smaller River series power stations to a huge 400W solar panel that’s ideal for the Delta power stations. 

In between, there are options for 110W, 160W, and 220W solar panels. EcoFlow also sells rigid and flexible solar panels. 

Instead of buying the power station and solar panel separately, you can buy the two as a solar generator kit. 

EcoFlow sells several pre-configured solar generator kits that includes all the accessories you need to complete your setup.

Other EcoFlow Products

ecoflow company
  • EcoFlow Wave - a new portable battery powered air conditioner. The 4000 BTU AC is designed for small spaces like an RV, small home or cabin.
  • EcoFlow Smart Generator - This is a gas or propane generator that you can use on its own or use it to charge the EcoFlow Delta or Pro power stations.
  • EcoFlow Smart Home Panel - The smart home panel lets you integrate the Delta Pro into your home grid to directly power select circuits.

What’s The Warranty on EcoFlow Solar Generators?

All EcoFlow power stations come with a minimum 2-year warranty. 

The Delta Max has a 1-year extension while the Delta Pro has a 3-year extension when you register your power station. 

You can read the full EcoFlow warranty policy on their website.

EcoFlow vs. Bluetti: Which Is Better?

Both EcoFlow and Bluetti are new-ish brands that are making some of the most interesting power stations in the market. 

Bluetti stands out for their use of long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries, which are present in almost all their power stations. 

In contrast, EcoFlow mostly uses Li-ion batteries with a couple of exceptions (Delta Pro and Delta 2). So you can expect Bluetti power stations to outlast those from EcoFlow. 

Bluetti’s models also have some of the most versatile outlet options I have seen in any solar generator. 

They even include options like an RV port, NEMA outlet and wireless charging pads. 

Price-wise, both EcoFlow and Bluetti are good bargains and certainly better value for your money compared to legacy brands like Goal Zero. 

Where EcoFlow wins over Bluetti is portability (they are lighter thanks to the Li-ion batteries) and charging speed. 

Bluetti power stations have good charging speed, but not as fast as the X-Stream charging in EcoFlow power stations.

How Long Does EcoFlow Last?

ecoflow company

The lifespan of an EcoFlow power station depends on its battery chemistry. 

Most EcoFlow River and Delta power stations run on Li-ion batteries that have a cycle life of 500 cycles to 80% capacity. That translates to about 2-3 years of use before capacity drops to 80%. 

Overall lifespan for Li-ion solar generators is usually 3-5 years. 

The Delta Pro and Delta 2 have lithium-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that last over 2500 cycles to 80% capacity, or about 5 years of normal use. 

The overall lifespan of LiFePO4 power stations is typically 5-10 years.

Can EcoFlow Run A House?

We don’t have a solar power station that runs an entire house, yet. The biggest limitation is not capacity but power output. 

Building a power station that can handle the consumption of all the appliances (including AC) in the house is a tall order. 

That said, the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station can run a few circuits in the house thanks to its massive capacity and power output. Remember you can expand its capacity to 25kWh. 

Pair it with the EcoFlow smart home panel to integrate it into your home grid. 

Can EcoFlow Charge a Tesla?

You may be able to charge your Tesla or another electric car using the EcoFlow Delta Pro. But it’s probably not worth it unless it’s an emergency. 

The Delta Pro holds just 3.6kWh of power. If you drained all of it into an EV, you’ll only get a few miles.

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