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how much does a generac solar generator cost

How Much Does A Generac Solar Generator Cost?

Are you trying to find out how much does a Generac solar generator cost?

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The Generac Powercell is a whole-home power backup system from a reputable American company. The smart combination of an excellent idea and technology makes the Generac PWRcell one of the best energy storage systems on the market.  

Below we will discuss how much a Generac solar generator costs, the accompanying specifications, and more. 

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What's In This Guide

In this guide, we introduce a proven step-by-step method to estimate how much does a Generac solar generator costs.

We also cover how the Generac PWRcell system works. And yes, we also cover the warranties.

At the end, we answer the most commonly-asked questions.

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What is Generac?

how much does a generac solar generator cost

Generac is an intelligent energy storage solution for your home. This device is equipped with energy management technology so you can make it through power outage periods without any inconvenience.

Installing it with a solar energy system allows you to maintain a sustained power supply while managing electricity costs.

Like any home battery, the Generac acts as a barrier between the home and utility. It optimizes daily energy consumption to save money.

Also, the device is designed to act as a backup for providing electricity either by taking it from the grid or capturing and storing the energy from solar panels.  

The Generac PWRcell is a versatile, effective, and powerful package with an integrated energy storage system. The installation is smooth, plus the device is backed by excellent customer support.

The 12kW of surge power and consistent energy production of 8kW is enough to keep the home appliances running. 

The Generac boasts 94% more energy storage capacity than its competitors, and the DC-coupled design ensures an industry-leading efficiency. The massive power allows homeowners to sustain their lifestyle even when the grid runs down. 

Besides the greater grid independence, the plug-and-play operability makes Generac quite user-friendly. The PWRcell battery can be modified to suit an individual's lifestyle and budget.

Plus, you are at liberty to incorporate multiple batteries for extended protection. 

How Does the Generac PWRcell Work?

how much does a generac solar generator cost

The Generac PWRcell is primarily designed to work in conjunction with a solar panel system. Ideally sized for day-to-day use at home, this device efficiently stores the power generated by solar panels in the battery. 

On sunny days, when your solar panels have more energy than you'll need in the house, the excess electricity is collected and stored in the battery. This energy can be used later in the evening when the sun goes down and your solar panels are not producing electricity.

It is more than just a typical battery box that hangs on the wall. It features an integrated system of multiple components. All components work together to ensure an effective and efficient energy storage performance

The PWRCell has the following main components:

  • The SnapRS switches are between each solar panel in an array. They will shut down within 10 seconds from when the inverter is turned off if there is a fire risk. 
  • PV link boxes act as power optimizers that take energy from the solar panels and channel it to the battery and inverter. These link boxes have fewer points of failure and are placed between the solar panels and the inverter, regulating the power as soon as the panel output hits 60 volts.
  • The PWRCell battery cabinet can accommodate up to six modules to store the energy. The batteries are charged by the DC power collected by the solar panels during the day.
  • The PWRcell inverter links everything and sends the power to the electrical panel in the house. It operates the home in is landing mode in case of power outage situations. This unit can be set in one of the various models, including self-supply, zero-export, time-of-use, and backup power to suit your needs.

Some of the most prominent features of this impeccable power storage solution are as follows:


With the ability to hold up to six modules in the battery cabinet, the PWR cell has enough storage capacity. Each module can store up to 3 kWh of usable power, thereby offering enough electricity to run a home.

The battery cabinet can be set with three, four, or six modules for 9-18 kWh of energy storage. 

Smart Technology

One feature that makes the PWR cell different from its competitors is the use of smart technology. It comes with an energy monitoring system, which is known as PWR view.

The PWR view is an app that tracks bills, forecasts details, and allows you to monitor your home's energy consumption. 

This app can be accessed from all devices, so you can keep a check on details even when you are away. You can also set weekly or monthly goals on power consumption in the app.

