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Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Inergy Kodiak 1,100 Watt Power Generator Review

For RV owners and ardent campers, the most powerful power generator is not always the best one. Sure, the watt-hours are an incredibly important factor, but there are other important things to consider as well such as input & output options, charge cycles, weight, size and charging time.

A generator that provides a balance of these features is better than one that focuses on power alone.

That’s why the Inergy Kodiak 1,100Wh power generator is a favorite of people who spend lots of time outdoors as well as RV and boat owners.

This solar generator is a bit expensive, but you are unlikely to find any other generator you can recharge three ways (solar panel, DC and AC), has 6 AC ports, a dedicated RV plug, 2 DC outlets, 4 USB outlets, a high-capacity battery with 2,000 battery cycles and ports for adding more external batteries.

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator It can even power a modern high-efficiency washing machine for several cycles

At 1,100 Wh it’s also powerful enough to charge small appliances and any mobile device.

On top of all that, it weighs just 20lbs - small enough that you can carry it by hand.  

If you are looking for a powerful yet versatile power generator for camping, RV, boat or home backup, I highly recommend the Inergy Kodiak 1100Wh generator.  

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:


Power Output:

USB (4 ports), AC (6 outlets), DC (2 outlets)


20lbs (9kg)

Best Features of the Inergy Kodiak 1100Wh Power Generator

Powerful Output

At 1100 watts, this is not the most powerful solar generator. The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 and the Yeti 3000 pack a bigger punch.

But for its size and weight, it’s incredibly powerful (for comparison, the Yeti 1400 which is the closest competitor weighs more than double at 45lbs).

Even without considering its compact size, 1100Wh is still pretty good. It’s not just limited to charging small devices like your smartphone, lighting, and laptop; it can also power small and mid-size appliances including TVs, microwaves, coffee makers, a mini-refrigerator, etc.

It can even power a modern high-efficiency washing machine for several cycles (as long as it doesn’t draw above 1,100 watts).

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator It can even power a modern high-efficiency washing machine for several cycles

It’s powerful enough for all your camping or RV/boat power needs.

At home, while it can’t provide whole-house backup, it can power certain crucial appliances such as a portable AC, lighting or medical devices in case of an outage.

Long-Lasting Lithium-ion Battery

Unlike older lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery in the Kodiak can withstand years of use without any degradation. The company says it’s good for 2000 cycles. This is four times the cycle limit for the Yeti 1400.

The shelf life is an estimated ten years.

If you want a high-capacity and reliable battery get the Kodiak. Even with frequent use, you don’t have to keep replacing the battery every few months.

Versatile Output and Input Options

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

This is where the Kodiak truly shines and delivers full value for campers and RV owners. There are just so many ways to fill up the battery and just as many to draw power out.

Let’s start with input. There are several ways to charge the Kodiak power generator through the two input ports.

There is a low-current charging port for plugging in a solar panel or an AC wall charger. It’s rated at 270 watts input capacity.

There is also a high-current charging port for solar, wind or car charging. It has a 600W input capacity (the higher capacity allows it to charge faster via solar panels).

So wherever you are, there is always a way you can juice up the battery. You can do it from your car, at home, outdoors with a solar panel or via wind power.

There’s even an input port for external batteries if you need more power and running time.

As for output, the options are just as many.

Six 110V AC outputs can provide 1,100 watts continuous output and up to 3,000 watts at starting surge. Here you can plug in your appliances and devices as long as they don’t exceed the continuous wattage rating.

There are also 2 DC sockets rated at maximum 15 amps each. You also get 4 USB outlets for your mobile devices each rated at 5V and an RV plug rated at 125V.

For emergency or off-grid lighting, there are 2 Basecamp LED ports with 50W max output per port. You can daisy-chain up to 10 LEDs per port.

Compact and Lightweight

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Even with that much power and versatility, the Kodiak weighs just 20lbs. It’s also small (14” long, 7” high and 8” deep). Using the heavy-duty ergonomic handle, you can easily carry it by hand or in a bag.

The highly portable design is perfect for those who spend more time outdoors than inside.


It’s Expensive

The Inergy Kodiak costs around $1,500 which are fairly expensive for a power generator. But I don’t think it’s overly priced considering its power capacity, highly portable design and versatility.

If you still want something cheaper, check out our top home backup generator recommendations.  There are less costly models, though you won’t find one that combines the high capacity, versatility and lightweight design of the Kodiak.

Regarding features and functions, the Kodiak doesn’t have any major drawbacks. It lacks the battery management system found in Goal Zero Yeti power generators, but it won’t damage your appliances or cause a fire. It’s well built to ensure total safety whether it’s in use, in storage or being transported.


The Kodiak is not the most powerful power generator, but it delivers the features you need most to live off-grid and enjoy your time outdoors comfortably. You can charge all your mobile devices and power small to mid-size appliances.

And when it comes to charging the battery, you’ll never run out of options.

It’s an excellent buy for campervans, RVs, boats, off-grid cabins, camping trips, road trips, outdoor fieldwork projects and home backup.

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