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KaliPAK 558Wh

KaliPAK 558Wh Portable Solar Generator Review

The Kalisaya KaliPAK 558W is a small highly-portable solar generator with enough charge capacity for anyone who loves to go on extended outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and cycling. You can also use it as a home backup for small devices, when you are at the beach, or on fieldwork projects.   

The 558Wh capacity is enough to power small devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

Regarding output and input, the KaliPAK provides plenty of versatility to suit every situation.

It even comes with a solar panel, something you don’t get with many other portable solar generators.  

KaliPAK 558Wh

Quick Summary

Generator Applications

Off-grid living


Whole-house backup


Large appliances


Small appliances






Cell phones



Battery Capacity:


Power Output:

USB (4 ports), AC (6 outlets), DC (2 outlets)


20lbs (9kg)

Best Features of the Kalisaya KaliPAK 558Wh Portable Solar Generator

Compact and Lightweight

KaliPAK 558Wh

If you are looking for the highest-capacity solar generator that you can easily carry by hand, I highly recommend this one.

The KaliPAK weighs just 14lbs. If you are going camping, hiking or cycling, you can carry it by hand or in a backpack.

It’s very compact too measuring just 13.5 x 13.5 x 6.7 inches.  

The outer case is tough and hardy. It’s perfect for rugged outdoor adventures. It even has a wide shoulder strap for easy and secure portability.

I recommend buying the KaliPAK weatherproof backpack to carry the generator in. You can hike or cycle in any weather without worrying about damaging the generator.

Multiple Charging Options

KaliPAK 601Wh

There are three ways you can charge the KaliPAK solar generator.

If you are outdoors, the company has included a foldable 40-watt solar panel kit along with the generator. You don’t have to buy your own as is the case with most solar generators.

The solar panel consists of 4 smaller panels that fold up for easy packing.

They charge the KaliPAK fairly quickly even on cloudy days.

If you want faster charging, the company sells a daisy-chaining connector separately. It allows you to charge the KaliPAK from two solar panels at the same time. This is especially handy during cloudy weather when you want to maximize the little sunlight available.

Note: The connector is sold alongside an extra solar panel for around $168. But you can contact the company and see if they can sell you just the connector if you already have a second solar panel.

If you are going on a road trip or a picnic, you can charge the KaliPAK from your car’s 12V DC socket. The KaliPAK comes with an adaptor for car charging.

If you are at home or wherever there is a wall outlet, you can charge more quickly using the AC wall adaptor.     

Multiple Output Options

There are two output options.

There are four fast-charging USB ports where you can plug in your smartphone, camera, drone or any other small devices. You can charge multiple devices at once.

There are also two 12V DC ports that are handy for lamps and any appliances that are powered via a 12V DC outlet.

Unfortunately, there are no AC outlets. This is one of the main limitations of the KaliPAK. There are plenty of cheaper and lower-capacity solar generators that have at least one or two AC outlets.

If you have a device such as a CPAP machine that charges via an AC adaptor you have to get a converter.

Long Life Lithium-ion Battery

KaliPAK 558Wh

The KaliPAK uses a long-life high-capacity lithium-ion battery. It charges quickly and lasts long.

It can charge an iPhone 93 times over, power an LED light for ten nights and power a laptop for several hours.

Other devices and appliances you can plug in include cameras, portable AC, air mattress pump, music speaker and small freezer.

Remote Monitoring Via App

This is the most unique feature of the Kalisaya KaliPAK solar generator.

It is equipped with Bluetooth which connects to your phone and sends details about the generator. You’ll need to download the companion app (KaliAPP) to use this feature.

On the app, you can view the remaining battery level, how much power you are consuming, charging level and solar generator status.

Limitations of The Kalisaya KaliPAK Portable Solar Generator

No AC Outlet

This is a huge oversight by the company especially for a solar generator that can provide comfortably power many small AC-powered appliances.

Your only output options are the 4 USB ports and the 2 DC outlets.

If you have an AC-powered appliance, you have to buy a converter.


As with any portable solar generator I have reviewed, the KaliPAK is not for everyone.

It’s not ideal if you need something big that will power a large fridge or act as a whole-house backup. It’s also not the best if you need a compact power bank for your smartphone or tablet.

But if your needs are somewhere between those two, the KaliPAK is perfect.

It provides enough power for small devices and appliances, comes with plenty of input and output options and portability is excellent.

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