Reliability and Performance 

The DC-coupled design allows battery charging using DC power sent directly from the solar panels. This makes it more energy-efficient as compared to competitors that require power converted from DC to AC and back again, resulting in power loss in the process. 

The PWRcell is reliable for an off-grid lifestyle with enough storage capacity. It can also be paired with the company’s newly launched PWRgenerator, which will work as a backup for your backup. 

Next, let’s see how much does a Generac solar generator cost.

How Much Does A Generac PWRcell Cost?

A solar system with battery storage is not inexpensive; however, the overall cost mainly depends on your location and the system capacity. So, exactly how much does a Generac solar generator cost?

The starting price for the Generac PWRcell is $10,000 for the minimum size of 9kWH. This cost includes the battery but not the installation and additional labor expenditures, which could set you back another $1500. 

Each battery module costs between $1000 to $2000, making the full-sized 18 kWh PWRcell cost you from $16000 to $18000 with installation. 

If you are planning to install the PWRcell as part of a home solar system, the cost of a 5 kW solar system is estimated to be between $9000 to $150000. The price may vary depending on the type of equipment you use and the area you live. 

Fortunately, you are eligible to have access to financial incentives in certain areas. This may help you claim the 26% federal solar tax credit when installing a solar system. 

Generac PWRcell Warranties

Generac is a reputable company that backs its products with a reliable warranty to enhance customers' confidence. The PWRCell comes with a 10-year limited warranty covering parts, labor, and even limited travel for all the components. 


Warranty Coverage

Battery Cabinet

10 years

Battery Modules

10 years or 7.56 MWh of energy throughput per module


10 years

PV link

25 years


25 years

The company also offers a “throughout” warranty that measures the warranty period on how much energy has been stored or discharged over its lifetime.

If you drain the battery 100% of its power every day, you will reach 7.56 MWh in only 7 years. It is better to retain the battery capacity for emergency scenarios.

Make sure not to drain more than 69% per day in order to max out its lifespan to ten years. 

The warranty value for each model is listed below. 

PWRcell Model

Throughput Warranty


22.6 MWh


30.2 MWh


37.8 MWh


45.3 MWh

Frequently-Asked Questions

How long does a Generac solar battery last?

Generac claims the lifespan of the PWRcell battery is 10 years or equal to the amount of time it takes to cycle a certain amount of energy through the battery.

For example, draining the battery 100% of its power every day means that it will get to 7.56 MWh in only seven years. 

How much does a PWRcell system cost?

The cost for the small-sized PWR cell starts from $10000, excluding the installation and labor costs.

Installing the full-sized 18 kWh PWRcell will cost you $16000 to $18000. The overall cost may vary depending on your area and other factors like labor and equipment. 

How many batteries does a Generac Power Cell take?

A single Generac PWRcell may contain three to six battery modules, depending on the energy requirement. A battery cabinet with six modules can store up to 18 kWh of energy. 

Can Generac PWRcell charge from the grid?

Yes, Generac PWRcell can be charged from the grid. It is smartly designed to provide complete flexibility, allowing you to charge it using solar panels or the grid to power the house. 

What kind of battery does a Generac generator take?

Generac recommends using a 26-R wet cell battery for the generator. The company claims that the generator can charge a 12V battery from 30% to 100% in only an hour. 

Can Generac power cell be used off-grid?

Of course, the Generac power cell can be used off-grid in power outage situations.

It can be paired with a solar panel system to collect and store energy during the day and use it later in the night or during peak use, helping you slash down monthly bills. 

Final Verdict: How Much Does a Generac Solar Generator Cost

The Generac Powercell is an exciting addition to the home energy storage industry. It stands out from its competitors for its unique features, excellent performance, high storage capacity, and innovative technology. 

It is a reliable choice for an emergency power backup for your home, and it will also help you manage the high electricity consumption and bills.

Hopefully, this article provided enough details about how much does a Generac solar generator costs and other necessary information. 

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